Muddy Roots News
  • 01.17.20


    In true Muddy Roots fashion, we’ve thrown you some curve balls. And it’s absolutely beautiful! 20/20 Is going to be HEAVVVVVYYYYYY as Hell. Tons of stoner metal, stoner rock, psych, garage, punk, hardcore, and of course the classics like country and blues. Plus a bunch of weird shit that can’t be defined, the good stuff. You know damn well that the freedom of the Junebug Biker Ranch and the Tennessee hills paired with this lineup is going to be like a spaghetti western on acid. We’ll call is Acid Western.

    You know the drill. Free camping. Free hot showers. Park and camp where ya want. Camp with your car. Bring your own food or try our vendors. Vegan friendly vendors onsite. BYOB is ok but ya won’t need it on vendor row cuz beer is so damn cheap. Don’t be a dick. That’s our #1 rule. You’ll be treated like adults having a good time if you follow that one.

    We’ll get all videos from all the bands up on our site like always but not until we are done booking. We will add just one last wave in over the summer. You’ll be shocked at the radness.


    muddy roots 2020 john wayne

    We’re adding to this as we add bands.