Muddy Roots News
  • 08.27.17

    The Return of Roots Union Records

    We planted record label seeds here in the Tennessee mud a few years back. Now it’s time to tend to the garden!
    Roots Union announce
    We’ll be focusing heavily on growth in 2018. It’s a simple concept focusing on independent artists of many genres coming together to build their scenes from the roots up. Individually we are a just voices echoing in a hall, together we can be a lion’s roar. Together, we will build.

    Roots Union is a division of Muddy Roots Music Recordings that provides a home for DIY bands to come together and “DO IT TOGETHER.”

    We are happy to announce James Hunnicutt as our first official recording artist of 2018! Stay tuned for info on release dates soon.
    Seeking new talent now.
    James Hunnicutt muddy roots

    Over the last 8 years we have noticed a substantial influence on multiple roots communities and industries by the Muddy Roots community. We’ve made an extensive effort to have a presence at many events, festivals, and conferences. The result has been that of a magnet on a metal shop floor. The shavings off the roots community have naturally attracted to us. We are now the voice of “new roots.” It’s time to organize and bring more of our bands in to the fold.

    -Jason Galaz