Muddy Roots News
  • 07.29.19

    The Muddy Roots Movement

    Tribes, packs, flocks, clubs, bands, groups and hordes of individuals come together to make the Muddy Roots Music Festival happen. Corporate festivals couldn’t achieve this if they wanted because you can’t buy spirit. It’s our 10th anniversary of throwing ourselves in to the trenches for independent music. It’s because we love it. We live for it. And we deeply rely on it. This is not some investor backed, mega packed corporate event. This is all DIY. We all have day jobs and promote the concept of Proud Working Class.

    We aren’t trust fund babies. We aren’t business men trying to get rich off you. We are you. And all these folks recognize that. It creates a better, more authentic experience.

    Let me give you an example of why this is different than most festivals. It draws folks from around the world to support. I don’t mean we just sell tickets to people. I mean entire groups of people are making their way just to help. Especially other promoters and business owners. It’s about community and they know we want to help them grow too.

    8 of the Muddy Roots Europe crue are coming in from Belgium as reinforcements to help with the crowd swell in the field. These folks are of the most dedicated of the Muddy Roots family.

    Justin Boot, the promoter of the Trapper Creek Music Festival in Alaska is returning to provide and host the Open Mic stage. But this time he is bringing a truckload of friends to help us get our event greener. The Trapper Creek folks are going to set up recycling stations and will be sorting trash onsite. Please help us keep the field clean.

    Our pals at The Crying Wolf Bar in East Nashville are known for their big ass pool parties called “Splashville.” They’re hosting one the week prior to our festival and then are bringing the entire thing to our field! Big pools, lil pools, a 2 story slip n slide waterfall blowup thingy, a stage, and a photo wall. You bes’ believe you have to hose your ass down before you get in. We’re plopping it right down on vendor row.

    You ever been to Duke’s in East Nashville? Jason, your promoter DJs there every few months. He’s actually spinnin’ rekkidz at this bar Friday Aug 23rd. Stop by if you want your good time ruined. It’s a super diverse and not very fun dj set. Anywayyyyy, Duke’s is known for having a new person play records every night. Well, they’re packing up a couple van loads of DJs to come play records in the Duke’s Lounge Tent at Muddy. Think fans, nice and cool fans to sit in front of. Picnic benches and couches.

    Ryan Sweeney, the promoter of Sweet Time Fest has curated an entire stage for us. He wrangled 16 bands for us! And you’ll see a lot more of that next year. You should check out his festival the week prior to ours in Nashville. HERE.

    Oh these guys, yeah they’re Muddy Roots too. Not official staff but always on point when we need them. And they roll deep.

    There are so many more. It truly takes a community and we have that. Check back for more details.
    Here is the almost final lineup. Just going to add in the Duke’s DJs on the next one.
    Share it. Spread the Muddy Roots Gospel.
    Let the freaks, weirdos, uppers, downers, all-arounders know they are home in our field.