Muddy Roots News
  • 05.06.13

    Muddy Roots Music Launches Record Label With Vinyl Club!

    Muddy Roots Music Recordings is releasing one 7” 45 rpm single monthly available for purchase individually or by subscription to the Muddy Roots Vinyl Club for limited edition pressings. Limited editions will be numbered, occasionally autographed, sent with gifts and will never be re-pressed. Collector’s items!

    The first quarterly subscription includes punk veterans Sean Wheeler (Throwrag) and Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks, The Weirdos, Die Hunns), Brownbird Rudy Relic, and the Dad Horse Experience from Germany.

    The 2nd quarterly subscription includes The Monsters (garage rock from Switzerland), Reverend Beatman, and a hand full of other surprises!

    Purchase singles or subscribe now!