Muddy Roots Music Festival
  • 10.21.16

    First 50 Bands for Muddy Roots 2017!

    It’s the great Muddy Roots “Homecoming!” We’re calling all bands and friends from around the globe to come on back home to the field that started it all. Over 100 bands are playing! You can expect everything from Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Americana, Blues to Punk Rock and everything in between. This is the #1 DIY fest in the world which really means it’s a big ass backyard party.
    Muddy Roots 2017 First 50
    This is just the first 50 bands announced! Earlybird tickets have sold out. Weekend passes include FREE camping and hot showers. Not to mention that beauty of a waterfall we have a half mile up the road.
    waterloo waterfall

    Earlybird tickets are already sold out. Weekend passes are capped. This will absolutely sell out.

    and how melvins

    and how 2016

    mrmf camping and how

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    Eagle illustrated by Milton Chavez Tattoo #themilt

  • 10.14.16

    Nashville Wine On The Rails Train Excursions

    There’s nothing like rolling down the tracks in a vintage 1950’s streamliner train while sipping wine with your friends en route to a vineyard. Add in live music by bands on the train and at the winery and you have a party! This 21+ trip is the way to spend the day in style.

    train ride 1

    We have 3 trips planned. Unfortunately the first one sold out 4 months ago. That is our Fall Foliage tour on November 5th. But fear not my fellow winos, we have more!

    Take your loved one or hell, just bring your gal pals aboard the “Valentine’s Wine On The Rails” February 4th.



    That is going to book up fast. The Dome seats already half gone.

    Maybe you prefer our “Summer Wine On The Rails” day excursion on June 10th? Sit in comfort in our air conditioned passenger cars and roll with out a care in the world. Music and dancing indoors at the DelMonaco Vineyards.

    Summer Wine On The Rails

    Vintage or evening attire encouraged.

    train lineuup

    farmer and adele wine

    Logan Ledger

    Make your plans today!
    tennessee vineyards
    drunk women

    Photos by And How Imaging

  • 10.13.16

    Imminent War With Music Row: Galaz Calls All "Roots" Bands Home To Fatherland.

    Muddy Roots Records is ordering all of its officials to fly home any bands living or touring abroad and within U.S. territories amid heightened tensions over the prospect of global music distribution war, it has been claimed.

    Independent touring artists and high-ranking figures are said to have received a warning from Promoter In Chief, Galaz to bring their loved-ones home to the ‘Fatherland’, according to local media. “Fatherland” meaning the home of which American roots music primarily comes from, The South.

    Galaz stated “It’s time to come home. It’s time for everyone to come back to the field. We must stand together. The Muddy Roots homecoming is Sep 1-4, 2017.”
    Attendees will each obtain free camping and access to showers with purchase of ticket to support the pilgrimage back. MUDDY ROOTS 2017 TICKETS HERE
    Jason Putin

    It comes after Galaz cancelled a planned visit to Music Row amid a furious row over Muddy Root’s role in the music industry and just days after it emerged Galaz had moved scores of independent bands across the Belgian and Brazilian borders.

    The plan is based on a world wide strategy of uniting the underground music scenes to strengthen independent artist’s revenue streams. Basically, to keep bands on the road touring and playing music while the mainstream media and music companies monopolize the industry.

    Formidable music industry leader T-Bone Burnett has also warned that the world is at a ‘dangerous point’ due to rising tensions between Music Row and the consumer.

    (Sept. 21, 2016 – Source: Anna Webber/Getty Images North America)

    At a key note address during the recent Americana Fest, T-Bone said:

    “We live in a time in which artists are being stampeded from one bad deal to another worse deal. No one asks the artists. We are told to get good at marketing. I have to say- and I think I probably speak for every musician here- that I didn’t start playing music because I sought, or thought it would lead to, a career in marketing.

    And, as we are being told that, our work is being commoditised- the price of music is being driven down to zero.” and “So the iTopians have controlled the medium and the message for a generation now. And they are making a complete hash of things.”

    We have reason to believe that T-Bone Burnett would support Galaz and his band of merry Muddy Roots attendees.

  • 09.27.16

    5th annual Spring Weekender Lineup!

    The 5th annual Muddy Roots Spring Weekender hosted by Muddy Roots Music Recordings! Limited to 500 tickets. This is our mini version of the big Muddy Roots Music Festival, more like a family reunion or roots music company picnic. Nestled away in the hollars of Brown County, Indiana with 1000 acres of beautiful trees and a lake. Music from 12 to 12 Friday and Saturday.


    Electric RV sites and cabins for rent through
    Tent camping is free.

    Legendary Shack Shakers, O’Death, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Jayke Orvis, Pine Hill Haints, Joseph Huber, Mountain Sprout, The Tillers, Brook Blanche, Dylan Walshe, Billy Cook, Left Lane Cruiser, Toe Knee Tea, Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club, Pearls Mahone, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Matt Heckler, Rock Bottom String Band.

    Explore Brown County

  • 09.16.16

    Second Nashville Boogie Band Announcement!

    We’re almost there folks! Here is the 2nd official band and dj announcement for the 2017 Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender & Car Show. We’re growing rapidly and want to keep you up to date on a few new things.

    1. We’ve taken over the entire Nashville Palace this time around and will be placing bands on the stage in the front room.
    2. We’re adding a 2nd trolley to bring you to and from the Opryland Resort to the Nashville Palace.
    3. The headliner yet to be announced will be at the Grand Ole Opry House on Sunday and will require a separate ticket. This is due to contractual obligations with the different venues.
    4. We’re bringing back the Music City Record Convention all day Sunday at the Nashville Palace. There will be bands up front. It’s all free with a Boogie wristband.
    5. We are now accepting car, bike and truck registrations for our massive indoor car show. Pre 72. All approved entries receive a FREE car show shirt.
    6. There are a ton of rooms available Friday and Saturday at the Opryland Hotel during the main events. Get yours now! We think more will open up over time so check back. There are other hotels across the street as well for those nights. Book through our site to get the $100 a night discount.
    7. Yes you can bring your kids but they can’t be in the bars after 10pm

    Get yer dang tickets dude! Go to

    All the new additions are in orange.
    Boogie 17

  • 08.15.16

    Half The 2017 Nashville Vintage Weekender Boogie Lineup Announced!

    The ultimate celebration in Mid-Century American music and culture is back! We’re announcing the first half of the 2017 Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender & Car Show. Sign up HERE for our postcard mailing list and newsletter here to be first to know about the final lineup and to receive gifts in the mail.

    Earlybird weekend passes have sold out. Standard weekend passes can be purchased HERE while they last. Go ahead and grab your hotel room while you’re there. Wed & Thursday are at full capacity for now but there are plenty during the main event Friday through Sunday. We suspect more will open up for the early days later.

    Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender is presented by Muddy Roots Music Recordings.

    2017 Nashville Boogie Half

  • 07.29.16

    Muddy Roots Acquires MoonRunners Fest (Chicago)

    Muddy Roots Records will take the reins on the 5th annual MoonRunners Fest and keep the momentum of the event moving forward with expected growth. Founded in 2013 by Jahshie P (Outlaw Radio Chicago), in partnership with Reggie’s Rock Club to represent the underground Country, Americana, Deep Blues, Folk to Punk Rock music scenes in the area.

    “I have been friends with Jason and Muddy Roots for years now, and I have always admired the business ethic. Bringing them aboard for MoonRunners will only make our future brighter and full of new options” – Jahshie P

    Muddy Roots had served as inspiration for this event so it only makes sense to join forces in show of support. In July of 2016 Muddy Roots provided on site merchandising through it’s promotional items division “Power Merch.” Festival t-shirts were printed and many of the band’s shirts and records were sold as an added service. ( An opportunity for growth was identified as well as a need for more support. Jahshie P will stay on to book and assist in running the event as usual while Muddy Roots will add some strength to the core as well as promotions with the new ownership.

    MoonRunners 5 will take place May 5-6, 2017. The indoor event will continue to be on 2 stages over both days. Booking for this event will begin the first week of August. Presales to be announced at a later date.

    MoonRunners 4 Derrick Castle

  • 05.03.16

    Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender Is Here!

    The survival guide to 2016 Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender! May 12-15, 2016 we have some of the best rockabilly, country & western acts on the planet! We’d like to thank you for spending your time in Nashville, Music City with us!! The Nashville Boogie is located on 4 stages between the Opryland Hotel Resort, Nashville Palace and the Grand Ole Opry House. The Opryland hotel is the largest non gaming resort in the U.S. with 2882 rooms and 3 atriums. The Grand Ole Opry House stage is the most prestigious in country music history. All the greats played the Opry since it’s inception 90 years ago.

    We are truly honored to be welcomed.

    Boogie Kustom Thrills Tattoo

    We gathered a bunch of information to help you navigate the week including unofficial events you may enjoy. But before we do all of that we want to let you know that earlybird tickets and hotel rooms for the 2017 Nashville Boogie go on sale Sunday May 15, 2016. We’ll be back in the Tennessee Ballroom stage and will utilize over 200,000 sq ft of the Ryman Hall for a large car show. Don’t leave without getting yours! Boogie 2017 Tennessee Ballroom Earlybirds showing up on Tuesday can join us at Honky Tonk Tuesdays in East Nashville at the American Legion Post 82. It’s FREE and fun to do!

    Wednesday we’ll be heading back to the Nashville Palace for an evening with Nashville Burlesque w/ Eddie Angel, Lloyd Tripp, The Vibro Champs & The Go Getters. This is a separate event and requires it’s own ticket found here. It’s also the only 21+ event all weekend.

    You can also find some fun at this FREE in-store party at Nashville Dry Goods – Closet Case Vintage HERE earlier in the day.

    Thursday we kick off the official events at the Nashville Palace at 3pm. We’ll have a ticket desk open at 1pm to get you in the door.

    We have no events at the Opryland Hotel Thursday. It is our load-in day for the cars in the indoor car show and all the vendors in the huge Vintage Market Expo. You can find a list of vendors HERE. The Vintage Expo & Car Show kick off Friday morning. It’s FREE with a Boogie wristband or just $5 to the public. Friday 10am to 10 pm and Saturday 10 am to 6pm. Opryland charges $24 resort parking fee a day. We heard there was FREE parking at the Opry Mills Mall right next to the Event Center at Opryland. But you didn’t hear that from us. Plenty of cheap eats over there too!

    That brings us to Friday & Saturday! Weekend passes include all events Thursday through Saturday. You can purchase day & weekend passes at all 3 stage area ticket booths. That is the Nashville Palace plus Event Center & Ryman Hall at the Opryland Resort.
    Hello Trolley
    We will have a FREE trolley circling between the Nashville Palace and the Opryland Hotel – Delta entrance. Hours are 2pm to 2am. It’s a short walk but we want you to save your energy for dancing. The Delta Entrance is right between the Ryman Hall & Event Center stages.
    Boogie 2016 map

    boogie 16 thur Boogie 2016 fri
    Boogie 2016 sat Boogie 2016 Sun
    Over 55 vendors from all over the U.S. will set up shop in the Vintage Market at Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender! An Indoor Car Show at Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender 2016 is included in the vintage market of just $5 to the public or FREE with a Boogie wristband. Don’t forget the Western Roundup Fashion Show at the Nashville Boogie & Pinup Pageant w/ Bernie Dexter at Nashville Boogie!2016 vintage market
    Boogie car show 2016

    The indoor car show is just $5 to the public or FREE with you Boogie wristband and includes admission to the Vintage vendor market. Located in the Ryman Hall at the Opryland Hotel Friday May 13 10 am to 10 pm and Saturday May 14 10 am to 6 pm.

    Bernie Dexter pinup pageant

    Stop by the Pinup Pageant with Bernie Dexter and King Dado Deluxe on Friday in the Ryman Hall. Boogie wristband required.

    Vintage Western 2016

    Don’t miss the Western Roundup Fashion Show! Legendary tailor Manuel Cuevas will join us and the world famous Katy K will be hosting. This event is included in your weekend pass.

    Then Sunday, Just when you think it is all over we have the Music City Record Convention Debut Event at the Palace for just $5 to the public or FREE w/ a Boogie wristband. At 7:00 we all head to Chris Isaak & Woody Pines at Grand Ole Opry House and then head back to the palace go out on a country, western & western swing bender at the Boogie After Party (Western Swing & Old Country!) FREE.

    Music City Record Convention

    Music City Record convention is just $5 to the public or FREE with a Boogie wristband.

    Chris Isaak

    Tickets to the Chris Isaak & Woody Pines show can be found at

    There is plenty of FREE parking at The Nashville Palace & Opry Mills Mall (right by our Event Center.) Look for the FREE TROLLEY shuttling folks form the Palace to Opryland Resort- Delta entrance all Thurs, Fri & Sat 2:00 to 2:00.

    There are also a dozen bands performing that aren’t even mentioned on the schedule that you can see for FREE in the front room of the Nashville Palace. It’s the last real deal honky tonk in Nashville not including Robert’s Western World downtown.

    Hey early birds, our friends Shannon Million & Dave Wolfe are hosting a pre-party called Nashville Burlesque presents the Underground Boogie w/ Eddie Angel, The Vibro Champs, Lloyd Tripp, & The Go-Getters. It’s an independent event so you’ll need a separate ticket.Nashville Burlesque

    And one more time for you early early birds. Here is the flyer to the Honky Tonk Tuesdays event at the American Legion Post 82 in East Nashville.
    honky tonk may 10

    We hope you have a good time at the 2016 Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. This is only the 2nd year of the Boogie and it is already the largest of our 5 festivals. We appreciate your support and feedback as we grow. We will be sending out a survey after the weekender to get your opinions, comments and cuss words. It’s the only way we’ll be able to tailor this weekender to your tastes like a classic western suit.

    OH…..And don’t forget that tickets for the 2017 Nashville Boogie and hotel rooms go on sale Sunday May 15th, 2016!!

    Tickets to everything we do are available at

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