Muddy Roots News
  • 07.10.20

    Muddy Roots 2020 Postponed to 2021

    Whelp, we held out as long as we could. When we first decided to continue it was because Tennessee was barely affected by Covid. The numbers were minimal. Everyone locked down and made it even safe. But, then they opened back up. Most people around here don’t even believe it is a threat. We have friends and family that get sick. Most have mild cases and get over it. Or atleast, we believe they do. The long term affects are not yet determined. But, some people we know have had strokes, been hospitalized for weeks, brutal pneumonia, and a few have even died.

    Tennessee is now spiking higher than ever. The Governor has extended the state of emergency to August 29th, just a few days before Muddy. The Mayor of Nashville has rolled us back to Phase 2 opening. Many others are requiring masks in public places. Not having a unified response has weakened our state more than we should be during a pandemic.

    We are forced to postpone the 11th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival to Labor Day weekend 2021. It’s always the same holiday. Sep 2-5, 2021 Almost the entire lineup has already confirmed their performance.

    Everything is pushed forward. The performance. Your tickets. Everything.

    We saved your name and ticket number just in case you lose it in that time. If you do lose it just email us and we will mark it as lost or stolen and issue you a new number.

    If you can’t make it next year, then your ticket is good for 2022.

    If you don’t want to come at all you may gift or sell your ticket to someone else. That has always been our policy.

    2021 tickets are on sale now. 2020 ticket link has been disabled.

    Physical copies are still being mailed out. We also have a gift being designed now for you that will also arrive in the mail down the road so please keep your mailing address updated with us.

    We appreciate your support. Please stay the fuck home so we can get back to making shit happen. Please be understandable.