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  • 08.13.19

    Muddy Roots Survival Guide

    This party ain’t for the weak. But we’ll fill you in on some tips to make it through the weekend like a Phoenix rising from the drunken ashes.

    We’ll add to this post over the next few days.

    Before we do anythang we want y’all to know about the new ticketing system for upcoming events. We’re moving all new tickets to commemorative hard copies that will be mailed to you. Each are numbered for authenticity. We have a tradition of beginning early bird sales for the next year at the current event. You’ll be able to grab discounted hard copy tickets for MRMF 2020 for $100, SOUTHERN GOTHIC 2019 for $50, MRSW 2019 for $50 in the merch booth. Cell service can be shotty so bring cash if you have it. You will have to order online once we are out of tickets in the field. These are all non-refundable and irreplaceable. Tickets to all the 21 events we have planned are being added to our new site now. There is a special special earliest bird discount for MRMF 2020 for only $80 plus shipping good to the first 300 people. Then they will go up to $125 after the festival.

    That website is

    2019 tickets can be purchased at above link or at the standard eventbrite page here. There are no hard copies available for MRMF 2019

    Tickets include free camping on 126 acres in the outskirts of Cookeville, Tennessee. That’s about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville and then cut North towards the Kentucky border. You can almost smell the mountain shine distilleries in the air. We rent a private property known as the Junebug Ranch. It’s basically a biker rally property any other day. They let us do what we want so long a we don’t break anything. That means you can do things like bring your own beer. Hell, you can bring a handle to the stage and rock the hell out. You have freedom to enjoy yourselves BUT you’ll regret the decision to abuse that freedom. We have a fast track to throw folks on the street that act like a dick. Any and every person caught sneaking in or doing anything wrong will be hand delivered to some good-ol’-boy sheriffs and the judge ain’t in til Tuesday. Why did we start this conversation with that tone? Because our field is unlike any other and we want to protect that. We don’t allow people to disrespect each other and we don’t want a sterile corporate, boring ass event. We want you to come, have fun, be cool, and make it home safe. Now we’ll talk about the good stuff.

    Before we do anything we need to talk about tickets. You should buy yours right now by CLICKING HERE! If you want to arrive Thursday for the pre-party with Face to Face you will need an earlybird ticket plus a weekend pass. You absolutely can not get one day pass for that day. We have weekend passes which include Friday-Saturday-and Sunday for $170. Saturday and Sunday together as a 2 day pass is $150. Sunday only is $75. All tickets include free camping and free hot showers.

    Let’s start with things to pack. It’s always wise to prepare for wet or dry weather. It can rain and it can also be hot. Bring plenty of clean socks, sunscreen, gold bond, wet wipes, rainboots, more than one pair of shoes, tons of drinking water, stuff like that. Don’t bring more than one shirt, we’ll be selling you a ton of them. Many of our designs are printed just once for this event.

    Here’s address of the venue. It’s known as the Junebug Ranch and is located at 115 Waterloo Rd. Cookeville, TN. 38506. It’s technically past Cookeville in Overton County once you cross the bridge. It’s a biker owned property that they host their own motorcycle rallies on. Those folks get wild! There’s not much we can do to surprise them. We’re a different kind of party so keep your clothes on. They have very few rules for us so we like to pay that forward to yall.

    We come from Nashville which means we exit in Cookeville and drive out about 20-25 minutes heading North towards the Kentucky border. You’ll feel lost, especially at night. Use your GPS until you get close and then look for FESTIVAL signs with PBR logos on them. We don’t put our name on them because worthless pricks steal them and then people get lost. If you’re coming from the North it will put you on the same road from the opposite direction. Either way you’ll come to the entrance where there is an old vw bug outside that is painted with the words “Junebug Boogie” on the side. Pull in there and come in to the valley. The video above is the wicked fork in the road coming from Cookeville to the Junebug Ranch. Go straight at it, do not follow the main road veering right or you’ll end up in another state.

    Most folks that are flying travel to BNA Airport in Nashville. It is about 87 miles from the venue. You can rent cars there. There are Muddy Roots carpool groups on fb, ubers, taxis, and even a greyhound that gets you to Cookeville, TN.

    There are plenty of local businesses to shop at on the way in. That includes restaurants, breweries, and most importantly, our sponsor Tennessee Legend Distillery. If you name drop the Muddy Roots Music Festival they will give you a discount on some jars of liquor. They’re right on the square in the middle of town!

    There are also plenty of hotels in town. It’s about a 20 minute drive. Under no circumstances should you leave the festival property after drinking. Get an uber, catch a lift, or figure something else out. Other than that, you may come and go as you please.

    You may show up anytime after 3pm on Thursday August 29th. That’s not really an official day for us. We’ll still be getting the field ready. But we know many of you are coming from other countries and far states so we set up this pre-party while we work. Come in and set up camp before the big crowds hit. We’ve got a sick party with Face to Face, Tim Barry, and a handful of punk or roots punk bands.

    To watch videos of most the bands click HERE and then go to lineup



    Here are a few pointers!

    One type of dog is legally protected and welcome at Muddy Roots. The other two will get your ticket revoked without a refund. Mostly because people fake it every year and the their dogs cause issue.

    Do not give me some low-res-internet-print-out-fake card from

    Service dogs in training only have legal access rights, in the state of Tennessee, when accompanied by a trainer from an accredited school and both dog and trainer are identified. Self trained Service Dogs in training do not have legal access rights.

    Service dogs are handler focused and attentive to their owners only. Any dog who causes a disturbance (outside of performing a direct task to mitigate a disability) can be (and should be) removed from the premises by management.

    p.s. I love dogs.

    People might be sleeping in the grass. DO NOT DRIVE IN GRASS AT NIGHT!

    Pace yourself, homie.

    Kids under 6 don’t need a ticket. 6-18 can get a child’s ticket. It’s cool to bring them but you they need to be accompanied by atleast 1 parent at all times.

    The Crying Wolf Bar in East Nashville is bringing their Splashville pool party to Muddy Roots. You will need to hose your stank ass off before jumping in. Stay safe.

    Duke’s bar in East Nashville is hosting a DJ tent all weekend! We’ve ordered an air conditioner for it. You’z can hang out in there. It’s also where metal yoga is Friday and Saturday as well as Church services on Sunday.