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  • 12.19.16

    Dana Sipos Sings In The Lost River Cave

    Just 400 feet from the mouth of a cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky a 437 foot deep river emerges from the ground and flows inward. The secret to the mystery is that the river is only 16 feet deep but connects to an underground river that pulls objects through the mud in to the cave. In the 1800’s men would throw a plum bob down to measure the depth and were fooled by the mischievous trickery of Mother Nature. Once the hiding place for Jesse James, a liquor distillery, and even a nature night club in the 1930’s. A perfect place for our very own Canadian songstress.

    Lost River Sesions WKU PBS asked Muddy Roots recording artists Dana Sipos to bless the river with a song.

    lost river sana sipos

    Lost River Sessions had to say, “Singer-songwriter Dana Sipos has one of the most mesmerizing sounds in the folk scene today. Crafting music that is as naturally lovely, and even haunting, as the landscapes and imagery that influenced her, Dana’s songs are vivid tales shaped greatly by her upbringing in the Canadian subarctic city of Yellowknife.

    With this in mind we knew we had to pair Dana’s uniquely imaginative music with the natural beauty and soundscape of Lost River Cave. Here is the first track from that session.”
    Dana Sipos Lost River Sessions

    You can find Dana’s music all over the interwebs streaming sites. For a CD please click HERE.