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  • 12.16.15

    Billy Harlan Returns To Historic Studio B (Vinyl Out Soon.)

    Spending the evening in the Historic Studio B building with Billy Harlan was mind blowing. Billy not only recorded his own albums there in the 1950’s but also worked as a session player with Chet Atkins. The evening was filled with nostalgic stories from Billy’s past including the likes of the Everly Borthers, Pig Robbins, Chet Atkins, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Elvis Presley and just about any other artist that filtered through these hallowed grounds during Harlan’s tenure in the 1950’s.

    We plan on having the recordings on vinyl before Billy Harlan’s performance at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender & The Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender this spring. More info soon!

    Bill Harlan Kentucky Newspaper

    Bill Harlan Kentucky Newspaper 2