Muddy Roots News
  • 03.25.19

    A Music City Merch Merger

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match! Boy, what a catch! We have an exciting merger to announce. We’ve partnered up with our pal Ross Winchel over at Merch Kitchen to expand our screenprint and promotional serviced business.

    Here’s the deally-o. I’ve been printing shirts since 1999. I started with a small grant for at-risk youth in Southern California after I wrote and competed in a business plan program. I lived in a single wide trailer in Yucaipa, Ca that had a screened in porch. That’s where I printed. I didn’t have a car at the time so I’d take the shirts to the customers by bus. We’ve come a long way since then. Since living in Tennessee I started a larger project that works as a federation of companies. We operate as Power Merch by 3.14 Creative Enterprises, LLC. That last part is the official company name for all of our projects. When you are ordering from us you are supporting a worldwide network of shops and companies that manufacture branded items. Power Merch offers screenprinting, embroidery, promotional items, and order fulfillment across the U.S. and in some parts of Europe.
    Power Merch

    This is where we bring in Ross! Playing in bands for the last decade led him to printing for bands. He’s been running a rad one-press print shop out of Nashville since 2011 named, the “Merch Kitchen.” This company has an impeccable reputation for being “The Independent Band’s Best Friend!” We sourced jobs to Ross and were impressed with his timeliness, acute eye for detail, and dedication to quality. We are real sticklers about that. Well, our shops fell in love and Ross has accepted a role in the Power Merch family. Merch Kitchen will still operate as it does now but under the 3.14 Creative umbrella. Ross is now our primary account specialist. You can email him 24/7 at or call m-f between 9-5 CST at 615-504-8738
    merch kitchen
    Ross is a mean vegan machine on the drums. He plays in many bands from different genres. A “Muddy Roots” spirit, if I’ve ever seen one.

    And with that we want to tell you about the reformation of our shop, The Vinyl Bunker!
    We operated as an underground record shop for 2 years and had a blast doing it. We closed to the public a few months back and are re-opening now as an merchandise fulfillment center. So, still a record shop in a sense but now we stock, sell, and ship your product online. We are not open to the public. It’s super simple. You just drop off a limited amount of “hot item” merchandise like your new album, hats, or t-shirts. We count it in together and find it a temporary home on our shelves. Then we either monitor your online shop account, build you one, or add the items to ours. Orders are shipped within 2 business days. Royalties to be paid monthly. To apply for those services just shoot an email over to Destiny at

    nashville record sho[
    Here’s why we call it underground. It’s literally in the basement of a parking structure right by the Ryman in downtown Nashville. We’ve got some super cool announcements on the way for the shop on top of this already cool merch news.
    wanda jackson

    Our primary printing operations are in Nashville, TN, Riverside, CA. and London, England. Our small batch embroidery comes out of Murfreesboro, TN. All other items are sourced from our Advertising Specialty network straight from the plant. Fulfillment operations from downtown Nashville.

    We print and ship nationwide for conferences, bands, churches, companies, events daily.


    3.14 Creative Enterprises, LLC.
    PO Box 60839
    Nashville, TN. 37206