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  • 05.28.17

    Pat Reedy Joins Muddy Roots Records

    Good ol’ fashioned Louisiana Honky Tonk is what you’ll find on the repressing of Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners album “Highway Bound” available on Muddy Roots Records. Pat hit the studio in Nashville and then immediately hit the road on a 2 month tour through the UK and Europe. Both albums out on vinyl mid-Autumn worldwide.

    Hear the sounds of authentic Country music of a construction worker by day and honky tonk singer by night.

    First press vinyl
    First press CD
    Repress CD
    Pat Reedy & the Longtime Goners

    “Drifting from one place to another, living out the tunes he sings, writing songs and recording them when he can, and playing thrown together tours with friends that traverse the country based on an itinerary has more to do with the places he wants to see or the cool spots he wants to hit along the way, or a carpenter job he has waiting for him when he arrives instead of the most intuitive trajectory forward, this is Pat Reedy’s way of making music.

    If you listened to that Thirty Tigers debut of Luke Bell’s and wonder where he pulled out that faraway voice and classic style of songs, Pat Reedy is the guilty culprit. And you get a huge new helping of a similar thing if you run down Pat Reedy’s new album with his backing band The Longtime Goners called Highway Bound. Painted in vintage colors and etched out with rustic implements, Highway Bound isn’t just a journey in distance, but in time—back to an era when those who entertained did so by sowing the stories they lived out instead of what they though the audience wanted to hear.

    Born in Colorado, living most of his adult life in New Orleans where he was inspired by the street performers of the French Quarter, and now at least partially relocated to Nashville, Pat Reedy made Highway Bound as a nexus between New Orleans and Nashville, recorded with New Orleans street performers, but with the benefit of a Nashville studio and sound engineers. Steel guitar, fiddle, female harmonies, and some New Orleans accordion accompany these songs that Reedy hopes results in an homage to his time in The Big Easy.

    You won’t necessarily find the same production value in Highway Bound as you might the recent Luke Bell or Deslondes projects, but you will find some excellent songs that awaken that old school vitality lost in most of the country music of today. And along the way, Reedy will take you on a journey of broken hearts, soul searching, and adventure for the sake of adventure. You won’t find a whole lot of deep moments on this road trip, but you will have a hell of a good time.

    And who knows what next great artist will be inspired when Pat Reedy rolls through town or they hear Highway Bound and decide to pick up the life of a drifting cowboy poet themselves.” -Saving Country Music

  • 04.25.17

    Muddy Roots Records Touring Europe

    Half the bands on our label are smashing through Europe right now. We are getting reports back of sold out shows and need of merch reinforcements. Catch Woody Pines, Dylan Walshe, Billy Harlan, and Pat Reedy before they head back! We’ll be out there as well hosting the 6th annual Muddy Roots Europe Festival.

    Dylan Walshe:
    European Tour Dates for April 2017
    Bookings by Rootstown

    5th – Heilige Cornelius The Netherlands Roermond
    6th – Kaffee ‘t Hof The Netherlands Middelburg
    7th – Extra Blues Bar Germany Bielefeld
    8th – Broken necks Belgium Arlon
    9th – Swane Cafe Germany Wuppertal
    10th – In-house concerts Germany Berlin
    11th – Music Star Germany Norderstedt
    12th – Pub “Tom Bombadil” Germany Solingen
    13th – Hausbar 13 Germany Tuebingen
    14th – The Harp Germany Hannover–Linden
    15th – Rebels Club Irish Pub Germany Bremen
    16th – Café Pastis (private) Belgium Geel
    19th – Rumpeltum Switzerland Sankt-Gallen
    20th – Anziehbar Austria Dornbirn
    21st – No6 Butcher Street Pub Switzerland Aarau
    22nd – Soul Hell Cafe Germany Essen
    23rd – Textival Belgium Kortrijk
    24th – De Loods Belgium Aarschot
    25th – Missy Sippy Belgium Gent
    26th – Paddy O’Ryan The Netherlands Leeuwarden
    27th – Cafe Heuvelzicht Belgium Essen
    28th – Cowboy Up Belgium Waardamme
    29th – Mr Swinkels Buitenlust The Netherlands Landhorst
    30th – Lou’s Bar Belgium Luik

    And then he comes back and immediately heads out with Flogging Molly!

    Dylan Walshe on ITUNES

    Woody Pines is SMASHING through his tour with many SOLD OUT rooms. We’re sending out another batch of CDs and records to him tomorrow as he is only half way through the tour. He has quite the following across the pond.

    Woody Pines on ITUNES

    Billy Harlan our old school Rockabilly cat is 78 years old and still being flown over to perform!

    Here is a pic of him back in the 1950’s on a European tour for RCA records. He played bass for Jim Reeves and Janis Martin.
    RCA Victor euro tour

    Billy Harlan on Bandcamp

    Pat Reedy leaves today for 3 consecutive tours both solo and with a full band. We haven’t told you about Pat signing with Muddy Roots yet. We are re-releasing “Highway Bound” by Pat Reedy & The Long Time Goners and recording a new album this year. Both are some good ol’ Louisiana Honky Tonk but the new one has the “East Nashville Sound.”
    Pat Reedy Ags Connelly

    Pat Reedy on Bandcamp.

    We’ll be flying over to wrap up the summer with our crew at the 6th annual Muddy Roots Europe Festival in Belgium. Or as I like to call it, beer heaven. We are about half sold out for that one. Camping is included. It’s the damn best time.
    Muddy Roots Europe

    Reserve a spot for that buy purchasing tickets at THIS LINK or buy grabbing some at the Cowboy Up Saloon in Waardamme, Belgium.

  • 03.21.17

    *New Video* Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers From Muddy Roots Brasil

    Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers for “Violent People” at Studio Tenda down in Brasil last month.
    Mary Lee Studio Tenga

    “Violent People” is a cautionary tale to all those in the streets living the futureless life of violence. An incredibly relevant song when speaking of the impoverished cities of Brasil plagued with economic strife. It’s a reminder that no matter your situation you need to look inside for peace and also a fair warning that when face to face with with a hopeless soul that “They don’t play to lose.” You better watch your ass.

    Música: Violent People
    Autor: Mary Lee

    Violent People

    Violent People all around trying look the same Violent People all around choosing ones to lame No one to blame The heroes from today aren’t the ones that childrens play The heroes from today No more fathers no more mothers in this game

    Violent People all around trying look the same Violent People all around choosing ones to blame The world that we live is guide by monsters all around They have the power they’re so much liars If you let they’re gonna take you down

    So careful my brother, look at your left and right Look down and raise your head We fight and we hurt and we judge But if we look inside, are we good enough?

    They don’t play to loose

    Neste episódio a banda Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers apresenta a música “Violent People” ao vivo no programa TENDA, gravado no Studio Tenda em Curitiba (PR). Mary Lee – violão e voz Mauro Montezuma – bateria e voz Bruno Gomes – guitarra Gabriel Fernandes – baixo


    TSB Imagens – Lyrian Oliveira Som – Mario Oliveira Edição – Cafuringa Realização – Studio Tenda

    Mary Lee album

    Available on CD HERE!

    Available on Itunes HERE!

    Available on Bandcamp HERE!

  • 12.21.16

    Mary Lee's "Fighting Demons" Named #1 Brasilian Album By Southern Rock Brasil

    Mary Lee & The B-Side Brothers have been steady touring Europe and Brasil promoting their new album “Fighting Demons” on Muddy Roots Records and the Brasilian community is taking note. The new record has been named the #1 Brasilian album by Southern Rock Brasil.

    Mary Lee Southern Rock Brasil

    Translated from below: “Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers – Fighting Demons: No matter the name of the band that accompanies Mary Lee, she has the gift of making everything into something good. “Fighting Demons” shows this to every track and I say without being afraid to look like a jerk, few bands in the country are at the level of Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers. The band has a great vocalist, but not only that, it is accompanied by great musicians and the compositions are top notch. “Fighting Demons” is not only an album of the highest quality by Brazilian standards, it competes with many released outside the country. One of my great frustrations of 2016 was not having watched this band live, but one hour it happens”

    Fighting Demons Southern Rock Brasil

    Grab a copy of the new Cd shipped from Nashville HERE.

  • 12.20.16

    What They Said About Muddy Roots On The Jerry Springer Show

    Dylan Walshe was invited to perform on The Jerry Springer Podcast Show this month in Ludlow, Kentucky. As expected, the show is hilarious and chock full of witty cracks. Good ol’ Jerry at it again.

    When announcing Dylan the hosts say “Dylan records on the Muddy Roots label. As soon as you hear that you know this man or woman is LEGIT because that’s a significant label in this modern world of roots music.”

    Dylan makes mention of how we met and brought him over to the Folk Alliance conference 3 years ago.
    Enjoy the full show HERE. Dylan starts singing around 35:00 It comes complete with a show sing along.

    Springer Muddy Roots

    Dylan’s music can be found all over the interwebs on streaming an download sites. You can download it direct from us HERE.

  • 12.19.16

    Dana Sipos Sings In The Lost River Cave

    Just 400 feet from the mouth of a cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky a 437 foot deep river emerges from the ground and flows inward. The secret to the mystery is that the river is only 16 feet deep but connects to an underground river that pulls objects through the mud in to the cave. In the 1800’s men would throw a plum bob down to measure the depth and were fooled by the mischievous trickery of Mother Nature. Once the hiding place for Jesse James, a liquor distillery, and even a nature night club in the 1930’s. A perfect place for our very own Canadian songstress.

    Lost River Sesions WKU PBS asked Muddy Roots recording artists Dana Sipos to bless the river with a song.

    lost river sana sipos

    Lost River Sessions had to say, “Singer-songwriter Dana Sipos has one of the most mesmerizing sounds in the folk scene today. Crafting music that is as naturally lovely, and even haunting, as the landscapes and imagery that influenced her, Dana’s songs are vivid tales shaped greatly by her upbringing in the Canadian subarctic city of Yellowknife.

    With this in mind we knew we had to pair Dana’s uniquely imaginative music with the natural beauty and soundscape of Lost River Cave. Here is the first track from that session.”
    Dana Sipos Lost River Sessions

    You can find Dana’s music all over the interwebs streaming sites. For a CD please click HERE.

  • 10.30.16

    Legendary Sun Records Rocker Sonny Burgess Unleashes His New Album

    In 1956, Sonny Burgess & the Pacers were just one of many rockin’ acts seeking to follow in the footsteps of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Under the guidance of producer Sam Phillips, they brought a new sound rumbling forth from the tiny Sun Records studio in Memphis, Tennessee. The mixture of hillbilly and blues that became known as rockabilly would smash genre walls and change the sound of pop music around the world.
    Sonny Burgess Sun Records
    While many made the pilgrimage to Memphis, few succeeded in actually having a record released on the eye-popping and ear-opening Sun Records label. Arkansas native Sonny Burgess was one of the privileged few when his double-sided raucous rockabilly blast, “We Wanna Boogie”/”Red Headed Woman,” hit the record racks and jukeboxes in September 1956. A huge regional hit, it was a perfect snapshot of the band that many regarded as one the wildest and most dynamic acts to ever blaze a trail through the honky tonks and dive bars of West Tennessee, Arkansas and the surrounding states. Their four follow-up singles on Sun also provided ample confirmation of their rock’n’roll pioneer pedigree.
    Sonny Burgess
    Sixty years later, Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers are still rockin’ the house with their energetic rockabilly, rhythm and blues sound on Ain’t Got No Home, their new release on Muddy Roots Records. The big 12-inch record contains a dozen classic tunes drawn from their six decades of wild live shows and performances at rockabilly festivals around the world.
    Sonny Burgess Marcel Bontempi
    Considered one of the most R&B-influenced of the original crop of rockabilly cats, Burgess delivers his unique interpretations of 11 classic R&B, country and rock’n’roll tunes. Stand-outs include Larry Williams’ runaway rocker “Slow Down,” a tasty country-fried take on soul shaker “Mustang Sally,” a slice of boppin’ boogie with Louis Jordan’s “Caldonia,” and a rip-roaring rockabilly run-through of Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee.”

    The album also features “Tiger Rose.” Written for Burgess by Bruce Springsteen, this rockabilly rampage features Springsteen on guitar along with E Street Band bassist Gary Tallent and famed session drummer Roy Husky, Jr. supplying the rhythm. “Tiger Rose” originally appeared on Sonny Burgess’ 1996 self-titled album for Rounder Records, and is now making its vinyl debut.
    Sonny Burgess Megan Westcott
    Ain’t Got No Home was recorded at the Raney Recording Studios in Drasco, Arkansas. Owned by Zyndall Raney, the son of famed hillbilly harmonica player Wayne Raney (“Blues Stay Away from Me” and “Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me”), the studio has long been a favorite for Arkansas musicians with its roots reaching all the way back to the Sun Records era of the late 1950s.

    Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers’ Ain’t Got No Home is available directly from Muddy Roots Records and fine independent record retailers around the world.

    Itunes release date 11/15/2016.

    Vinyl with download card in stock now HERE

  • 06.17.16

    New Album "Fighting Demons" by Mary Lee & the B Side Brothers




    NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Brazilian Honky-Tonk pioneers Mary Lee & the B Side Brothers release their second studio album, Fighting Demons, today, June 17, 2016, on all digital platforms worldwide. Accompanying their first release with Muddy Roots Music Recordings is the brand new music video for the title track of Fighting Demons.

    Hailing from Londrina, Brazil, Mary Lee & the B Side Brothers are performing at the sold-out Muddy Roots Europe Music Festival June 24 and touring Europe in support of their new record. Dubbed the Brazilian Loretta Lynn, Mary Lee & the B Side Brothers are akin to a high-speed train traveling from the mountains of Appalachia to Brazil, with a quick pit stop in New York for a prayer to the church of punk rock and a shot of whiskey.

    Fighting Demons explores the depths of roots country through Mary Lee’s personal experiences. The album “talks about the demons we face in life, both external and internal, which I believe are the most difficult to handle,” said Mary Lee. “We got to create a power so that we no longer have to face them.” Her songs capture the essence of a musician’s struggle to find healing and redemption through their music, all with Mary Lee’s unique honky-tonk inspired flair.

    Mary Lee & the B Side Brothers is a five piece band consisting of Mary Lee, Mauro, Fly, Gabriel, and Jesus from Londrina, Brazil. Their first record, Meet Mary Lee, received rave reviews throughout Brazil and Europe. Their second album, Fighting Demons, is their first release with the Nashville-based Muddy Roots Music Recordings. In 2015 the band toured with The Goddamn Gallows and played the Psycho Carnival with Sick Sick Sinners, Magnetix, The Richochets and Barnyard Ballers.

    Founded in 2009, Muddy Roots Music Recordings is based in Nashville, Tennessee and produces several music festivals worldwide, including the Muddy Roots Music Festival, the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender, and Muddy Roots Europe. Muddy Roots Music Recordings has released over 20 records, specializing in working with independent artists and labels worldwide to release special tracks, rarities, and unreleased music.

    Fighting Demons is available on all major music distribution outlets




    Mary Lee & the B Side Brothers

  • 06.01.16

    New Dana Sipos Video & Euro Tour

    Dana Sipos releases new video “A Coronary Tale” on Muddy Roots Records and announces European tour.

    “The video was directed by Colin Harrington and opens on gorgeous shots of Sipos amidst the natural glory that the forest has to offer. Suddenly flipping the viewers’ perspective, the initial scene gets artificially recreated in an art gallery setting.” (Sarah Murphy) Full article here

    Published on May 25, 2016
    Dana Sipos – “Coronary Tale”
    Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Colin Harrington

    Get the new Dana Sipos CD here.

    Dana Sipos on Itunes here.

    Tour dates:

    06/03 Murnau, DE – Westtor
    06/04 Hausbach, DE – Hausacher Burgschänke
    06/05 Brunsbuttel, DE – Kultur Galarie Rusch
    06/06 Münster, DE – Schnabulenz
    06/07 Hamburg, DE – Mobile Blues Club
    06/08 Cologne, DE – Kulturcafe Lichtung
    06/09 Rietberg, DE – Mumpitz
    06/11 Westport, IR – Westport Folk & Blues Festival
    06/12 Belfast, IR – The Sunflower Bar
    06/13 Drogheda, IR – TBA
    06/14 Dublin, IR – Ruby Sessions
    06/15 Manchester, UK – Old Courts
    06/17 London, UK – Gallery Cafe
    06/18 Dorset, UK – Dark Holler Festival
    06/19 Dorset, UK – The Tap House
    06/21 Berlin, DE – Prachtwerk
    06/23 Aachen, DE – House Show
    06/24 Waardame, BE – Muddy Roots Music Festival
    06/25 Eindhoven, NL – Naked Song Festival
    06/27 Amsterdam, NL – Bajesdorp
    07/15-17 Yellowknife, NT – Folk on the Rocks *
    07/21 Victoria, BC – house show
    09/01-05 Cookeville, TN – Muddy Roots Festival
    09/11 Memphis, TN – Lafayette’s Music Room

  • 03.31.16

    Muddy Roots Records Plans To Purchase Guntown Mountain!

    Guntown Mountain Purchase Fundraiser CLICK HERE TO VIEW SPONSORSHIPS!

    Guntown Mountain is an old western theme park in Cave City, Kentucky built in 1969. The town itself is a mid-century roadside attraction gem. Within a 2 mile radius is the Dinosaur World park, Wig Wam motel, various other 50’s-60’s era motels and cave entrances to tour. Guntown is up for sale so we’re raising money to buy it! We’d like to turn it in to a Country Western, Bluegrass & Americana theme park Muddy Roots style.

    Muddy Roots Music is a record label that hosts special events and small festivals across the U.S., Europe and South America. We pay respects to classic country, western, rockabilly, bluegrass and folk every chance we get. We would absolutely love to roll up our sleeves to restore Guntown Mountain to glory the Muddy Roots way.

    I am donating the sales of the sponsorships to my festivals to help us win it at auction. The less we use banks to fund our ventures the stronger our core gets. The stronger we are, the better chance at surviving in these tough markets. Notice we aren’t asking for handouts. We are applying the sales of our own events to this project. But there are donation opportunities.

    We currently self fund all of our events worldwide with the support of our community. We have until April 20th to raise as much cash as possible to make a Muddy Roots Mountain! Plus most of you will be playing there. ‪#‎diy‬

    This is your opportunity to be part of the process. We are selling off items from future events to raise some cash towards the purchase. If you are interested in larger contributions in any form please contact us directly at

    If for some reason we are not able to purchase the property you can absolutely request a refund on your donation. Refund requests must be within 60 days of auction date which is April 20th, 2016. Purchases are non refundable. If you purchase a sponsorship or event ticket they are final with the exception to the Guntown Mtn. opening party if we land the property. It is our intention to purchase a property to host special events. If we are not successful in this purchase we will most definitely continue searching for another property. By purchasing a reward you are agreeing to these terms.

    Guntown Mountain Sign

    guntown mountin top

  • 03.05.16

    Woody Pines Video Premier!

    What would you do for love? Woody Pines would do anything including pinching Mike Tyson’s cheek and dodging punches for a week! The boys are touring the United Kingdom this month but will be back on the road in the U.S. in April.
    Catch Woody at a show to collect all 4 reissued CDs on Muddy Roots Records and a collector’s poster or grab one online now & get the poster free at

    Woody Pines perform ‘Anything For Love’ from the self titled album released on May 15th, 2015 on Muddy Roots Records.

    Directed, Shot and Edited by Brett Wiese Saunders

    Woody Pines Video

    All music available across the web for stream and download in such stores as Itunes, Tidal, Amazon & Spotify.

  • 02.27.16

    Woody Pines Re-Issue Set w/ Free Poster

    Collect all 4 Woody Pines re-issued CDs on Muddy Roots Records and get a FREE limited edition block printed poster! Hand crafted in Nashville, Tennessee by Carl Carbonell at Meat and 3 Printing inside Hatch Show Print.

    4 CD set available HERE.

    or get each individual piece at:

    You Gotta Roll CD
    Counting Alligators CD
    Rabbit’s Motel CD
    Woody Pines self titled CD
    Limited Edition block print poster.

    Woody Pines Box Set

  • 12.16.15

    Billy Harlan Returns To Historic Studio B (Vinyl Out Soon.)

    Spending the evening in the Historic Studio B building with Billy Harlan was mind blowing. Billy not only recorded his own albums there in the 1950’s but also worked as a session player with Chet Atkins. The evening was filled with nostalgic stories from Billy’s past including the likes of the Everly Borthers, Pig Robbins, Chet Atkins, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Elvis Presley and just about any other artist that filtered through these hallowed grounds during Harlan’s tenure in the 1950’s.

    We plan on having the recordings on vinyl before Billy Harlan’s performance at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender & The Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender this spring. More info soon!

    Bill Harlan Kentucky Newspaper

    Bill Harlan Kentucky Newspaper 2

  • 10.05.15


    Dana Sipos has been nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award! We are super proud of her new album new album, “Roll Up The Night Sky” on Muddy Roots Music Recordings.

    Check out her music on ITUNES

    Grab her CD HERE

    The 2015 CFMA weekend is being held in the vibrant city of Edmonton. It begins on November 6th and runs through to November 8th, culminating in the bilingual gala awards presentation at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. The gala event on November 8 is hosted by musicians Connie Kaldor and Benoit Bourque (La Bottine Souriante). Tickets for the gala are $48 (plus administrative fee of $2). Thursday and Friday evening showcase events are $25 per evening. Full purchase links are available at

    Celebrating innovation in creating new folk sounds, The Oliver Schroer Pushing The Boundaries Award category puts a spotlight on:
    Kevin Breit – Ernesto and Delilah
    The Jerry Cans – Aakuluk
    The Shoeless – The Shoeless
    Dana Sipos – Roll Up the Night Sky
    Whitehorse – Leave No Bridge Unburned

    Dana Sipos Canadian Folk Award

  • 06.03.15

    Woody Pines CD Release party at Crying Wolf! Burgers on the house.

    What’s the best way to pack a bar with East Nashville starving artists? Buy them a damn burger, that’s how. Come out tonight to the FREE Woody Pines cd release party at the Crying Wolf bar on Woodland st. Purchase a CD for $10 and we’ll buy you a big ass burger. It’s delicious.

    woody pines crying wolf

  • 12.28.14

    FREE Download from Roots Union & Muddy Roots Records!

    If you love folk, americana, country and old time music you’ll love this! 2015 is upon us and we’d like to share some free music with you from current and upcoming releases. There are unreleased recordings from Dana Sipos and Woody Pines set to hit the streets this Spring.

    American Roots Music

    A blend of Folk, Americana and Country from Roots Union & Muddy Roots Music Recordings for 2015.

    Cover art by Christoph Heuer

    Joseph Huber – The Hanging Road – Muddy Roots Music Recordings

    The Tillers – Weary Soul – Muddy Roots Music Recordings

    Dana Sipos – Holy People – Muddy Roots Music Recordings 2015

    Dylan Walshe – Blind Is Blind – Muddy Roots Music Recordings 2015

    Woody Pines – Anything For Love – Muddy Roots Music Recordings 2015

    Glade City Rounders – Sourwood Mountain – Roots Union Records – 2015

    The Hardin Draw – Roots Union Records

    Urban Pioneers – Roots Union Records

    A Man Called Stu – My Dark Past – Roots Union Records – 2015

  • 12.28.14

    High Accolades From Saving Country Music For Muddy Roots Artists!

    It has been a big year for Muddy Roots Music Recordings and Roots Union Records artists according to Saving Country Music. Nothing makes us prouder than when the bands & friends on our labels are acknowledged for their hard work and talent. Here are 3 “BEST OF’s” from

    “Willy Dear” by The Tillers was named #1 video of 2014 by Saving Country Music!!!! Our good friend Christoph Heuer, also known as the Muddy Rockwell spent a good time illustrating it. Christoph was moved by the beautiful sadness “Willy Dear” filled him with and was inspired to create this video for us.

    1. Willie Nelson & Ray Benson
    2. Willie Watson
    3. First Aid Kit
    4. Sturgill Simpson
    5. Florida Georgia Line’s dumb asses
    6. Steelsim
    7. Don Williams
    8. The Whiskey Shivers

    The Tillers Folk Song


    Joseph Huber’s album “The Hanging Road” was named 1 of 5 most essential albums of 2014. That all makes sense to me. It’s a daily listener in my household.
    Joseph Huber Saving Country Music
    MOST ESSENTIAL – Joseph Huber – The Hanging Road

    Huber was known for his breakneck banjo and as one of the primary songwriters for the .357 String Band, but when he went the solo route, suddenly his deftness as a composer shined through with such blinding insight and poetry, he abruptly elevated himself from a superstar picker with some cool songs to something worthy of great acclaim.

    Joesph’s third album The Hanging Road is his most ambitious release yet, heavy with musical mastery and weighty themes, bred from the fiddle that Joseph Huber has shown favor to recently. The Hanging Road is an exposition of Huber’s multi-talented musical skill set, engaging and vibrant, yet humble and rootsy as he takes his country, folk, bluegrass and blues influences into heavy account.

    The Urban Pioneers named 1 of 50 essential albums for 2015.
    Urban Pioneers Saving Country Music
    The Urban Pioneers – Addicted to the Road

    urban-pioneers-addicted-to-the-roadThe key to the success of the Urban Pioneers project was their decision to take it in a primitive, old time country direction. It is perfect for the skills that Jared McGovern and Liz Sloan bring to the table, is complimentary of their strengths and weaknesses, while giving them the ability to mostly re-create what you hear on the album in the live context.

    There’s a lot of Hackensaw Boys and Foghorn Stringband in the Urban Pioneers approach: authentic, energetic, while resisting the urge to pass completely into the punk roots realm.

    Review complete list HERE.

  • 11.10.14

    The Urban Pioneers Sign To Roots Union Records And Tour Europe!

    Urban Pioneers sign with Roots Union Records, A division of Muddy Roots Music Recordings. We sent them packing to Europe for a tour with our good friends the Freeborn Brothers with a suitcase full of 12” vinyl records! Get to a show if you can and pick up the vinyl release of “Addicted To The Road” or grab it online with a free download. When you order from the label direct you get a free download code. *Offer ONLY available through Roots Union Records. GREEN or MIXED COLOR vinyl.

    Urban Pioneers
    With a lifetime of music between them and half a decade of music played together, Liz Sloan and Jared McGovern have been the backbone of some of today’s greatest underground roots bands. Currently both members of Jayke Orvis and The Broken Band, the pair have shined light on many other acts such as Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies and Filthy Still.

    Most recently, Liz and Jared have been touring the United States and a healthy portion of Europe as the old-timey Americana act Urban Pioneers. Liz’s awe-inspiring fiddle combined with Jared’s claw-hammer banjo and storytelling lyrics recall the pure Appalachian sounds of yesterday, light-heartedly summed up by the band as “hillbilly music”.

    Now with Guido Greaserag on upright bass (we believe that to be his Christian name), the three-piece stick to their motto, “on tour now, on tour always”, as they trek their way through the USA in support of their new album, Addicted to the Road.

    Like the Official URBAN PIONEERS page on Facebook.

    Booking Availability:
    -2015 Festivals and Fly-ins
    -Jan/Feb 2015 USA, West Coast and Southern States
    -May 2015 USA, Midwest

    Interested in booking URBAN PIONEERS? Email or

  • 11.06.14

    Dying Girl: Put Me In Coach. (The Tillers Fundraiser)

    Hello Friends did you watch the story on CBS Sunday Morning about Lauren Hill? She is a good friend of The Tillers and they need your help.

    If you’ve been paying much attention to the news around town you may be familiar with the heart wrenching tale of our young local hero, Lauren Hill. The brave 19 year old with an inoperable brain tumor who, with an estimated life expectancy of just a few more months, continues to be a shining example of strength and courageousness despite her challenge. In her remaining days, Lauren has chosen to live and to fight alongside ‘The Cure Starts Now Foundation’ to raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer, DIPG and to one day find a cure. It is no wonder that our local girl’s inspiring story has spread around the world.

    In honor of Lauren, The Tillers and Muddy Roots Music Recordings will be donating %50 of Tillers merchandise sales profits raised in the month of November to ‘The Cure Starts Now’.
    lauren hill
    So when you come out to a show and pick up one of our items or make an online purchase you’ll also be supporting this great foundation. Also available at live shows will be these awesome screen printed ‘Tour For A Cure’ posters designed by Neltner Small Batch. Check out for a complete schedule of our November shows.

    To make a direct donation to The Cure Starts Now, PLEASE go to:

    Watch this video for a better understanding of Lauren’s story:

    Link to The Tillers CDS and Records.

    In Support,
    Mike, Sean and Aaron
    Jason Galaz – Muddy Roots Music.
    tour de cure lauren hill

    11/7- Eden’s Rubble House Concert Series Indianapolis IN
    11/8- Champaign Urbana Folk and Roots Fest Champaign Urbana IL
    11/14- The Bishop Bloomington IN
    11/15- The Gramophone St.Louis MO
    11/16- Al’s Bar Lexington KY
    11/17- Tennessee Shines LIVE at the Knoxville Visitor Center Knoxville TN
    11/18- The Jones House Boone NC
    11/19- The Basement Nashville TN
    11/20- Zanzabar Louisville KY
    11/21- Woodlands Tavern Columbus OH
    11/22- Cincy Groove Fest at The Southgate House Revival Newport KY
    11/28- The Vogue (with Rev. Peytons Big Damn Band) Indianapolis IN
    11/29- The Taft Ballroom (with Rev. Peytons Big Damn Band) Cincinnati OH
    11/30- The Northside Tavern Cincinnati OH

  • 11.05.14

    Roots Union Records Arrives Soon!

    We proudly announce the arrival of Roots Union Records , a division of Muddy Roots Music Recordings uniting a collective of underground roots, folk, blues and country artists to creative a driving force in the marketplace. Artist announcements coming soon.

    Art by Milton Chavez known as #themilt

    Roots Union  Records Depression Era Laborers

  • 10.28.14

    Joseph Huber

    Joseph Huber: The Hanging Road now available on vinyl, cd and download.

    It was at the 2012 Muddy Roots Festival. Joseph Huber was on stage before a crowd of music lovers who had spent a long day under the blistering late-summer Tennessee sun. As Huber began his song, “Can’t You See A Flood’s A-Comin’,” the skies opened – the rain swelling in intensity to match the foreboding prophecy of the song. The crowd stood transfixed, basking in a moment of musical transcendence, refusing to move to shelter. While Huber lays no claim to elemental powers, that moment speaks volumes for his ability to hold a crowd enraptured with just a song, a guitar and his voice. It’s a talent he developed as a founding member of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin based streetgrass group, the .357 String Band, and that he’s continued to demonstrate as one brightest lights of the insurgent country and bluegrass movement – giving honest country music back to the people who want to hear it.
    Joseph huber in the rain
    With his new album, The Hanging Road, Joseph Huber joins the Muddy Roots Records family and proves that he has a powerful voice of his own. Known as a blazingly fast banjo player, he uses his instrument to propel his songs, pushing them as hard as they can go. It’s a sound that comes from long nights on the road, and hard gigs in dark bars, a sound developed to cut like a knife through a noisy crowd. This isn’t music you can fake, this is music that you have to live. The lyrics to his songs aren’t written on napkins, or thought up on a whim, they’re earned. That’s why his songs on The Hanging Road are ultimately so hopeful. They’re looking to a better life, a rest from the road.

    Like his first two albums, Bury Me Where I Fall and Tongues of Fire, The Hanging Road is a one-man production with Joseph Huber writing all the songs, playing all the instruments and personally overseeing the recording. “For me,” he says, “each individual song comes on its own, exists in a whole of its own, and if it doesn’t sound like any other, then all-the-better. This album has Cajun, amped-up bluegrass, country and stripped-down singer-songwriter songs that range from the carefree to all-out hopelessness. That’s why I enjoy playing music under just my own name. The music is whatever I change into as I grow older. I’ll always be Joseph Huber—no matter what that becomes.”
    Joseph Huber Hearth PR
    Joseph’s second job is woodworking, and it’s clear that he likes to work with his hands, whether they’re wrapped around the neck of his banjo, or planing a groove into old wood. On The Hanging Road, Joseph Huber’s songs demonstrate true craftsmanship but also show a proper understanding for “necessary roughness” – giving his songs an edge that is often lacking from modern Americana music. This is music with a strong grain, roots music that hasn’t been polished smooth.

    Purchase a copy today and tell folks what you’ve just discovered!

  • 04.29.14

    Sonics / Mudhoney Record Store Day Flippers Suck.

    We get that folks around the world need ways to get their hands on the Record Store Day releases. But folks that buy RSD records just to inflate the price and flip them suck. So to drive down the price of our own records we are putting 100 of them back on the market for $10 each. They have gone up to $100 on ebay.
    I am fully aware that I could slip a few on ebay myself and make the same amount of money but we don’t press these records for that. We do it out of love and to connect folks with the music that drives us. The connection is what the music is all about.


    The Sonics & Mudhoney Record

    Catch them both at the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN Aug 28-31, 2014.

  • 04.09.14

    Muddy Roots Records Digs Deep With Woody Pines

    We took a stroll through and got lost in the Woody Pines discography. The stripped down American roots music sound is alive and well in this band. It’s the perfect jazz blend and modern renaissance of classic American style by young folks of today.

    We are going all in on this one. We are proud to be adding the entire Woody Pines catalog to the Muddy Roots Music Recordings label as well as announce a brand new album out later this summer! Woody Pines also plays the Muddy Roots Music Festival Pre-Party Thursday Aug. 31, 2014 at the Junebug Ranch.

    Keep an eye out for more updates soon…

    Catch a lick of ol’ Woody here:

    Woody Pines Muddy Roots

  • 04.07.14

    Sonics/Mudhoney 7" Release For Record Store Day

    Record Store Day is upon us! Be sure to call your local shop and ask them to have a copy in stock. Demand is real high for these one time only pressings of an unreleased track by The Sonics split with Mudhoney on Muddy Roots Music Recordings. These one of a kind 7” records will be in stock one day only. No matter where you are in the world you will want to be in your local record store bright and early on April 19th, 2014.

    To celebrate this special occasion Steve Turner of MUDHONEY will be DJing at both Jackpot Records & Everyday Music in downtown Portland Oregon. You can hear it for the first time from one of the band members! How cool is that?

    Muddy Roots Records presses one 7” record monthly and has plans for four 12” records for 2014. Most our 45’s are limited edition rare pressings and side projects of well known artists. You can subscribe to our vinyl club to get 1 of the first 100 records of every 7” released.
    Other artists include: Exene Cervenka. Sean Wheeler of Throwrag, Zander Schloss of The Weirdos and Circle Jerks, Wanda Jackson, Lemmy Kilmisters rockabilly band Headcat, The Monsters, The Goddamn Gallows, The Ettes, Rev. Beat Man, Brownbird Rudy Relic, The Tillers, Joseph Huber, Woody Pines, Rachel Brooke, Daddy Long Legs, and Possessed By Paul James.

    The Sonics & Mudhoney Record

    “I LIKE IT SMALL” MUDHONEY (Courtesy of Sub Pop Records)

  • 04.04.14

    Joseph Huber " The Hanging Road" Album Premier

    Joseph Huber New Release “The Hanging Road” album with Muddy Roots Music Recordings Available Worldwide April 29th on Itunes. CD ORDER & VINYL PRE-ORDER

    It was at the 2012 Muddy Roots Festival. Joseph Huber was on stage before a crowd of music lovers who had spent a long day under the blistering late-summer Tennessee sun. As Huber began his song, “Can’t You See A Flood’s A-Comin’,” the skies opened – the rain swelling in intensity to match the foreboding prophecy of the song. The crowd stood transfixed, basking in a moment of true musical transcendence.

    While Huber lays no claim to elemental powers, that moment speaks volumes of his ability to hold a crowd enraptured with just a song, a guitar and his voice. It’s a talent he developed as a founding member of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin based “streetgrass” group, the .357 String Band, and that he’s continued to demonstrate as one brightest lights of the insurgent country and bluegrass movement – giving honest country music back to the people who want to hear it.

    Now, with The Hanging Road, he joins the Muddy Roots Records family with an album of 10 tunes that demonstrate true craftsmanship while also showing a proper understanding for “necessary roughness” – giving his songs an edge that is lacking from most modern Americana music.

    The Hanging Road’s musical diversity is the stuff that that market analysts nightmares are made of, but for Huber, it’s an integral part of his musical vision. “For me,” he says, “each individual song comes on its own, exists in a whole of its own, and if it doesn’t sound like any other, then all-the-better. This album has Cajun, amped-up bluegrass, country and stripped-down singer-songwriter songs that range from the carefree to all-out hopelessness. That’s why I enjoy playing music under just my own name. The music is whatever I change into as I grow older. I’ll always be Joseph Huber—no matter what that becomes.”
    Jospeh Huber The Hanging Road CD
    Like his first two albums, Bury Me Where I Fall and Tongues of Fire, The Hanging Road is a one-man production with Huber playing all the instruments and personally overseeing the recording. “It might sound OCD to some to do everything myself,” he says, “but I like the idea of an individual musical vision being presented from the artist regardless of the fact that extreme production or outside influence might make it sound more clean or presentable.”

    Huber’s affinity with his new record label goes far beyond the pleasant memory of that rain-drenched afternoon two years ago. “I’m certainly excited to see what being a Muddy Roots artist will bring. This is the first time in my entire musical career, both with .357 String Band and as a solo artist, that I have released anything on a label. Jason Galaz from Muddy Roots really does believe in and enjoy the tunes he’s releasing. He’s doing it out of passion and taking chances, regardless of the outcome, and he’s attracting folks because of it. It’s hard to hand my songs over to someone, but knowing that Muddy Roots Records has that attitude make me want to be a part of it.”

    In addition to working with a label, Huber is also looking at changes for his upcoming tour. “I’m expanding my live show,” he says. “Hopefully I can get some of that filled-out album sound onto the actual stage. I love playing solo, but it limits the set-list sometimes, so it’s time to get some folks on stage with me.”

    With its honest, personal musical vision The Hanging Road is sure to appeal to those who want their country music straight up, in both fair and foul weather.

    CD Chicago release date Saturday April 26th at the Moonrunner’s Festival. International (Itunes) release date tuesday April 29th.
    h4. CD PRE-ORDER LINK: CD ships April 21

    12” vinyl release date July 1, 2014. Pre-order available soon.

  • 02.26.14

    *NEW VINYL* Unreleased track by The Sonics split with Mudhoney 7"

    Yes you heard that right and yes it is the 60’s garage rock band THE SONICS releasing an unheard track on Muddy Roots Music Recordings. What can possibly make this sweeter? I’ll tell ya. Adding a little MUDHONEY to this 7” split sure the hell would!

    It will be available on Record Store Day (April 19, 2014) at participating independent retail stores. So get your ass down to the local record shop and get a copy! This is a one time only pressing to add to your rare collection.

    “I LIKE IT SMALLMUDHONEY (Courtesy of Sub Pop Records)


  • 01.31.14

    Muddy Folkin' Roots Compilation CD!

    We got 22 of our friends together to put out this all star underground roots CD. This is more than just a CD release though. We pressed these as a promotion to get these bands music out at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City, Mo. This is the core of everything Folk music related. Many radio DJs, festival owners, booking agencies, and publications will be there. We have made a deal with the conference to get a CD to every single registered guest. That is 2000+ people!
    This is so much more than promoting Muddy Roots as a brand. We are attending to promote every band that is like us. We are the outsiders. We are the folkies on the fringe. We are the new roots.
    Each band will have a few for their merch tables on their next tour. The rest we saved for you. This is a one time deal. Get yours now for only $8! When you purchase a CD you help us promote the scene. Thank you in advance for your support!
    Now check out this sweet lineup and order yours now at:
    Get your folkin’ CD here!
    Muddy Folkin' Roots 2014
    Old West Side (The Tillers)
    On My Way To Muddy Roots (Brownbird Rudy Relic)
    Cocaine Bill (Woody Pines)
    Blind Is Blind (Dylan Walshe)
    Cold And Blind (Possessed By Paul James)
    Marshall Law ( The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit)
    An Old Mountain Tune (Joseph Huber)
    Punk Rock Saved My Life ( Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss)
    Oh Sinner Man (Exene Cervenka)
    Mystery Of Death (Rachel Brooke)
    Muddy Roots (Urban Pioneers)
    Judas (The Hardin Draw)
    Black Ship (The Dinosaur Truckers)
    They’re After Me (Glade City Rounders)
    Waking Up Hurts (Everymen)
    Oh Death (Goddamn Gallows)
    Dark Strutter (Hangdog Hearts)
    Empty Bottle (Calamity Cubes)
    Freight Train (Speed Buggy)
    In A World That Has Moved On (Heinrich XIII & The Devilgrass Pickers)
    Conquer The World (Smokestack & The Foothill Fury)
    Will The Circle Be Unbroken (The Cracker Swamp Band)


  • 01.23.14

    Joseph Huber & The Tillers 7" On Muddy Roots Records!


    Order the limited mix color pressing as part of the vinyl club subscription with Wanda Jackson/Lemmy’s Head Cat and Exene Cervenka, Sean and Zander/Rachel Brooke 7” splits at:


    Joseph HuberOLD MOUNTAIN TUNE” (.357) Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Joseph Huber is a founding member of, and also had spent 6 years of playing banjo and heavy touring with the Milwaukee, WI based “streetgrass” group, the .357 String Band—a group that, despite it’s abrupt break-up, still continues to gain popularity, is known as one of the most influential groups in the recent insurgent underground country and bluegrass movements. Hard living put together with plenty of downtime has offered more than enough motivation and opportunity for his songwriting.


    The songs they picked were mostly older than their grandparents. Some came from Woody Guthrie, some were southern blues laments, and many were anonymous relics of Appalachian woods, churches, riverboats, railroads, prairies, and coal mines.
    Their look didn’t fit the stereotype. They were clearly recovering punk rockers with roots in city’s west side punk rock and hardcore scene. The punk influence gave their sound a distinctive bite, setting them apart from most other folk acts- a hard-driving percussive strum and stomp that brought new pulse and vinegar to some very old songs. But their musical range soon proved itself as they floated from hard-tackle thumping to tender graceful melody, all the while topped by Oberst and Geil’s clear tenor harmonies.

  • 01.14.14

    Wanda Jackson/Lemmy Kilmister 7" Record

    A Side: Wanda Jackson Side A:Lemmy from Motorhead, Slim Jim from Stray Cats and Danny Harvey form the super group HEAD CAT and they cover a Buddy Holly song. I simply can’t give you any more rock n roll than that. If you can’t appreciate the many levels of badassness that this record is you are beyond saving.
    Get yours now for only $6 at:
    Muddy Roots Records


    Get a limited edition 3 pack vinyl club for $24. Only 100 pressed. Currently on 51 left at:
    Muddy Roots Vinyl Club

    Wanda Jackson Vinyl  Record

    Lemmy Motorhead Record Vinyl

  • 01.09.14

    Joseph Huber Signs With Muddy Roots Music Recordings Label

    It doesn’t matter if an ocean of rain is falling from the heavens while Joe Huber is playing, you’ll stop and listen. As it did at the Muddy Roots Music Festival in 2012. It simply did not matter. His music was enough to keep folks warm. “Magic” is a word tossed around too loosely but to the people in the field that day it was indeed magical. Joseph Huber is able to bring that same experience to the stage every time and we are happy to announce his next album will be with Muddy Roots Music. We will work hard to get his music to folks everywhere. Those that seek out his live shows deserve it. Official Vinly/CD release date coming soon but we are looking at late spring.

    Not only are we proud to have Joseph Huber joining our label but it is with deep conviction that I feel the need to get his music to as many ears as possible. It is deep. It is powerful. It will save you or atleast keep you company when you are alone. He is probably too modest to hear me talk about his music that way but I believe it. I am a fan first and label owner second. This album will sit your ass in a seat real quick and just as easily have you up and dancing the next moment. -Jason Galaz

    “Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Joseph Huber is a founding member of, and also had spent 6 years of playing banjo and heavy touring with the Milwaukee, WI based “streetgrass” group, the .357 String Band—a group that, despite it’s abrupt break-up, still continues to gain popularity, is known as one of the most influential groups in the recent insurgent underground country and bluegrass movements. Hard living put together with plenty of downtime has offered more than enough motivation and opportunity for his songwriting. “ –

  • 10.07.13

    Video Premier of The Ettes on Muddy Roots Music Recordings!

    Be one of the first to view the The Ettes new single on Muddy Roots Music Recordings!

    Official video for YOU WERE THERE by The Ettes.
    Directed By Jo McCaughey (

    Now available on a split 7” with The Monsters (Reverend Beatman) on Muddy Roots Records. Purchase here:

    Or the limited edition vinyl club pressings here:


    From the album “Wicked Will” (Fond Object/Sympathy for the Record Industry) recorded at Toerag Studios and produced by Liam Watson in London, UK – 2011

    The Ettes/ The Monsters split 7" on Muddy Roots Records

  • 09.29.13

    Muddy Roots Recordings Full Hour Radio Special!

    The Muddy Roots Music Recordings get airplay everyday around the world but this is the first time we have an entire hour dedicated to us on an FM station. Pretty exciting! 106fm Radio Scorpio in Leuven, Belgium played new tracks and some unreleased songs on the Soul Food Radio Show.

    The Head Cat (Lemmy from Motorhead)
    Wanda Jackson
    Exene Cervenka
    Brownbird Rudy Relic
    Dad Horse Experience
    The Monsters
    The Ettes
    Daddy Long Legs
    Sean & Zander
    The Tillers

    Give a listen here:

    Also follow our record label on facebook here:

    Order our record here:

  • 08.28.13

    *NEW RELEASE!* Wanda/Lemmy 7"" On Muddy Roots Recordings

    HeadCat & Wanda Jackson new 7” split on Muddy Roots Music Recordings!! (Wanda Jackson, Lemmy of Motorhead, Danny B. Harvey of Lonesome Spurs, Slim Jim of Straycats)
    WE JUST MADE ROCK N ROLL HISTORY!!! Limited pressings folks.

    7” single only $6 at:
    Muddy Roots Shop

    3 month limited edition vinyl club. Only 100 pressed $24 :
    Muddy Roots Vinyl Club

  • 08.20.13

    The Vinyl District Interviews Jason Galaz of Muddy Roots

    Festival Fast Talk with Jason Galaz, founder of Muddy Roots Records

    Growing up in Southern California, the most obvious answer to “music that defines you” certainly goes to good ole’ American folk, country, and blues…right? Seems to be true if you base your study on Jason Galaz.

    Upon moving to Tennessee, Galaz created the Muddy Roots Festival—a live event dedicated to the blues, folk, honky tonk, punk rock, tattoos, cars, and pin-up girls. As if it wasn’t enough to expand the festival outside of Tennessee—and the States—to Waardamme, Belgium, Galaz also founded Muddy Roots Records, a label established to provide vinyl editions of the music that defines the sound of the festival itself. I got to talk to Jason a few weeks before this year’s Muddy Roots Festival.


  • 08.08.13

    Exene Cervenka, Sean & Zander Plus Rachel Brooke 7" Release!

    New 7” record available on Muddy Roots Music Recordings!
    SINNER MAN by Exene Cervenka, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss and THE MYSTERY OF DEATH by Rachel Brooke!
    All brand new and unreleased cuts!

    Only $6 for the single at:

    or $24 as part of the Muddy Roots Vinyl Club subscription which gets you 3 limited edition records at:

  • 07.28.13

    Subscribe To The Muddy Roots Vinyl Club #2 Now!

    The second vinyl club package is in production now. Get limited edition versions of newly released singles on the Muddy Roots Music Recordings label!

    The Monsters – Voodoo Rhythm Muddy Roots
    The Ettes – You Were There
    Reverend Beatman – Crash 84
    Daddy Long Legs – Long John’s Jump
    Reverend Beatman – Jesus Christ Twist
    Goddamn Gallows – Howlin’ Wind

    Only $27 for these collector edition 7” records.

  • 07.04.13

    *NEW RELEASE* Rev Beatman & Daddy Long Legs vinyl

    Norton Records Artist DADDY LONG LEGS and Voodoo Rhythm Artist REVEREND BEATMAN share a split 7” on Muddy Roots Music Recordings. Available only in the limited edition vinyl club. $27 gets you three 7” albums all only pressed once! Singles will be sold individually next month.tes.


  • 06.08.13

    *Import* Dad Horse Vinyl is in from Germany and ready to ship!

    Well well well. Look what arrived. German import Muddy Roots vinyl The Dad Horse Experience XL on Muddy Roots Music Recordings. We will begin shipping out our vinyl club packages and singles tomorrow. $7 black vinyl or $21 yellow as part of the Muddy Roots Vinyl Club. Order yours now!


  • 05.28.13

    Sean & Zander steal the show at Punk Rock Bowling 2013

    Punk Rock Bowling festival bookers showed no fear with stepping out of the box. One of the best performances of day two came from rootsy duo Sean and Zander, comprised of Sean Wheeler, singer of punk band Throw Rag, and Zander Schloss, a multi-instrumentalist who has played with Joe Strummer, The Circle Jerks and others. The tattooed Wheeler, wearing a black suit and looking like a human Satan, proved to be the most charismatic frontman of the day, while Schloss, looking like a middle-school teacher in glasses and a tie, showed his dexterity on 12-string acoustic guitar and a funky Greek stringed instrument called a bouzouki. Their music is a swampy blend of folk, gospel and mud, but it was probably closer to the original spirit of punk than anything else yesterday.

    Las Vegas City Life Article

  • 05.24.13

    The Tillers release album on Muddy Roots Music Recordings!

    The all new Tillers album comes out on Muddy Roots Music Recordings July 5th, 2013. Pre-order now to be the first to own it!

    CD release party July 5th at the Southgate House Revival in Newport Kentucky. See ya there!

    Pre-order link: Hand On The Plow

    “We’ve been working on our fifth album for over a year now, writing all new songs like Shanty Boat, The Road Neverending and I Gotta Move. We spent last winter in the studio with Brian Olive and Mark Van Patten pouring our hearts and souls into these new recordings. This spring we’ve been throwing ideas back and fourth with artist Keith Neltner who has been creating some amazing art for the new project. All this hard work has now come to fruition in the form of one awesome album if we do say so! We’re teaming up and releasing Hand On The Plow with Muddy Roots Recordings. The same folks who bring you Muddy Roots Fest in Tennessee and Muddy Roots Fest Belgium. A great group of ambitious and dedicated characters who we’re real excited to work with!” -The Tillers

    Amazing cd cover art by Keith Neltner

  • 05.22.13

    "PUNK ROCK SAVED MY LIFE" by Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss 45's are ready to ship!

    Singles are available on vinyl for $6 each or as part of a vinyl club as limited editions and autographed.


    Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss of Southern California officially kick off the Muddy Roots Music Recordings label.

    Based on the resumes of vocalist Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag) and multi-instrumentalist Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks, the Weirdos, Joe Strummer), you’d expect a rambunctious sound emanating from the Legendary Duo, but you’d be wrong. The twosome plays a hybrid of folk, country, pop, ragtime, bluegrass and gospel that includes all the frenzied energy and spirit of the duo’s aforementioned bands, but is executed with a soulful dash of Americana charm not often heard west of the Mississippi.

  • 05.06.13

    Muddy Roots Music Launches Record Label With Vinyl Club!

    Muddy Roots Music Recordings is releasing one 7” 45 rpm single monthly available for purchase individually or by subscription to the Muddy Roots Vinyl Club for limited edition pressings. Limited editions will be numbered, occasionally autographed, sent with gifts and will never be re-pressed. Collector’s items!

    The first quarterly subscription includes punk veterans Sean Wheeler (Throwrag) and Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks, The Weirdos, Die Hunns), Brownbird Rudy Relic, and the Dad Horse Experience from Germany.

    The 2nd quarterly subscription includes The Monsters (garage rock from Switzerland), Reverend Beatman, and a hand full of other surprises!

    Purchase singles or subscribe now!