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  • 01.26.18

    Musician Builds Skate Parks Around The World

    Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane recently. People from around the world are finding ways to help those folks. It’s this musician’s dream to build the kids there a skate park and educational center. There are kids everywhere with little to do with their time. Kody Oh wants to teach them how to build their community back by building themselves a skate park. His goal is not to drop in, build a skate park and head home like a half assed missionary. The idea is to teach the kids to teach others to teach community building grass roots style. Yes, there will be gardens, school programs and other improvements involved but Kody’s vision is light a spark to a fire that will keep itself lit.

    You may know Kody as the bass player from The Calamity Cubes!. He also tours solo. The Calamity Cubes! were one of the very first bands booked for the inaugural Muddy Roots Music Festival in 2010. They are one of our favorite bands. Solid dudes with a heart of gold. Check out a live recording of them in the Hard Soil film.

    Now let’s get back to the point. Kids around the world need more positivity and something constructive in their lives. Idle hand right?

    “Through skateboarding you learn adaptability and creative ways to look at the world.” – Kody Oh


    Here’s the jam. Last year Kody was in Hollywood chatting with Danille Colby (American Pickers,) Soda Gardocki, and Greg Escalante about an organization called “Batey Girls” in the Dominican Republic that helps victims of sex trafficking in to new lives. It provides housing and jobs to these women. Kody thought about all the fatherless children running the streets and wanted to help. His vision has expanded and now includes children of the world. He found another organization that does a similar thing, booked a flight and left for Ethiopia where he volunteered to build a skate park for a village.

    ethiopian skaters

    Hawassa Skatepark Build from Ethiopia Skate on Vimeo.

    He’s now home and ready to begin his own journey. With the help of friends Kody has been able to get the wheels rolling legally for his organization called “GO FUTURE.” He is in team building mode and I am honored to be a board member. Puerto Rico is first on the list.

    “Skateboarding, gives them not only vocational skills but life skills like creative interpretation of their environment, imagination, perseverance in the face of adversity, adaptability, strength, confidence, the ability to get back up after getting broke off, strength and resilience.” -Kody Oh

    Here’s how you can help.

    Spread the word. Make conversation about it. It’s a cool thing this dude is doing.

    GO FUTURE FOUNDATION is set up to receive checks and money orders.
    Soon he’ll have a paypal and GoFundMe up. This isn’t one of those bullshit charities that skim the cash and then send a few duckets to Africa. It’s all for the cause.
    Make it out to Go Future Foundation.
    You can mail it to our PO Box and we will get it to him. Eventually he will have his own formal address and we will update this page.

    PO Box 60839
    Nashville, TN 37206


    CHIP IN!! Join the team. Come on out to build. Send supplies. Make a phone call and make something happen. Gold light shines in all these actions.


    Have questions?
    Get a hold of Kody direct at