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  • 05.08.18

    Dead Bronco Fights Illegal Whalers

    Not long after Dead Bronco signed with Roots Union Records they boarded a Sea Shepherd ship in Spain to play a live show in support of their efforts.
    Dead Bronco Sea Shepard
    Who is Sea Shepherd you ask? They’re badasses that chase down illegal whalers and poachers on the high seas. REAL BAD ASSES! Here is their mission statement. “Established in 1977, our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. We use innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.”

    Here’s the video the band made to from aboard.

    Sea Shepherd

    Who the hell is Dead Bronco? A country punk band from Spain that will rock your shit.

    “Dead Bronco, the band that became known all over Europe for their Country Punk Rock captained by the american Matt Horan, and during the past 5 years have proudly flown the flag of the american roots movement in Europe, anounce the release of their new album, DRIVEN BY FRUSTRATION, with new band members, new tour, and a new sound that they have defined as AMERICANA SLUDGE.
    “ We play traditional acoustic instruments, banjos, mandolins, upright bass, guitars, but with an electric twist, using distortion, effects, modulations, creating a sound which we like to call AMERICANA SLUDGE.””


    Check out another new music video by Dead Bronco!

    Oh hell, here’s another for the knock out. These boys have kicked in the door and rushed you with a slew of new songs and videos.”:

  • 03.29.18

    Dana Sipos Vinyl Release

    The long awaited vinyl release for “Roll Up The Night Sky” is in stock! We all remember when Dana busted on the Muddy scene, glowing like the northern lights in her Canadian home territory of Yellow Knife. Her addition to the label brought a new, softer sound that could disarm a spirit.

    Since the release of “Roll UP The Night Sky” Dana has played our festivals in 3 regions as well as many others from Canada, the U.S., to Europe. She has been nominated in the Canadian folk awards and completed a multi city tour-by-canoe.

    All Muddy Roots Records can be found at any online streaming point. Record shops can request a list of distributors that carry the product anywhere.



    *Her songs are dark and dense yet hauntingly gorgeous…The grace of June Carter but the shadows of Fiona Apple.

    -The Revue*


  • 03.15.18

    MRMF 2018. We Ain't Effing Around!

    Have you seen this wicked ass lineup? Spoiler alert: We aren’t even done announcing bands. We’re just letting you catch your breath. You can expect tickets to run out and a full field. It’s time to spread that Muddy Roots gospel. Save souls with Rock n roll. Death by decibels!

    WEEKEND PASSES INCLUDE FREE CAMPING AND CAN BE BOUGHT HERE! We have FREE showers, byob is ok, PBR $3 tall cans are in the 2 bars, just show up dude.

    We’ll post different posters all yer long to highlight different bands. Don’t flip out and think we suddenly canceled all the other bands. You’re smarter than that.

    For now…

    muddy 2018 blue

    and how about this next poster we made from a pic one of our Belgian staff’s mother? She took the pic in 1972. Metal.

    metal roots

  • 03.15.18

    Pat Reedy Album Release Party (East Nashville)

    We’re heading back to the Legion to hear the full album performed live! Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners new release, “That’s All There Is ( And There Ain’t No More)” makes it’s debut here in East Nashville at the American Legion Post 82. That’s Saturday April 7th, 2018. A big THANK YOU goes out to our pal Brendan Malone for hosting the big bash.
    21+ No cover.

    Reedy album release

    CDs are in stock now. We’ll be receiving a shipment of vinyl records just 1 week after the big party. That is a bargain unit of a 12” record w/ a CD and download card inside for just $25. Record shop distribution is available through URP (US) and Clearspot (NL) in April.

    Pat is making a big splash with this record. Here is what folks are saying about it.

    “Pat Reedy, a Blue Collar Honky Tonk Hero” – Wide Open Country

    “Drawling, a little rough around the edges, and delivered with a booming baritone that could be heard over a bulldozer, Reedy’s tunes are simple and sincere throwbacks to the straight-talking country of the 1970s and before.” -Rolling Stone Country

    “If you’re looking for the real deal, its name is Pat Reedy.” -Saving Country Music

  • 03.14.18

    Muddy Roots Europe 2018 Lineup!

    7 years in Belgium and we’re stronger than ever! This has everything to do with all of our Muddy Roots Europe family which is definitely centered around our Cowboy Up family. That’s the venue we host our festival at. Our rootsier bands play the Cowboy Up Steakhouse all year long with some Texas style cuisine and Belgian beer in hand!

    Day passes will be available if we have not sold out of weekend passes by June.
    Weekend passes include camping and showers. You may bring your own food and drinks in the camping area only.


    MRE 2018 LINEUP

  • 02.28.18

    "Dead Bronco" Joins Fight Against Illegal Whaling

    Ever hear of the Sea Shepard? They’re an organization that battles illegal slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans. “We use innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. “ So, they’re pretty much bad asses exposing and confronting pirates. Our homies in the band “Dead Bronco” are writing them a song and will be performing aboard the ship in Bilbao, Spain this Friday. They believe in the cause and we want you to get to know these Spanish Muddy cousins of ours.

    sea shepard bob barker

    While we’ve got yer attention, we should probably mention Dead Bronco’s new album on Roots Union Records. Physical copies are available in Spain but will be in the U.S. this Spring. You can currently get USB packages or CDs. Vinyl is in the works.

    Order yours now directly from the band HERE or HERE!

    usb music

    Look at these handsome caballeros. Don’t they seem like a great fit for Roots Union Records? Roots Union is the even more underground version of Muddy Roots Records focused on pulling the independent scenes together from the inside. Together we are strong.
    dead bronco

    We’ve got 2 brand new videos for ya. You’ll be able to catch Dead Bronco at the Muddy Roots Music Festival this summer.

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