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  • 05.07.19

    Ms. Nashville Boogie 2019 Top Contestants

    Boy, oh boy, that was a wild ride! We laughed, we cried, we survived scandals and some of us earned digital scarlet letters.

    So, here’s the deal. 63 women joined in the online portion of the Ms. Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender contest. The goal was to share out the pics we uploaded to get as many likes on them which counted as votes. The top 20 earn free passes to the upcoming music festival. We originally planned for the top 10 to take the stage and compete. Well, we had a weird anomaly where a couple of the gals pics had some voting errors with fake profiles. Damn Russian bots!! The contestants contacted us immediately. Most the voted disappeared but a few stated on. We went through and removed these from the total counts but felt it still left room for error and didn’t want to create an unfair situation.

    In the interest of fairness and inclusion we have decided to make a Top 20 that get free passes and Top 15 that compete on stage. #16 – #20 should be ready to compete on stage in the event #1-#15 don’t show. There will be a photo opp with all the gals right before the event.
    roy varga sabina kelley
    Sabina Kelley and King Dado are the hosts. Roy Varga, Ava Couture, Tammi Savoy, Sabina Kelley, and Chris Saint Clark are the judges.

    This is supposed to be light hearted and fun. But the internets has proven to be a jerk so we will change the way votes are counted in 2020.
    We are also adding in a “Sportsman’s-Like-Conduct” rule to disqualify anyone being rude to other contestants.

    Reach out to Jason Galaz at for your tickets.
    Reserve your rooms now at for only $154 night!

    Bonnie Belair
    Nicole Nightingale
    Dandy D’Lish
    Kitty Von Braun
    Cindy S Fontaine
    Miss Lulu Devine
    Naty Karlof
    Stacks Cadillac
    Tallulah Lane
    Malace Mae
    Miss Mia
    Birdy Mercury
    Milly Michelle
    Toshia Cloud

    Spookie Susie
    AJ Diamonds
    Banjobones Mama
    Flora Foxwell
    Christini Martini