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  • 08.11.17

    Search For Ms. Nashville Boogie Spokeswoman 2018

    We’re fans of a good ol’ school beauty pageant but are looking for something a bit more this time around. We’re looking for you to join our team. Ms. Nashville Boogie 2018 will be an official spokeswoman all year long. Yes this is still a vintage style pinup pageant but with a bit more substance. We’ll be searching for outgoing personalities to represent online and at other events. You’ll be the face of the Boogie.

    Prizes include:

    • A Free pass to all the Muddy Roots Music Events worldwide for a year. Check those out HERE.
    • A Free pass to other events worldwide for a year. You’ll be required to wear Nashville Boogie merchandise and to promote.
    • Free t-shirts and apparel
    • You’ll be the face of the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender in multiple advertisements including publications.
    • Free product from our sponsors
    • AND MORE!


    BOOGIE PINUP 2017b
    Photo by And How! Imaging

    We’re happy to announce the Ms. Sabina Kelley will return as our host in 2018! Sabina is an internationally famous pinup model and tv star with an impeccable figure. She’s more than just her amazing looks though. Sabina has been a leading figure in the model community and is known for coaching ladies in the industry. Sabina is also a great ambassador for the Nashville Boogie with her constant posts, online mentions and word of mouth promotions at other events all year long. Our host’s personality shines with a perennial beauty that we hope to find in you!

    best ink sabina
    From the Australian Best ink tv series.

    Sabina calendar
    Purchase official Sabina Kelley posters and calendars HERE!