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  • 11.14.17

    Soundtrack of Tennessee feature in The Tennessean

    The Muddy Roots Music Festival was one of eight features as the “Soundtrack of Tennessee” in Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper. (USA Today)

    Read the full article and browse multiple photos in their gallery HERE!

    Putting down roots

    One hundred and twenty miles west is Cookeville’s June Bug Ranch, where the Muddy Roots Music Festival is held every Labor Day Weekend. (It’s actually 95)

    Muddy Roots, also a record label, is headquartered in Nashville’s Vinyl Bunker, a record shop filled with Cold War-era military surplus in the bottom floor of a parking garage near the Ryman Auditorium.

    Attendance is usually capped at just over 2,000, making it one of Tennessee’s most intimate music festivals, even with its 50-acre footprint, four stages and 100-plus performers.

    A lot of Muddy Roots devotees grew up listening to punk or metal before getting into country and roots music, said founder Jason Galaz, and the performers reflect that. Past lineups have included acts as different as bluegrass greats Del McCoury Band and sludge-metal pioneers the Melvins.

    It’s not unusual to see a headliner watching another band, or jam around a campfire until the wee hours. Said Galaz, “Nobody’s a rock star here, no matter how big they are.”

    “It’s the people who make Muddy Roots,” said Craig Aldridge, one of many who attend annually.
    Members of the band Tejon Street Corner Thieves pourBuy Photo
    Tennessean Muddy Roots 2017
    Members of the band Tejon Street Corner Thieves pour beer on fans at the 8th Annual Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, Tenn. on Sept. 3, 2017. Muddy Roots promotes everything from roots and blues to bluegrass and punk rock. (Photo: Shelley Mays / The Tennessean)

    We meet Joachim Vanderzeypen near a sign offering $25 tattoos. It’s his first time in Cookeville. First time in America, actually. He’s from Belgium. He went to Muddy Roots’ European festival and liked it so much he crossed an ocean to attend another one. Wearing socks emblazoned with the Tennessee tristar, Vanderzeypen gets “BLESS YOUR HEART” inked on his knee. He says his mother will think it’s a religious tattoo.

    -Juli Thanki

  • 11.02.17

    Channel 5 Wine On The Rails "Music City Must"

    We were excited to be invited by News Channel 5 to film a “Music City Must” segment recently. Join us as we board a vintage 1950’s train to the DelMonaco Vineyards on an all day wine tasting train excursion! Packages range from classic cars, hotsy totsy party cars, regal first class cars to exclusive 360 view dome seating cars. There are only 3 dates scheduled for 2018. MORE AT WWW.WINEONTHERAILS.COM

    View the Channel 5 News special here!

    Channel 5 Music City Must

  • 10.30.17

    Southern Gothic Campout

    We’re heading into witch infested woods. There will be wicked fires,tales of despair and songs of darkness.

    On the tenth and eleventh day in the year of our Lord, two thousand and seventeen, you may find us at the home of the Bell Witch tale, Adam, Tennessee. It’s campfire season and we intend to enjoy it.

    This is not for the faint of heart.

    Red River Canoe
    8002 Old Hwy 41 N, Adams, TN 37010
    Nov 10-11, 2017
    Tickets online HERE or at the gate.

    Those Poor Bastards S 10:00 PM
    Sons of Perdition S 8:30 PM
    Vivita S 7:00 PM
    Whiskey Dick S 5:30 PM
    Reverend Red S 4:00 PM
    Noah Tyson S 4:00 PM

    Freight Train Rabbit Killer F 10:00 PM
    Viva Le Vox F 8:30 PM
    James Hunnicutt F 7:00 PM
    A Man Called Stu F 5:30 PM
    Brook Blanche F 4:30 PM

    Southern Gothic 2017

    We beg of you to make peace with your Lord before you come.

  • 10.06.17

    Wanda Jackson & The Music Valley Jamboree

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Wanda Jackson is set to headline the Music Valley Jamboree Friday November 3rd at the world famous Nashville Palace! Tickets are just $20 per day pre-sale and can be found HERE.

    This is a whole weekend full of rock n roll and country western fun! 12 bands and 4 DJs are performing the large parlor room, numerous bands perform the front room at no extra charge, there are vendors on site, there is an all day cruise-in on Saturday, and we finish off the weekend with a FREE record convention on Sunday!

    Music Valley version 3

    Hosted by internationally known radio dj James Riley!
    James Riley 2017

    Big Parlor Room Schedule aqui.


    3:30 pm DJ Col. Paco Chaos
    4:30pm Kyle Eldridge & The Rhythm Rounders
    6:30pm Billy Harlan
    7:30pm DJ Krazy Kat Daddy
    8:30pm The Cowpokes
    10:00pm Wanda Jackson
    11:00pm DJ Laura Palmer

    Saturday Lineup:

    12:00pm Jane Rose
    1:00pm Screamin’ Rebel Angels
    2:00pm Josh Hi-Fi & The Rhythm Kings
    3:00pm The Highjivers
    4:00pm DJ Juke Joint Jenni
    5:00pm TJ Mayes
    6:00pm DJ Laura Palmer
    7:00pm James Intveld
    8:30pm DJ Col. Paco Chaos
    9:30pm Bloodshot BILL
    11:00pm Hillbilly Casino
    12:00am DJ Krazy Kat Daddy

    Front room schedule:
    11:00am John England (solo)
    1:00pm Jay Bragg (duo)
    3:00pm The Nashville Palace Band
    7:30pm Celine Lee & Her Texas Three
    9:00pm Nathan Belt & The Buckles
    12:00am Chris Casello Trio
    1:30am Andrea Colburn & Mud Moseley

    11:00am John England (solo)
    1:00pm Jon Byrd & Byrd’s Auto Parts
    3:00pm Wendy Newcomer & The Good Old Timers
    7:30pm Stu Arkoff & Co.
    9:00pm Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys
    1:00am Anthony Castagna Combo

    Saturday Car cruise-in (FREE) is 10am to 10pm. Park out front and to the side of the Palace. All oldies are welcome.
    car cruise in

    Record convention is Sunday 10am-5pm (FREE)
    record convetion nashville

    Children are welcome before 10pm both days. Must be supervised!

    Tickets are limited to room capacity.

    The word is out on this now that we literally painted a HUGE mural here in East Nashville to spread the rock n roll gospel!!

    wanda jackson wall mural

    Jamboree 2017

  • 09.11.17

    AmericanaFest 2017: Benjamin Tod & Pat Reedy

    Benjamin Tod of LOST DOG street band & Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners at Americanafest℠ 2017: Muddy Roots records party.
    Westin Hotel ballroom Friday 6pm-8pm.
    No wristband needed. No cover charge!

    americanafest 2017

  • 08.27.17

    Muddy Roots Fest Survival Guide

    Welcome friends old and new!

    Can you believe it? What started as a small 300 person festival has spawned in to multiple boutique fests worldwide and a record label. It means there are more folks out there who love the music we love. That’s old country, bluegrass and blues all the way up to punk rock and everything in between.

    We thought we’d take this opportunity to inform new folks and remind returning attendees of the rules as well as some basic info.

    Looking for tickets to this festival? We have weekend and select day passes “HERE.”:

    There are a limited amount of 2018 hard copy (early bird) tickets available at the merch booth for $75. They go to $100 after that.

    Want to arrive onsite early? You can show up anytime after 2pm on Wednesday. It’s just $10 extra for the DIY pre-party at Junebug. You may only come to this if you have or are getting a weekend pass. The doors will open to the public for standard arrivals Thursday morning at sunrise. Enjoy the weekend. Come and go as you please. We go home Monday. It’s a sort of trickle out scenario so no rush to get off the property Monday morning.

    Let’s start now with rules. We have a saying at Muddy Roots which encompasses all the rules in to one, “DON’T BE A DICK” Seriously, we are all adults here. This is not some teenage house party. We all know how to act in public, when to stop drinking and not to touch things that aren’t ours. We are super laid back but will make a point to throw you out if you bother anyone. For legal reasons we are going clearly define some rules whether they be the venues or ours.
    1) You may not bring any weapons. This should be obvious. That includes your belt knife.
    2) Folks sneaking in aren’t funny. It’s theft and we will prosecute.
    3) Don’t touch things or people. You aren’t 6, we shouldn’t have to tell you that. Thankfully we haven’t had problems yet.
    4) NO FIREWORKS! Might as well call the cops yourself.
    5) NO PETS! Medical dogs with papers, tags, and a legit story are approved. Don’t try to bullshit us. We can tell you are lying. (I’m looking at you train kids.)
    6) Have fun. Stay up all night singing. But be courteous of people trying to sleep nearby.
    7) NO DRIVING IN THE GRASS AT NIGHT!! People sleep in it. We also have drainage ditches that people have driven in to.
    8) No minors without parental supervision. You will be asked to leave.
    9) You may not drive golf carts on the property. But we do have a golf cart taxi vendor that can haul you around.
    10)Drunk driving will get you arrested on and off the ranch.

    Muddy Roots Pool
    Bring your kiddie pool if ya like. The venue will fill it up for a small fee.

    Here are a few things that you MAY do.
    1) You can bring your own beer. Although the 2 bars onsite have super cheap beer. Them selling brews is how we are able to use the property. So buy one of those $3 tall PBRs!
    2) You may cook your own food. Although we have some rad food vendors.
    3) You may bring a kiddie pool and have the venue fill it for a small fee.
    4) You may stay stay up all night long at campfire jams, get drunk and be merry. Be mindful of your neighbors.
    5) You may park and camp anywhere except vendor row. But don’t drive your car in the grass at night. You never know where people are sleeping.
    6) You may have campfires. Be careful.
    7) You may come and go. Be sober when you do.
    8) You may come anytime after 2pm on Wednesday. The gates will not close until Monday morning.

    Del McCoury Muddy Roots
    Here are some helpful tips and basic info:

    1) Tickets for 2018 are available at the merch booth for only $75. Online goes to $100. Buy early to save.
    2) You can buy our merchandise and vinyl records from the merch tent and opt to have them shipped to your home. Just ask!
    3) Want to be a vendor next year. Ask Jason at the merch tent for an app.
    4) Want to advertise to our crowds. Also, Jason.
    5) Please drink water and moderate the booze. Dehydration can put you in the hospital.
    6) You will receive a trash bag upon entry. Please keep your campsite clean.
    7) The venue has the portapottie folks come by twice daily to clean the toilets but it wouldn’t hurt to have extra TP on person. Tip them!
    8) Baby wipes and Gold Bond are your friends.
    9) The venue sells beer cheap. Like $3 tall cans. Not festival pricing at all.
    10) We have a variety of vendors ranging from clothes to brisket chili. Get some.
    11) Be cool man. If you see the bands or famous folks walking around the crowd watching bands leave them alone. Say hi of course but let them check out the bands too. We all just want to enjoy ourselves. This is the beauty of Muddy Roots. There is no division between fans and bands.

    That’s mostly it. Just have a good time and look out for each other.

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