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  • 01.03.20

    Muddy Roots Real Estate: Blue Collar Victory!

    We’ve been preaching “Working Class Pride” for a decade now but have kicked it up a notch. I started screenprinting 20 years ago on the side of my single-wide trailer in Yucaipa, California. I also worked as an electrician which taught me a bit about work ethic and energy. Through the shirt business I got to know plenty of musicians that needed merch all over the country. Now that I live in Tennessee, I partnered with my good friend Ross Winchel and he handles all my orders. (That’s for anyone who needs shirts and promo items.) Sure, I host music festivals across the U.S. and in Europe, but it’s not my full time job. Actually, I don’t pull money from it at all. I only put money in, so it’s more of a hobby or a calling. Most everyone involved is a volunteer, there are no employees or partners.

    I’d like to share a BLUE COLLAR VICTORY story form within our music community. See, I help folks buy and sell property for a living. Some friends of mine wanted to get out of their cramped apartment and raise their family in a house they could fit in. I’ve known Will & Sarah about a decade through the local punk rock scene. Thanks to his service in the military, their hard work and perseverance, they now own their first and forever home In Tennessee. But it wasn’t easy. The first first mortgage broker (the people that give you a loan,) did some questionable things. He told them they were approved when they weren’t, held up the purchase of a house, quit his job, and never told his boss or us that the file was unworked. You can imagine how nerve wracking that must have been to a first time home buyer.

    They refused to quit when the first loan fell through. We then got them hooked up with trusted and local mortgage broker with a solid reputation. He showed them how to fix their credit in just a few short months. Working with the right professionals makes all the difference. They then overcame the hurdles of anticipated down-payments with creative negotiations and a willing seller.
    punk rock realty
    This large family with 4 kids and a pup were squeezed in to a tiny apartment down the street. Now they have their own place with a large yard to play in with no stomping neighbors upstairs.

    And, they’re not the only folks we’ve helped. Folks from our scene know we will roll up our sleeves for them and care more about their well being than making a quick buck. We’ve got a decade long track record showing that one!

    Our goal is to seek out folks in our community and help them get in to their next home. For many of you out there, it is your first home. We’re going to use our Realtor powers to empower our Muddy Roots communities and better folks lives. It’s time to take this thing to the next step! You may notice I’ve changed from “I” to “We” in this message. That’s because we started building a team of Realtors in Nashville and a referral network nationwide. We can now help anyone in the U.S. buy or sell a home!

    If you’re looking to get in to real estate or are an experienced agent that wants on our team or in our referral network, please reach out to me directly at

    Are any of your friends and family looking to move? Refer us! Just like any small business, it’s our lifeblood. My celly cell cell is 615-410-6393. Shoot me a text!

    We live in Tennessee. So, if you’re looking to move here hit up this website.
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    Looking to move anywhere else in the U.S.? This is the site for you.
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    Let’s connect on a new level!

    Or, just show up to the festivals and buy the bad’s records. That’s ok too.

    Jason Galaz
    EXIT Realty Elite
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