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  • 09.11.17

    AmericanaFest 2017: Benjamin Tod & Pat Reedy

    Benjamin Tod of LOST DOG street band & Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners at Americanafest℠ 2017: Muddy Roots records party.
    Westin Hotel ballroom Friday 6pm-8pm.
    No wristband needed. No cover charge!

    americanafest 2017

  • 08.27.17

    Muddy Roots Fest Survival Guide

    Welcome friends old and new!

    Can you believe it? What started as a small 300 person festival has spawned in to multiple boutique fests worldwide and a record label. It means there are more folks out there who love the music we love. That’s old country, bluegrass and blues all the way up to punk rock and everything in between.

    We thought we’d take this opportunity to inform new folks and remind returning attendees of the rules as well as some basic info.

    Looking for tickets to this festival? We have weekend and select day passes “HERE.”:

    There are a limited amount of 2018 hard copy (early bird) tickets available at the merch booth for $75. They go to $100 after that.

    Want to arrive onsite early? You can show up anytime after 2pm on Wednesday. It’s just $10 extra for the DIY pre-party at Junebug. You may only come to this if you have or are getting a weekend pass. The doors will open to the public for standard arrivals Thursday morning at sunrise. Enjoy the weekend. Come and go as you please. We go home Monday. It’s a sort of trickle out scenario so no rush to get off the property Monday morning.

    Let’s start now with rules. We have a saying at Muddy Roots which encompasses all the rules in to one, “DON’T BE A DICK” Seriously, we are all adults here. This is not some teenage house party. We all know how to act in public, when to stop drinking and not to touch things that aren’t ours. We are super laid back but will make a point to throw you out if you bother anyone. For legal reasons we are going clearly define some rules whether they be the venues or ours.
    1) You may not bring any weapons. This should be obvious. That includes your belt knife.
    2) Folks sneaking in aren’t funny. It’s theft and we will prosecute.
    3) Don’t touch things or people. You aren’t 6, we shouldn’t have to tell you that. Thankfully we haven’t had problems yet.
    4) NO FIREWORKS! Might as well call the cops yourself.
    5) NO PETS! Medical dogs with papers, tags, and a legit story are approved. Don’t try to bullshit us. We can tell you are lying. (I’m looking at you train kids.)
    6) Have fun. Stay up all night singing. But be courteous of people trying to sleep nearby.
    7) NO DRIVING IN THE GRASS AT NIGHT!! People sleep in it. We also have drainage ditches that people have driven in to.
    8) No minors without parental supervision. You will be asked to leave.
    9) You may not drive golf carts on the property. But we do have a golf cart taxi vendor that can haul you around.
    10)Drunk driving will get you arrested on and off the ranch.

    Muddy Roots Pool
    Bring your kiddie pool if ya like. The venue will fill it up for a small fee.

    Here are a few things that you MAY do.
    1) You can bring your own beer. Although the 2 bars onsite have super cheap beer. Them selling brews is how we are able to use the property. So buy one of those $3 tall PBRs!
    2) You may cook your own food. Although we have some rad food vendors.
    3) You may bring a kiddie pool and have the venue fill it for a small fee.
    4) You may stay stay up all night long at campfire jams, get drunk and be merry. Be mindful of your neighbors.
    5) You may park and camp anywhere except vendor row. But don’t drive your car in the grass at night. You never know where people are sleeping.
    6) You may have campfires. Be careful.
    7) You may come and go. Be sober when you do.
    8) You may come anytime after 2pm on Wednesday. The gates will not close until Monday morning.

    Del McCoury Muddy Roots
    Here are some helpful tips and basic info:

    1) Tickets for 2018 are available at the merch booth for only $75. Online goes to $100. Buy early to save.
    2) You can buy our merchandise and vinyl records from the merch tent and opt to have them shipped to your home. Just ask!
    3) Want to be a vendor next year. Ask Jason at the merch tent for an app.
    4) Want to advertise to our crowds. Also, Jason.
    5) Please drink water and moderate the booze. Dehydration can put you in the hospital.
    6) You will receive a trash bag upon entry. Please keep your campsite clean.
    7) The venue has the portapottie folks come by twice daily to clean the toilets but it wouldn’t hurt to have extra TP on person. Tip them!
    8) Baby wipes and Gold Bond are your friends.
    9) The venue sells beer cheap. Like $3 tall cans. Not festival pricing at all.
    10) We have a variety of vendors ranging from clothes to brisket chili. Get some.
    11) Be cool man. If you see the bands or famous folks walking around the crowd watching bands leave them alone. Say hi of course but let them check out the bands too. We all just want to enjoy ourselves. This is the beauty of Muddy Roots. There is no division between fans and bands.

    That’s mostly it. Just have a good time and look out for each other.

  • 08.27.17

    The Return of Roots Union Records

    We planted record label seeds here in the Tennessee mud a few years back. Now it’s time to tend to the garden!
    Roots Union announce
    We’ll be focusing heavily on growth in 2018. It’s a simple concept focusing on independent artists of many genres coming together to build their scenes from the roots up. Individually we are a just voices echoing in a hall, together we can be a lion’s roar. Together, we will build.

    Roots Union is a division of Muddy Roots Music Recordings that provides a home for DIY bands to come together and “DO IT TOGETHER.”

    We are happy to announce James Hunnicutt as our first official recording artist of 2018! Stay tuned for info on release dates soon.
    Seeking new talent now.
    James Hunnicutt muddy roots

    Over the last 8 years we have noticed a substantial influence on multiple roots communities and industries by the Muddy Roots community. We’ve made an extensive effort to have a presence at many events, festivals, and conferences. The result has been that of a magnet on a metal shop floor. The shavings off the roots community have naturally attracted to us. We are now the voice of “new roots.” It’s time to organize and bring more of our bands in to the fold.

    -Jason Galaz

  • 08.25.17

    Remembering LC Ulmer at Muddy Roots

    LC Ulmer was a blues musician from another time. He had that old time sound you just don’t hear anymore. The youngest of 14 children on a plantation in Mississippi where folks like Jimmie Rodgers frequented. Wiki says Blind Roosevelt Graves was his earliest influence but I can remember him telling me old stories of having a guitar as a youngin and stories about his brothers. He did a whole lot of teachin’ himself. A voice and sound directly from that Southern ground.

    Ol’ LC was a hoot man. He had plenty of “old man wisdom” cracks like warning me about the dangers of eating black pepper. He had a beautiful heart and liked to share music. He’d charge you $6 an hour to learn how to play guitar. Good Lord man. $6 an hour to be taught by one of the original bluesman of the South? Pure gold. One time at the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender in Indiana a young teen boy took him up on that offer. His father drove him to the fest just to meet LC and he ended up with a porch blues lesson. Unreal. Kid’ll probably grow up to be a rock star.
    lc ulmer indiana

    He was a brother and one of our most revered Muddy Roots musicians. He is missed dearly. Luckily we got recordings of atleast one of his performances at the Muddy Roots Music Festival. We’d like to share that with you now.

    Photo by Moloich Photos.

  • 08.19.17

    R.I.P. Sonny Burgess: From Sun to Muddy Roots Records

    At 9:30 Friday night Sonny Burgess died in Baptist hospital where he had been since falling in July. We had always considered it an honor to work with Sonny. He started his career on Sun Records and ended it over 60 years later with Muddy Roots Records. The men and women of that era literally created rock n roll. They are pillars in our music community who we cherish. We spoke to long time band mate Bobby Crafford and he told us Sonny had a message for us. Sonny Burgess wanted you to know He loved all of you and God Bless Rockabilly!
    Sonny Burgess Sun Records

    More words from Bobby:
    *“He was our friend and leader for 62 years.
    The Band will carry on with out him, but he will really be missed
    He last played on July 15 and fell the following week at his home in Little Rock, where he lived with his Son.
    We will keep Rockin in his honor, long live Rock and Roll” – Bobby Crafford*

    At this time there are no announced plans for a service. We’ll update you with news from the family.

    Sonny Burgess Nashville Boogie

    Don’t know much about Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers? Oh boy, you should. We dug up one of our original press pieces on him. The dude was ROCKIN!
    Sonny Burgess Muddy Roots

    _Legendary Sun Records Rocker Sonny Burgess Unleashes His New Album on Muddy Roots Records

    In 1956, Sonny Burgess & the Pacers were just one of many rockin’ acts seeking to follow in the footsteps of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Under the guidance of producer Sam Phillips, they brought a new sound rumbling forth from the tiny Sun Records studio in Memphis, Tennessee. The mixture of hillbilly and blues that became known as rockabilly would smash genre walls and change the sound of pop music around the world.

    While many made the pilgrimage to Memphis, few succeeded in actually having a record released on the eye-popping and ear-opening Sun Records label. Arkansas native Sonny Burgess was one of the privileged few when his double-sided raucous rockabilly blast, “We Wanna Boogie”/”Red Headed Woman,” hit the record racks and jukeboxes in September 1956. A huge regional hit, it was a perfect snapshot of the band that many regarded as one the wildest and most dynamic acts to ever blaze a trail through the honky tonks and dive bars of West Tennessee, Arkansas and the surrounding states. Their four follow-up singles on Sun also provided ample confirmation of their rock’n’roll pioneer pedigree.

    Sixty years later, Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers are still rockin’ the house with their energetic rockabilly, rhythm and blues sound on Ain’t Got No Home, their new release on Muddy Roots Records. The big 12-inch record contains a dozen classic tunes drawn from their six decades of wild live shows and performances at rockabilly festivals around the world.

    Considered one of the most R&B-influenced of the original crop of rockabilly cats, Burgess delivers his unique interpretations of 11 classic R&B, country and rock’n’roll tunes. Stand-outs include Larry Williams’ runaway rocker “Slow Down,” a tasty country-fried take on soul shaker “Mustang Sally,” a slice of boppin’ boogie with Louis Jordan’s “Caldonia,” and a rip-roaring rockabilly run-through of Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee.”

    The album also features “Tiger Rose.” Written for Burgess by Bruce Springsteen, this rockabilly rampage features Springsteen on guitar along with E Street Band bassist Gary Tallent and famed session drummer Roy Husky, Jr. supplying the rhythm. “Tiger Rose” originally appeared on Sonny Burgess’ 1996 self-titled album for Rounder Records, and is now making its vinyl debut.

    Ain’t Got No Home was recorded at the Raney Recording Studios in Drasco, Arkansas. Owned by Zyndall Raney, the son of famed hillbilly harmonica player Wayne Raney (“Blues Stay Away from Me” and “Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me”), the studio has long been a favorite for Arkansas musicians with its roots reaching all the way back to the Sun Records era of the late 1950s.

    - Randy Fox_

  • 08.16.17

    Music Valley Jamboree 2017!

    We’re bringing the Music Valley Jamboree back and it’s only $20 a day! There was a time when we were the primary event planners of the Nashville Palace. As our schedule filled up and we slowly let it drift off. Well it’s time to get back to it!

    You’re going to get an intimate version of the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender with the Music Valley Jamboree. 2 days of rockabilly, country and western music with a free car cruise in and a free record show. All for just $20 a day! Pre-sale price of course. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!

    This is a family friendly event up til 10pm. After that it is adults only in the Nashville Palace.

    Jamboree 2017

    Music Valley is a hot bed for country music history. Many of the Grand Ole Opry stars have been known to frequent the food joints here. Many have played the Nashville Palace including Webb Pierce, Randy Travis, Little Jimmy Dickens, pretty much anyone alive in the 1980’s. The Ernet Tubb Record shop was here for ages. It’s closed now but you can still peak in and see his tour bus in the old record shop in the back of the parking lot.
    ernest tubb shop

    The Texas Troubadour Theater has been hosting the Midnight Jamboree on WSM 650 am for over 70 years. Many of the greats have performed there. Not to be confused with our Music Valley Jamboree. They also host Cowboy Church with Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s sister every Sunday morn.

    There was an old Country Music Wax Museum next to the Nashville Palace. It closed aftert a major flood but you can still go see all the starts hand and foot prints in the concrete outside. We consider this a historical treasure!
    george strait museum

    Let’s talk about the cruise-in!
    It’s absolutely FREE to park your car and hang out at in the back lot behind the Palace. We’re working with Scoreboard’s to see about adding a band or two to their outdoor stage. Come in anytime between 10am and 10pm. Keep it old school. No new cars. Outdoor vendor spots are only $25 and can be reserved by emailing Jason at
    Voodoo Larry
    Photo by And How! Imaging.

    Do you dig old records? We’re also bringing back the Music Valley Record Convention! It’s Sunday from 10 am to 5pm and it absolutely FREE!
    record convetion nashville

    Hey guess what? There are FREE bands in the front room every day 11am til 2am!! Just get on down here!
    nashvile palace front room


    Here are a list of hotels within walking distance.
    *Courtyard by Marriott at Opryland 125 Music City Circle Nashville, TN 37214 615-882-9133

    *Days Inn Opryland 2460 Music Valley Drive Nashville, TN 37214 615-889-0090

    *Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Opryland- Nashville 211 Music City Circle Nashville, TN 37214 615-872-8939

    Fiddler’s Inn 2410 Music Valley Drive Nashville, TN 37214 Guest House Inn & Suites 2420 Music Valley Drive Nashville, TN 37214 615-885-4030 Hampton Inn & Suites 230 Rudy Circle Nashville, TN 37214 615-620-2500 Holiday Inn Express & Suites Nashville- Opryland 2461 McGavock Pike Nashville, TN 37214 615-829-7777 Inn at Opryland, A Gaylord Hotel 2401 Music Valley Drive Nashville, TN 37214 615-889-0800 Comfort Inn 2516 Music Valley Drive Nashville, TN 37214 615-889-0086

    We have a room capacity of 700 each day. DON’T WAIT TO GET YOUR TICKETS!

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