Muddy Roots News
  • 02.20.17

    The 5th and Final Spring Weekender

    Join us as we bring an end to what has been a great chapter in the Muddy Roots book. This June we will be hosting our 5th and final Muddy Roots Spring Weekender in Brown County, Indiana. We like to say it’s the most beautiful of all our venues set back in the hills with tall tress and our own lake to boat or fish. James Hunnicutt once mentioned how he was able to perform one of his most intimate sets there as he closed his eyes and let the trickle of the creek that wraps the stage fill his soul. Her poured it right back all over us with incredible songs.

    The first MRSW took place in Adams, TN. at the Red River Canoe Campgrounds in 2013. We wanted to provide an event that would hold folks over til’ the big Muddy Roots. Waiting a year for your favorite music festival can be brutal. It’s like a long distance relationship. We very much enjoyed the venue but decided to move up to Indiana to expand the Muddy Roots brand in to new areas but more importantly to build a stronghold for Muddy Roots bands. 5 years later and the region is flourishing with boutique roots festivals. All of which book “Muddy Roots” type bands. Mission accomplished. It’s time to focus our limited resources on supporting these other events as well as expanding the sound in to new areas.

    If you are not in the woods with us this year you’ll unfortunately miss your chance to experience the magic of this beautiful property. We do cap the tickets to keep the event small and cozy. There are only a couple hundred available at this point. GET YOUR TICKET HERE!

    We put together some of our favorite moments in Indiana for you set to the music of Joseph Huber who is performing this final edition of the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender.

    MRSW 2017