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  • 05.07.19

    Ms. Nashville Boogie 2019 Top Contestants

    Boy, oh boy, that was a wild ride! We laughed, we cried, we survived scandals and some of us earned digital scarlet letters.

    So, here’s the deal. 63 women joined in the online portion of the Ms. Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender contest. The goal was to share out the pics we uploaded to get as many likes on them which counted as votes. The top 20 earn free passes to the upcoming music festival. We originally planned for the top 10 to take the stage and compete. Well, we had a weird anomaly where a couple of the gals pics had some voting errors with fake profiles. Damn Russian bots!! The contestants contacted us immediately. Most the voted disappeared but a few stated on. We went through and removed these from the total counts but felt it still left room for error and didn’t want to create an unfair situation.

    In the interest of fairness and inclusion we have decided to make a Top 20 that get free passes and Top 15 that compete on stage. #16 – #20 should be ready to compete on stage in the event #1-#15 don’t show. There will be a photo opp with all the gals right before the event.
    roy varga sabina kelley
    Sabina Kelley and King Dado are the hosts. Roy Varga, Ava Couture, Tammi Savoy, Sabina Kelley, and Chris Saint Clark are the judges.

    This is supposed to be light hearted and fun. But the internets has proven to be a jerk so we will change the way votes are counted in 2020.
    We are also adding in a “Sportsman’s-Like-Conduct” rule to disqualify anyone being rude to other contestants.

    Reach out to Jason Galaz at for your tickets.
    Reserve your rooms now at for only $154 night!

    Bonnie Belair
    Nicole Nightingale
    Dandy D’Lish
    Kitty Von Braun
    Cindy S Fontaine
    Miss Lulu Devine
    Naty Karlof
    Stacks Cadillac
    Tallulah Lane
    Malace Mae
    Miss Mia
    Birdy Mercury
    Milly Michelle
    Toshia Cloud

    Spookie Susie
    AJ Diamonds
    Banjobones Mama
    Flora Foxwell
    Christini Martini

  • 04.24.19

    AVAIL Reunion at Muddy Roots 2019

    You read that right. AVAIL is playing a reunion show at Muddy Roots!
    Many of you haven’t seen them in 2 decades. Well, you know how we get down in the field.
    Get your ass there!


    They headline one of the stages Friday Aug 30th, 2019. That means you need to purchase a full weekend ticket to see the show. No day passes are available.

    But wait, THERE’S MORE! Grab an add-on early arrival ticket and catch Tim Barry playing his solo set the night before. Face To Face, Dead Bronco, El Escapado, and Moonshine Wagon also play Thursday night.

    We’ve been announcing bands one at a time with an occasional full flyer posted. 2 current flyers have been posted. There is only one left to post. We have just a few bands left to announce.

    We will most definitely reach our max ticket count this year. Don’t be a foolio and be caught slippin’ with no ticket.

  • 04.22.19

    Omar Higgins of Negro Terror Dead At 37

    It took me a solid day to shake out of the shock on this one. I kind of hoped it was an elaborate hoax when I first heard it. That was just me in denial. Truth is, I never met Omar in person. But I dug his music, his personality, and his courage. We booked his band Negro Terror for the 10th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival based on what we saw and heard online. Negro Terror is an all black hard core band from Memphis that was gaining notoriety when they took a famous white power band’s song and made it their own. Now there’s a damn statement!

    negro terror memphis

    We chatted online a bit about how they did not want to miss the band Cock Sparrer coming in from the U.K. as they NEVER play the South. I even tried to get Negro Terror to come down to the Bunker so we could film a video of them playing in there as a secret show. I would’ve loved to press their music to vinyl. I just wanted to bring these dude’s in to the Muddy Roots family in anyway possible. Good folks who get down on stage.

    Unfortunately, that was about as far as we got in our conversations. There were posts just a week or so back about how he had flu-like symptoms and needed to go to the hospital. It turned out he had suffered a stroke and a staph infection. There was a GOFUNDME shared around to help with medical bills. We all know how damn hard it is to access treatment in this country. I believe this is now helping his family with funeral arrangements.

    omar higgins memphis

    Damn,he would’ve loved our field and yall would’ve love this band. It was a perfect fit.
    Let’s do something real nice in his memory while we are out there.
    This is also an opportunity to help his family through this. Click that link and send a few bucks.

    Dig the video

    Dig the documentary too


  • 04.01.19

    A Muddy Roots Marriage

    Destiny is getting married! If you’ve played one of our festivals in the last few years, then you have worked with Destiny. She does her best to get you everything you need for the weekend. If you’ve ever purchased merch from us online, then Destiny packed and mailed it. She’s been Muddy Roots “Ride-or-Die” for awhile now. She does her absolute best to brighten all of your days, unselfishly. We thought you’d be upset with us if we didn’t give you the opportunity to shine on her big day. So here is her registry and her venmo:


    Or just send a few bucks to her VENMO account @Destiny-Smith-2

    She doesn’t know we are posting for her. It’ll be a nice surprise.
    And mostly, we’re just happy this young man is going to make an honest woman of her. ;) ;) ;)
    dee's country cocktail lounge

    Below is the message from her fb reception invite:

    We are getting MARRIED!!! This is a reception invite but also our way of telling all our friends at once:) Our ceremony will be small at the lovely Emily Reeves Grammer office but we would love for all our beautiful friends to celebrate with us after we tie the knot!! We are both overwhelmed with the community and friendships we have made here in Madison. We met here and could not think of a better place to celebrate.
    The regular Friday Hoedown includes some of our favorite guys playing music we love…
    5:30-8:30 Daniel Lawrence Walker & Dee’s House Band
    9pm-1am Karaoke Jam
    Sing us a song, sing yourself a song…we just want the people we love to have fun and enjoy themselves with us. We know some of you can’t be here in person, you will be missed but loved all the same! If you are able to make it 🤟; please treat this place, the staff and band with serious love. They were kind enough to let us put this together on short notice with welcome & mean a whole lot to us!!
    Thank you ALL for being a part of our lives, we love you and will remember these times forever!
    Here’s a link to our online registry, we will also have a cash “Honeymoon” fund for those of you who can make it out to Dee’s (please tip the bar and band first 😘. Your friendship and well wishes are what we care about most 😬.

  • 03.29.19

    Ben Jarrell "Troubled Times" Album Release

    Ben Jarrell spent the last year and a half down at Bobby’s Idle Hour on music row writing and singing the tunes to this new album. That historic venue had some real deal mojo and you can feel it in the bones of each track. This is also the debut album release of from our new label, Country Roots Records!
    ben jarrell cover back
    Radio/DJ Publicity:
    Print/Online Publicity:

    Grab it on vinyl or cd at: Click here

    Itunes: Click here
    Spotify: Click here

    “I don’t say this lightly when I say that this album reminds me of the first time I heard Sturgill Simpson’s High Top Mountain. It has a similar vibe throughout the entire record. It’s that good.” -Gary Hayes Country

  • 03.25.19

    A Music City Merch Merger

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match! Boy, what a catch! We have an exciting merger to announce. We’ve partnered up with our pal Ross Winchel over at Merch Kitchen to expand our screenprint and promotional serviced business.

    Here’s the deally-o. I’ve been printing shirts since 1999. I started with a small grant for at-risk youth in Southern California after I wrote and competed in a business plan program. I lived in a single wide trailer in Yucaipa, Ca that had a screened in porch. That’s where I printed. I didn’t have a car at the time so I’d take the shirts to the customers by bus. We’ve come a long way since then. Since living in Tennessee I started a larger project that works as a federation of companies. We operate as Power Merch by 3.14 Creative Enterprises, LLC. That last part is the official company name for all of our projects. When you are ordering from us you are supporting a worldwide network of shops and companies that manufacture branded items. Power Merch offers screenprinting, embroidery, promotional items, and order fulfillment across the U.S. and in some parts of Europe.
    Power Merch

    This is where we bring in Ross! Playing in bands for the last decade led him to printing for bands. He’s been running a rad one-press print shop out of Nashville since 2011 named, the “Merch Kitchen.” This company has an impeccable reputation for being “The Independent Band’s Best Friend!” We sourced jobs to Ross and were impressed with his timeliness, acute eye for detail, and dedication to quality. We are real sticklers about that. Well, our shops fell in love and Ross has accepted a role in the Power Merch family. Merch Kitchen will still operate as it does now but under the 3.14 Creative umbrella. Ross is now our primary account specialist. You can email him 24/7 at or call m-f between 9-5 CST at 615-504-8738
    merch kitchen
    Ross is a mean vegan machine on the drums. He plays in many bands from different genres. A “Muddy Roots” spirit, if I’ve ever seen one.

    And with that we want to tell you about the reformation of our shop, The Vinyl Bunker!
    We operated as an underground record shop for 2 years and had a blast doing it. We closed to the public a few months back and are re-opening now as an merchandise fulfillment center. So, still a record shop in a sense but now we stock, sell, and ship your product online. We are not open to the public. It’s super simple. You just drop off a limited amount of “hot item” merchandise like your new album, hats, or t-shirts. We count it in together and find it a temporary home on our shelves. Then we either monitor your online shop account, build you one, or add the items to ours. Orders are shipped within 2 business days. Royalties to be paid monthly. To apply for those services just shoot an email over to Destiny at

    nashville record sho[
    Here’s why we call it underground. It’s literally in the basement of a parking structure right by the Ryman in downtown Nashville. We’ve got some super cool announcements on the way for the shop on top of this already cool merch news.
    wanda jackson

    Our primary printing operations are in Nashville, TN, Riverside, CA. and London, England. Our small batch embroidery comes out of Murfreesboro, TN. All other items are sourced from our Advertising Specialty network straight from the plant. Fulfillment operations from downtown Nashville.

    We print and ship nationwide for conferences, bands, churches, companies, events daily.


    3.14 Creative Enterprises, LLC.
    PO Box 60839
    Nashville, TN. 37206

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