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  • 05.02.17

    Nashville Boogie Survival Guide (2017)

    Everything you need to survive the 2017 Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender & Car Show plus FREE downloads!

    Before we get started we want to let you know that hotel rooms and earlybird tickets for 2018 just went on sale. We know there is a ton of chatter out there about folks planning to be in Nashville for the 2018 Boogie. We’ve made it easy for you to plan by reserving today HERE!
    The first 26 Bands and DJs have been announced for 2018! They’ve committed to Nashville and so should you.
    Boogie 18 first 26

    The 2018 Facebook event link is HERE to stay up to date with posts.

    We should mention that there are still rooms available at the beautiful Opryland Resort Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just ask for the Nashville Boogie discount! They are $152 which is almost half price. Fancy resort living on a Holiday Inn budget.

    Join our facebook group to post your post questions, pictures or any Boogie related things HERE!

    I painted a mural in East Nashville next to Ellie Monster’s Western Shop. Tag us if you take a pic in front of it.
    #nashvilleboogie @nashville_boogie
    East Nashville Mural

    Getting in town early? Meet us at the Pre-Party at one of Nashville’s oldest bowling alleys Wednesday night! The Donelson Bowl was built in 1959 and has been open since. $10 gets you in the door. There are DJs, bowling and shoe rentals included in price. Lanes are “first come” but be mindful and share. Music City Wienery will be out front with all your hot rods and classic cars. Pay at door. 6pm-10pm
    Donelson Bowl

    Thursday you can pick your wristband up at the Nashville Palace where the event kicks off. Ticket booth open all day and night here.
    Nashville Palace car

    If you are a vendor or are loading in the car show you will be able to grab your wristband as you load in on Thursday. You will be receiving a load-in email tomorrow with a map and details. In short, You’ll be loading in 11-5pm at the Ryman Hall around back and to the left of the resort. You’ll pass the Magnolia lobby.
    Nashville Car Show

    Thursday’s entertainment:
    Thursday Boogie

    Starting Friday morning you can pick up wristbands at the Opryland Resort in the Tennessee Ballroom Lobby and at the Ryman Hall Car Show area. The ticket booths stay open the whole time bands are playing. Here is a pic of the TN Ballroom Lobby although they have since changed it to a modern brown carpet.
    Tennessee Lobby Opryland

    Friday we kick in to high gear! The indoor car show opens at 10:00 am in the Ryman Hall of the Opryland Hotel. If you are indoors you’ll just go downstairs from the Magnolia Center/Tennessee Ballroom to the 200,000 sq ft car show. This includes the vendor market and the Ryman Stage. This portion of the show is included in your day or weekend pass as all events are but is also OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR JUST $5. Next year it is $10. It’s our way of filling that hall with guests to shop the market and check out the cool cars so that next time they come back as weekend attendees. Car show is open 10am-10pm Friday and Saturday. We are totally NOT supposed to tell you that there is FREE parking at the mall next door just outside the Delta area of the Hotel. So we won’t.

    Nashville Billboard

    Inside that car show are bands playing and a pinup contest for the ladies that want to be Ms. Nashville Boogie 2017. Ms. Bonnie Valentine was Ms. Nashville Boogie 2016 and was published in Car Kulture Deluxe along with the car the won Best Pick. This year the winner will take home $300, will have an onsite photoshoot with Roy Varga, will take home some Bettie Page Wine and will be published in Grease Inc. Magazine!
    Car Kulture Deluxe Bonnie

    Bettie Page Rum

    Grease Inc Magazine

    You don’t need a festival pass to get in the car show area. It’s just $5 to the public to get in.
    Nashville Car Show Good Guys

    The bands in the car show area will require a festival weekend or day pass after 4pm.

    SO now that we’ve talked about the Ryman Hall let’s touch on the Ballroom stage. This is considered our “Main Stage” for traditional rockabilly while the Ryman can be more heavy rockin’ at times. This room becomes a huge record hop til 4:00am Friday and Saturday nights. You will need a day or weekend wristband to attend any of the shows in this room.
    Sundel Perry Photography
    Dance lessons are included in your weekender or day pass. Friday it’s in the Ballroom at Opryland and Saturday it is over at the Nashville Palace.
    Jive Lessons

    Back over at the Nashville Palace two stages will be kicking off. The front room at the Palace is open from 11am to 2am daily. The back room kicks off in the early afternoon and stays open to 2am. You’ll find more Americana, Honky Tonk, Western Swing bands in the back and a mix of rockabilly added in on the front stage. A little bit of everything but typically more “rootsy.”

    Friday’s schedule:
    Boogie 17 friday
    more boogie fr 17

    SATURDAY….. or as we say back home, SABADO GIGANTE!!

    The Palace will be back open at 11am in the front room. Back room fires up in the early afternoon. Both open til 2am again.

    Did we tell you there are shuttles going back and forth from the Resort to the Palace all weekend? We probably should have mentioned that before. They will run the entire time the festival is on to keep you moving where you need to go. It’s FREE! We’ll do out best to get you back and forth. There are 2 cars in the evenings. It leaves from the door of the Nashville Palace to the Magnolia Lobby 11am to 2am.
    Shuttle bus

    We need to talk about something. There are bars inside the car show, by the Ryman Hall stage and at the Ballroom stage at Opryland. Keep in mind that it is a resort and they charge resort prices. I guess that’s how they can afford a massive 3000 room vacation spot. They won’t budge on prices and I apologize for the inconvenience. BUT there are PBRs at the Nashville Palace all weekend long for $2.50, I believe. So hop a shuttle, grab a PBR and head on back for the headlining acts!
    *Obviously DO NOT drive or ride anything if you have had anything to drink.

    What’ll you have?!! PABST BLUE RIBBON!

    What has become one of the fastest growing attractions at the Nashville Boogie is the Western Roundup Fashion Show. Join us as we pay tribute to the sweet suits our favorite artists would have been wearing on stage back in the day! We also honor a living legend in the western tailor world, Manuel Cuevas! He got his start sewing the infamous Nudie Suits and made a name for himself designing for almost every major musician worth a damn since the 1950’s. Gene Autry, Salvador Dali, Johnny Cash, a few presidents, oh hell, you get the picture. Read more about him HERE.

    The fashion show takes place in the TN Ballroom.
    Manuel Cuevas Tanya Coe

    Western Fashion Show

    Have you ever witnessed a Charles Phoenix show? He does a great presentation of retro slides and is HILARIOUS! You can also catch him in the TN Ballroom at Opryland.
    Chalres Phoenix Nashville

    We’ve gone through a hand full of the acts and haven’t mentioned the music. Well, there are over 90 playing and some aren’t even listed on the site! Plenty of surprises for you. Plenty flying in from around the world that we’ve hammered you with on social media. You can watch videos of most of them at our event website
    Pick yer own favorites HERE!

    Saturday’s Entertainment:
    saturd boog 17
    sat boo 17

    There are going to be film crews and photogs ALL OVER! We are BIG on documenting our events. Gotta show the grandkids what we did back when we thought we were young.
    In fact, if you take some sweet pics send them to us to share! Just please do not shoot the stage with your flash. We have a team but our primary photographer t his year is

    On that note, did you know you can get a tintype photo made in the car show through Howlermano Photography? Did you also know he directed the documentary “A Band Called Death?” Rad.
    Galaz Holwermano

    There is a film crew coming from Sweden to document the Green Line Travelers atthe Palace which is cool.

    Bopflix is flying in from the UK to cach footage of the event but also to make a bunch of short acoustic music videos of our performers. They will be uploading them throughout the year so keep an eye out!

    WBCM Radio Bristol from the “Birthplace of Country Music Museum” will be filming and broadcasting private showcases all weekend. You’‘ll definitely need to tune in online after the event to see another side of your favorite acts.

    Milk Products Media is filming and interviewing to make a short mini-doc about the Nashville Boogie. If you’ve seen any of the work they’ve done you’d know why we are so excited!

    The folks behind Fry Pharmacy Recording Services are lugging their vintage RCA Studio B, 3 track analog equipment over to the Ballroom stage all day Friday and Saturday to put it to tape! We like to do this every so often to get a warm fuzzy throwback recording of our events every once in awhile.
    Boogie 17 film

    SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!! (Say it in your Monster Truck voice)

    Maybe you feel like repenting for drinking too much PBR and dancing til 4am?
    You can go to Cowboy Church hosted by JoAnne Cash who just so happens to be Johnny Cash’s sister. She hosts it in the Texas Troubadour Theater back behind the Nashville Palace.
    It’s obviously FREE to the public. More info HERE!
    Joanne Cash

    And for the rest of us, Mimosa Sundays at the Palace.
    Mimosa Nashville

    Right about that same time the Music City Record Convention starts in the back room of the Nashville Palace. We’re talking over 50 vendors from this region slangin’ collectable albums! If you’re half the vinyl geek we are you are squeeling inside. Or maybe this post just made one of those needled scratch noises because this is so damn cool.
    It is just $5 to the public of FREE w/ your Boogie wristband.
    More info HERE!
    Music City Record Convention 2
    vinyl junkies

    Music in the front room of the Nashville Palace is FREE to the public all day and night long on Sunday.

    We are all going to head to the Grand Ole Opry House at 5:00 pm for the Grand Finale show. Tickets are only $15-$45 dollars. The evening starts with The Post 82 Cowpokes, Deke Dickerson’s Music Valley Jamboree starring Big Sandy and Billy Harlan, then JP Harris & Joshua Hedley. We’ll polish off the night with a 45 minute set from classic country legend Bobby Bare and a 90 minute set by Texas legend Jerry Jeff Walker! I don’t think you realize just how ridiculous this lineup is and we made it throwback pricing so everyone could go! You get those tickets directly from

    Opry Walker

    Alrighty, there is just one more performance to announce. Nic Roulette of The Hillbilly Casino is gathering an all-star cast to play from 9pm to 2am in the backroom of the Nashville Palace Sunday night. This is the FINAL chance to throwdown Nashville style! It is absolutely FREE to the public. Come on out.

    That’s about it folks. We hope you have the best time. We’ve been hosting festivals for 8 years although this one is just in it’s third year. We learn new things every time. If you notice an area we can improve on PLEASE let us know through the follow up survey we send out. It’s the only way we can get better.

    We’ll leave you with a brand new “Nashville Boogie” track by Deke Dickerson set to footage of previous events!

    Oh hey, one FINAL reminder.
    Go reserve your 2018 room before everyone else reads this.
    Earlybird tickets also on sale now HERE!

    Your humble-ish promoter,
    Jason Galaz