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  • 12.28.14

    High Accolades From Saving Country Music For Muddy Roots Artists!

    It has been a big year for Muddy Roots Music Recordings and Roots Union Records artists according to Saving Country Music. Nothing makes us prouder than when the bands & friends on our labels are acknowledged for their hard work and talent. Here are 3 “BEST OF’s” from

    “Willy Dear” by The Tillers was named #1 video of 2014 by Saving Country Music!!!! Our good friend Christoph Heuer, also known as the Muddy Rockwell spent a good time illustrating it. Christoph was moved by the beautiful sadness “Willy Dear” filled him with and was inspired to create this video for us.

    1. Willie Nelson & Ray Benson
    2. Willie Watson
    3. First Aid Kit
    4. Sturgill Simpson
    5. Florida Georgia Line’s dumb asses
    6. Steelsim
    7. Don Williams
    8. The Whiskey Shivers

    The Tillers Folk Song


    Joseph Huber’s album “The Hanging Road” was named 1 of 5 most essential albums of 2014. That all makes sense to me. It’s a daily listener in my household.
    Joseph Huber Saving Country Music
    MOST ESSENTIAL – Joseph Huber – The Hanging Road

    Huber was known for his breakneck banjo and as one of the primary songwriters for the .357 String Band, but when he went the solo route, suddenly his deftness as a composer shined through with such blinding insight and poetry, he abruptly elevated himself from a superstar picker with some cool songs to something worthy of great acclaim.

    Joesph’s third album The Hanging Road is his most ambitious release yet, heavy with musical mastery and weighty themes, bred from the fiddle that Joseph Huber has shown favor to recently. The Hanging Road is an exposition of Huber’s multi-talented musical skill set, engaging and vibrant, yet humble and rootsy as he takes his country, folk, bluegrass and blues influences into heavy account.

    The Urban Pioneers named 1 of 50 essential albums for 2015.
    Urban Pioneers Saving Country Music
    The Urban Pioneers – Addicted to the Road

    urban-pioneers-addicted-to-the-roadThe key to the success of the Urban Pioneers project was their decision to take it in a primitive, old time country direction. It is perfect for the skills that Jared McGovern and Liz Sloan bring to the table, is complimentary of their strengths and weaknesses, while giving them the ability to mostly re-create what you hear on the album in the live context.

    There’s a lot of Hackensaw Boys and Foghorn Stringband in the Urban Pioneers approach: authentic, energetic, while resisting the urge to pass completely into the punk roots realm.

    Review complete list HERE.