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  • 08.22.18

    Third Man Records at Muddy Roots

    Third Man Records is rolling deep with their posse to the Muddy Roots Music Festival! They’re literally driving their rolling record shop to the fest grounds to slang some vinyl. That includes a fresh release from SLEEP available next week who just so happens to be headlining this rad event.

    Two versions of SLEEP 12” come out. The colored one is very limited and they’ll keep back to over-the-counter only. So you better be there to score one!

    But wait one minute, that’s NOT THE ONLY THIRD MAN BAND playing Muddy Roots!!

    Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds are rad as hell. They stand on their own but it sure the hell makes it even cooler knowing Kid Congo Powers played in The Cramps, Nick Cave’s Band, and the Gun Club.

    You know those dudes from Ranch Ghost?
    They’re pals from the TMR crew too.

    Grab a ticket for the festival HERE!
    It includes free camping, free showers, and byob is ok.

  • 08.16.18

    We Painted A Big Ass Wall

    She reigns supreme 35 ft tall above a large graded parking lot on Gallatin Pike in East Nashville. We also painted our radical lineup on the 8ft tall fence at the Crying Wolf Bar. Swing by and snap a pic if in our hood yo.

    Yes, your “rootsy” promoter group up as a “street artist.” Now, I use my powers to promote my peoples DIY style!

    Jason Galaz, Milton Chavez, Steve…

  • 08.15.18

    ** Muddy Roots Job Fair **

    Now Hiring:

    3.14 Creative Enterprises, LLC. is seeking professional event staff for festivals and conferences in the Tennessee and North Carolina areas though the month of September. All seasonal /Part Time/ Independent Contractor positions.

    Send inquiry to Jason Galaz at

    All positions available for credited internship or volunteerism as alternative.

    Accepting applications online and in person at The Vinyl Bunker Tuesday August 21st, 2018 from 10am to 4pm. 144 Fifth Ave N. Nashville, TN. 37219

    Muddy Roots Music Festival
    Dates: Music Festival runs August 29th through September 2nd. Load-in and construction starts as early as August 20th. Cleanup ends September 4th.
    Location: Junebug Ranch 115 Waterloo Rd. Cookeville, TN. 38506
    Position type: Carpentry
    Dates: 8/20 – 8/27
    Description: Build new wood stage 30×40 w/ cover and steps
    Salary: Send bid
    Position type: Carpentry
    Dates: 8/20 – 8/27
    Description: Repair 22 wood cabins onsite. Repairs include new flooring, new doors, new roofs and other various updates. Each cabin has varying needs.
    Salary: Send bid
    Position type: Carpentry
    Dates: 8/25-8/28
    Description: Assist the GO FUTURE FOUNDATION with building a wood half pipe skate ramp.
    Salary: Volunteer
    Position type: Street Promotions
    Dates: 8/27-8-28
    Description: Place banners and signs on road from Cookeville square to the Junebug Ranch. Hang posters and drop booklets at beer stores, coffee shops, public places in town and on campus.
    Salary: TBD
    Position type: Ticket Window at Junebug Ranch
    Dates: 8/29 1pm-12am
    8/30 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/31 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/1 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/2 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    Description: Exchange tickets for wristbands. Check-in media, staff, and performing artists.
    Salary: $12 HR
    Position type: Security –Gate- (Armed optional)
    Dates: 8/29 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/30 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/31 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/1 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/2 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/3 12am-4am
    Description: Guard entrance to property. Search vehicles for passengers not possessing wristbands. Guide traffic in to parking positions.
    Salary: $15 HR
    Position type: Security-Perimeter (Armed, K-9 optional)
    Dates: 8/29 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/30 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/31 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/1 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/2 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am

    Description: Guard perimeter of property from trespassers. Detain trespassers and deliver to local law enforcement. Deer stand guards in trees, cars circling property, and k-9 units patrolling. Large flash lights required.
    Salary: $15 HR
    Position type: Security – field
    Dates: 8/29 1pm-12am
    8/30 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/31 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/1 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/2 12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    Description: Assist crowd with traffic flow and camping locations. Guard stages during headlining sets. Assist patrons. Guard the field.
    Salary: $15 HR
    Position type: Recycle team
    Dates: 8/29 3pm to 12am
    8/30 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/31 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/1 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/2 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/3 8am-4pm

    Description: Gather and sort all recyclables in field. Trash pick-up. You’ll be assigned a specific area to maintain and be responsible for.
    Salary: $8 HR plus festival pass
    Position type: Trash bin management
    Dates: 8/29 3pm to 12am
    8/30 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    8/31 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/1 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/2 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am
    9/3 8am-4pm, 4pm-8pm

    Description: Monitor recycle team and assist with movement of trash bags and barrels to appropriate bins. Gather ALL discarded items from field during and after event for large bin disposal.
    Salary: $10 HR plus festival pass
    Position type: Merchandise/Sales
    Dates: 8/29 3pm to 12am 8/30 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am 8/31 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am 9/1 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am 9/2 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am

    Description: Stock and sell official Muddy Roots Music merchandise. Maintain clean work area.
    Salary: $12 HR
    Position type: Merchandise/Sales (Band)
    Dates: 8/30 6pm-12am
    8/31 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am
    9/1 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am
    9/2 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am

    Description: Stock and sell band merchandise. Count merchandise in and out. Maintain clean work area.
    Salary: $12 HR
    Position type: Food vendor staff (Mo Pho Pho Sho)
    Dates: 8/30-9/2
    Description: Front counter and food prep
    Salary: $10 HR
    Position type: Band Hospitality
    Dates: 8/29-9/2
    Description: Fulfill band hospitality riders. Maintain coolers at stages for bands during performance.
    Salary: TBD
    Position type: Driver/Runner
    Dates: 8/31-9/2
    Description: Make runs in to town. Must be sober at all times and have knowledge of roads.
    Salary: 12 HR
    Position type: Stage manager
    Dates: 8/30-9/2
    Description: Coordinate band performances and supporting staff. Maintain timely load-in, performance, and load-out.
    Salary: 12 hr
    Position type: Backline coordinator
    Dates: Immediate through 9/3
    Description: Coordinate and source backline for all 3 stages
    Salary: TBD
    Position type: Stage hand
    Dates: 8/29-9/2
    Description: Pick up and put down equipment. Fill ice chest. No plugging or unplugging of wires.
    Salary: volunteer
    Position type: Load-out
    Dates: 9/2-9/3
    Description: Breakdown festival, load equipment on to trucks, unload in Nashville.
    Salary: 15 hr

    Tennessee State Fair
    Dates: Load in 9/6. Event runs 9/7-9/17
    Location: Nashville Fairgrounds 500 Wedgewood Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
    Position type: Vendor management
    Dates: 9/6-9/17
    Description: Direct and assist vendors in Muddy Roots areas. Collect daily payments.
    Salary: TBD
    Position type: Merchandise/Sales
    Dates: 9/7-9/17
    Description: Stock and sell merchandise
    Salary: 10 hr
    Position type: Promotions
    Dates: 9/7-917
    Description: Walk fairgrounds promoting the “Country Roots” stage. Hand out flyers and start conversations.
    Salary: 10 hr

    AmericanaFest – Awards show underground pre-party
    Date: 9/12 4pm to 8pm
    Location: The Vinyl Bunker 144 N. Fifth Ave. Nashville, TN. 37219
    Position type: Merchandise/Sales
    Description: Cashier
    Salary: 10 hr
    Position type: Security
    Description: Bouncer at door. Greeter.
    Salary: 12 hr
    Position type: Promotions (street)
    Description: Walk area on out front of shop promoting performance, starting conversations and handing out flyers.
    Salary: 10 hr

    IBMA Conference – World of Bluegrass Festival
    Dates: 9/24-9/30
    Location: Raleigh Convention Center 500 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601 Red Hat Amphitheatre 500 S McDowell St, Raleigh, NC 27601
    Position type: Merchandise/Sales
    Dates: 9/25-9/29
    Description: Stock merchandise and assist with sales
    Salary: 10 hr plus hotel and accommodations
    Position type: Merchandise/Sales/Cashier
    Dates: 9/25-9/30
    Location: Stock merchandise, make sales, complete transactions
    Salary: 13 hr plus hotel and accommodations
    Position type: On-site Accounting
    Dates: 9/25-9/30
    Location: Count in and out merchandise. Complete inventory audits. Create invoices and sales sheets.
    Salary: 13 hr plus hotel and accommodations

    Power Merch – Promotional Items

    Location: The Vinyl Bunker 144 Fifth Ave. N. Nashville, TN. 37219
    Position type: Screenprint and Promotional Items Sales
    Description: Generate leads, assist clients, and process orders. Knowledge of screenprinting and promotional items helpful. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator helpful. Must be a self starter and driven. Flexible hours and work from home possible. Access to contract printer and ASI network provided.
    Salary: Commission

    Muddy Roots Records & Roots Union Records

    Position type: Administration
    Description: Offer promotional support of all bands on both labels. Generate and distribute press releases for tours and releases. Facilitate merchandise orders and shipments. Manage wholesale accounts. Track sales and expenses for royalty statements. Assist with booking and management. Occasional travel included. Personal assistant to label CEO and all recording artists.
    Salary: 12 hr full or part time

    Thank you for your consideration to join our team. We’re rooted through many different music communities and events and enjoy working with good people. 3.14 Creative is a family owned business focused on DIY spirit and community building. We rely heavily on good people, with good attitudes, and good work ethic. All 3 are an absolute MUST.

    We won’t ask you to do anything we haven’t done!

    Jason and Katie Galaz 2013 Muddy Roots merch booth.
    Photo by Moloich Photography

  • 08.09.18

    Free Half Pipe To Good Home

    Our pals at GO FUTURE FOUNDATION are building a half pipe for folks to skate at the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN. Aug 30-September 2, 2018. After the event they’ll disassemble it and rebuild it at your place. Go Future builds skateparks around the world for kids in poor countries. Kids that might have NO future now have GO FUTURE. This isn’t some large foundation. It’s just a hand full of skaters and musicians with a solid heart flying across seas on their own dime to make a difference. They rally the local children to be part of the build so that they are invested. Keepin’ it real.

    Last summer, Kody Oh, the founder of Go Future went to Ethiopia to assist another organization on a build. He is now working hard to get one up in Puerto Rico. He could use your support. Read more about that here


    Do you know an organization, church, community center, or family that could benefit from having a half pipe skate ramp? Hit us up! The crew will bring it to you FREE of charge. To be considered please email Jason Galaz at

    kody oh skating
    Kody Oh in Germany. Photo by Joey Henry

  • 07.23.18

    Muddy Roots Fest Schedule 2018

    Welcome to the first official day of the Muddy Roots Music Festival! Many arrive the day before for the pre-party. The gates stay open 24 hours a day all weekend long. You may come and go as you please. Your weekend pass is good for today through Monday morning and includes FREE camping. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE OFF.




    There are 3 official stages. Open mic stages also pop up occasionally throughout the event.

    3:00 PM ToeKnee Tea
    4:00 PM Gunsafe
    5:00 PM Black TarPoon
    6:00 PM The Pine Hill Haints
    7:00 PM Moonshine Wagon (Spain)
    8:00 PM Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy
    9:00 PM Freight Train Rabbit Killer
    10:00 PM Viva Le Vox
    11:00 PM Hillbilly Casino
    12:00 AM Reverend Beat-Man (official) & Izobel García
    1:00 AM The Mudfits

    Friday is the hump day of the fest but the first day that the crowd will swell. Most folks are onsite and settled in by Friday morning. The gates are open 24 hours a day. Your weekend pass or Fri-Sat-Sun pass will get you onsite. Camping is FREE with your ticket. There are no day passes as we don’t fence off camping areas from the stages.

    1:30 PM Kitty Dearing & The DagNabbits
    2:00 PM Rebecca Jed
    3:00 PM Heavy Temple
    3:30 PM Andrea Colburn & Mud Moseley
    4:00 PM Blackgrass Gospel
    5:00 PM Raelyn Nelson Band
    5:30 PM Scott Kelly (Neurosis) & John Judkins (Rwake)
    6:00 PM Everymen
    7:00 PM Call Me Bronco
    7:30 PM Kings of the F**king Sea
    8:00 PM Wovenhand (official)
    9:00 PM Fu Manchu
    9:30 PM Rock Bottom String Band
    10:00 PM Mondo Generator
    11:00 PM Sleep
    1:00 AM Brea Burns and the Boleros

    Things are getting pretty wicked on Saturday. Almost everyone has been partying for a few days now but some folks still arrive on Saturday. The gates are open 24 hours a day. Your weekend pass or Sat-Sun pass includes camping through Monday morning.


    12:00 PM Blue Cactus
    1:00 PM Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
    1:30 PM Midnight Larks
    2:00 PM Pinata Protest
    3:00 PM The Maness Brothers
    3:30 PM Mudtown
    4:00 PM The Goddamn Gallows
    5:00 PM Stump Tail Dolly
    5:30 PM Rachel Kate
    6:00 PM Murphy’s Law
    7:00 PM Oxbow
    7:30 PM Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
    8:00 PM Reagan Youth
    9:00 PM OM
    9:30 PM Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds
    10:00 PM T.S.O.L..
    11:00 PM High On Fire
    12:30 AM Those Poor Bastards
    1:00 AM Neurosis


    If you survived the other days at Muddy Roots then Sunday will surely finish you off. Day passes are available for this day only and include FREE camping. We all pack up and head out Monday morning. Throw your damn trash AWAY on your way out you slobby bastards. This ain’t no corpo fest.

    1:00 PM Ranch Ghost
    1:30 PM Smoky White Devils
    2:00 PM Grassfed
    3:00 PM Sarah Shook & The Disarmers
    3:30 PM The Tillers
    4:00 PM The Dexateens & Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
    5:00 PM Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners
    5:30 PM Joshua Black Wilkins music
    6:00 PM DBUK
    7:00 PM Dead Boys
    7:30 PM Left Lane Cruiser
    8:00 PM L.A. WITCH
    9:00 PM Meat Puppets
    9:30 PM Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band
    10:00 PM Cutthroat Shamrock
    11:00 PM X (the band)
    12:30 AM The Ghost Wolves
    1:00 AM The Calamity Cubes!

  • 07.05.18

    Muddy Roots Fest Seeks Visual Artists

    The Muddy Roots Music Festival is inviting visual artists to participate in the festivities this year! We’re known for constructing large banjos and placing them at our venues worldwide. That’s been the hard work of good friends with heart. We also paint murals all around town to promote the festival and sometimes just other artists we love. We do these ourselves.

    We’re open to all mediums and expressions. THINK BIG! It’d be cool to see large sculptures, paintings, and interactive pieces in our field. Maybe a wild boar with a banjo made out of wire? A giant horse & guitar made out of 2×4 wood? A woman’s face carved out tree trunks and covered in Christmas lights? The world is yours.

    Or maybe you want to paint a mural in your hometown? That’s cool too. We may sponsor it.

    Submit your proposal to by July 31st to be considered.
    Include your concept, sketches, budget, and all important information needed to complete the task.

    Be BOLD.

    20ft wall in East Nashville

    16 ft tall wooden banjo. Muddy Roots TN

    20 ft tall banjo made from old barn roofing. Muddy Roots TN.

    Hand painted, wooden Muddy Roots banjos in Brasil.

    Large Muddy Roots Europe banjo updated annually in Belgium.

    Wall in East Nashville.

    Wall at G’z BBQ in East Nashville.

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