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  • 12.21.16

    Mary Lee's "Fighting Demons" Named #1 Brasilian Album By Southern Rock Brasil

    Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers have been steady touring Europe and Brasil promoting their new album “Fighting Demons” on Muddy Roots Records and the Brasilian community is taking note. The new record has been named the #1 Brasilian album by Southern Rock Brasil.

    Mary Lee Southern Rock Brasil

    Translated from below: “Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers – Fighting Demons: No matter the name of the band that accompanies Mary Lee, she has the gift of making everything into something good. “Fighting Demons” shows this to every track and I say without being afraid to look like a jerk, few bands in the country are at the level of Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers. The band has a great vocalist, but not only that, it is accompanied by great musicians and the compositions are top notch. “Fighting Demons” is not only an album of the highest quality by Brazilian standards, it competes with many released outside the country. One of my great frustrations of 2016 was not having watched this band live, but one hour it happens”

    Fighting Demons Southern Rock Brasil

    Grab a copy of the new Cd shipped from Nashville HERE.