Muddy Roots News
  • 05.28.13

    Sean & Zander steal the show at Punk Rock Bowling 2013

    Punk Rock Bowling festival bookers showed no fear with stepping out of the box. One of the best performances of day two came from rootsy duo Sean and Zander, comprised of Sean Wheeler, singer of punk band Throw Rag, and Zander Schloss, a multi-instrumentalist who has played with Joe Strummer, The Circle Jerks and others. The tattooed Wheeler, wearing a black suit and looking like a human Satan, proved to be the most charismatic frontman of the day, while Schloss, looking like a middle-school teacher in glasses and a tie, showed his dexterity on 12-string acoustic guitar and a funky Greek stringed instrument called a bouzouki. Their music is a swampy blend of folk, gospel and mud, but it was probably closer to the original spirit of punk than anything else yesterday.

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