Muddy Roots News
  • 04.19.20

    Muddy Roots Europe Postponed

    DAMNIT It breaks our hearts to announce the postponement of the 9th annual Muddy Roots Europe Festival, held in Waardamme Belgium. It’s the right thing to do. Safety of our Muddy family comes first. We’re not even sure if bands and visitors can even make it by then anyway. Let’s not risk it.

    This hits emotionally, spiritually, and financially. It’s hard on morale, but we know that the big Muddy in Tennessee is still on and we can come back to Belgium next summer.

    Don’t worry, your tickets are good for up to 2 years in Belgium. If you purchased a ticket for 2020, then you can use it for 2021 and 2022.
    If you would like to purchase a ticket to 2021 you can do it right HERE.

    If you live nearby, you can support the venue by ordering take-away meals at this time. Nicky and Annelore are our partners and run an incredible American Steak House all year long.
    Get more info on the venue HERE.

    We’ll be cleaning out our storage unit during this quarantine and putting up rare merch for sale in our fb group HERE and in our online store, HERE if there are more than a few of each item.

    Muddy Roots Europe 2020 Christoph Heuer
    Thank you to the Muddy Rockwell for the design.