Muddy Roots Music Festival
  • 04.22.19

    Omar Higgins of Negro Terror Dead At 37

    It took me a solid day to shake out of the shock on this one. I kind of hoped it was an elaborate hoax when I first heard it. That was just me in denial. Truth is, I never met Omar in person. But I dug his music, his personality, and his courage. We booked his band Negro Terror for the 10th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival based on what we saw and heard online. Negro Terror is an all black hard core band from Memphis that was gaining notoriety when they took a famous white power band’s song and made it their own. Now there’s a damn statement!

    negro terror memphis

    We chatted online a bit about how they did not want to miss the band Cock Sparrer coming in from the U.K. as they NEVER play the South. I even tried to get Negro Terror to come down to the Bunker so we could film a video of them playing in there as a secret show. I would’ve loved to press their music to vinyl. I just wanted to bring these dude’s in to the Muddy Roots family in anyway possible. Good folks who get down on stage.

    Unfortunately, that was about as far as we got in our conversations. There were posts just a week or so back about how he had flu-like symptoms and needed to go to the hospital. It turned out he had suffered a stroke and a staph infection. There was a GOFUNDME shared around to help with medical bills. We all know how damn hard it is to access treatment in this country. I believe this is now helping his family with funeral arrangements.

    omar higgins memphis

    Damn,he would’ve loved our field and yall would’ve love this band. It was a perfect fit.
    Let’s do something real nice in his memory while we are out there.
    This is also an opportunity to help his family through this. Click that link and send a few bucks.

    Dig the video

    Dig the documentary too


  • 03.14.19

    Get Paid To Go To Car Shows

    We’re looking for folks to pass out flyers at car shows in the South and some larger shows across the whole midwest. Heading to a show and want to make a few bucks? Just want to support the cause? We’ll pay you anyway. We appreciate our street teamin’ friends!

    Pay ranges from $20 to $200 depending on the gig.

    We’re promoting the 5th annual Hot Rod Boogie Car Show. This is a fun 2 day outdoor car show behind the Nashville Palace in Music Valley. The show itself is FREE to the public. It’s $25 to register a car, bike, or truck. All of that money will be donated to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. They are an incredibly generous hospital funded by contributions and donations.

    We’ll have vendors and bands right there with you! No extra charge to watch the car show bands. You’d be crazy to miss out on this fun. New cars will show up each day.
    We’d like your help getting the word out. Please contact Tina West at if we can mail you a box of flyers and posters to distribute at a car show near you.

    We are looking for shows within 200 miles of Nashville. If it’s a bigger show that is outside of that range we will still flyer it.
    Thank you in advance!
    tennessee shriners

    Here’s the extra cool part. The car show is actually part of a bigger festival called the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. We’re talking dozens of bands, a western fashion show, a pinup pageant, a huge vintage vendor market, record hops, a record convention and a pool party. That’s $135 for the weekend or $50 a day. If you’re onsite and decide to extend the party you’ll be able to grab a day pass. We also have discounted rooms at the Opryland Resort. All that information is at

    boogie 2019

  • 03.05.19

    Muddy Roots Attendees Buy Waterloo Falls

    It’s been a long tradition of Muddy Roots Music Festival attendees to visit the local waterfalls and now 2 of them just bought it!
    Here’s the kicker, your promoter represented them as the buyer’s Realtor.
    We really are one big family!

    Warerloo Falls
    Photo by Wilde Company.

    Waterloo Falls is located about a half mile from the gates of the Junebug Ranch that we host the festival on. On sunny days you can see truck loads of attendees venturing away for a cool dip. The property has always been privately owned and remains that way, but by one of our own “muddies.”

    san diego alice
    Alice Weaver and Nathan Davey made the drive out from San Diego, California in 2018 to attend the 9th annual Muddy Roots Fest. It seems only in our field could you go on a cross country adventure to a festival and come back owning a waterfall. How cool is that? There have been mentions of an official shuttle to the falls from the Junebug as well as potential RV spots. We’ll update you as we see them develop the land. One thing is for sure though, they want to keep it as close as possible to what it is now. Just add in some space for folks to camp. These are good people!

    Listing agent was Skender Newton Realty
    Buyer’s agent was Jason Galaz at EXIT Realty Elite

    exit realty elite waterloo falls

    Do you want to own a Tennessee waterfall too? My office has another one for sale just a few towns over.
    gainesboro waterfall
    1963 Ranch home with a large pole barn on 104 acres. Hiking trails and 30 ft waterfall included. $399,500
    Click this link to see the listing

  • 12.20.18

    Lost Footage of 2011 Muddy Roots & It's Historical Relevance

    2011 was our 2nd year hosting music festivals. It was more of hillbilly-rock-n-roll-punk-rock-blues-bender-in-a-field. There were just about 700 of us in the field that year. We evolve each time but you can really see how we were back in the days. There was even a pinup pageant hosted by Sabina Kelley and a car show. Some of our stages were just a tent over some mud with a bail of hay. DIY til we die.

    We stumbled across this unfinished documentary hosted by Rebel Music TV. That was the year that Wanda Jackson played despite a massive flood in the tent. Good times.

    What we love most about this footage is the legendary Don Maddox of the Maddox Brothers and Rose sharing a bit about his history and how his band influenced legends to come. He mentions how he thought his band was forgotten seeing as how it started in the 1930’s. Brother, not in our field. We recognize the roots and this band was the roots of both country and rockabilly. They were a high energy hillbilly boogie band that blew up from the 30’s to 50’s. The Maddox Brothers and Rose were before country music, pioneered the Bakersfield sound, and inspired Elvis to liven up his wardrobe.

    Check the footage here.

    It wasn’t too much longer that Don was back in Nashville at the opening of the Bakersfield Sound exhibit. We brought him back to play the Muddy Roots Music Festival once more as well as the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. Don is well in to his 90’s now so we let him rest. But boy o’ boy are we grateful for his time at our events.

    Here’s a photo of Little Jimmy Dickens and Don Maddox hanging out on vendor row at the Muddy Roots Music Festival. They were right outside my camper despite the 90 degree weather. Jimmy even played in his fully rhinestoned suit. Toughest generation this country has seen!

    -Jason Galaz

  • 12.12.18

    Orange Goblin's Last Show At Muddy Roots?

    The Heavy Metal band Orange Goblin from the U.K. has been hitting it hard since 1995 but that all may be coming to an end. Upon announcing their upcoming show at the Muddy Roots Music Festival they also mentioned that it might be one of their very last shows as a band in the U.S. Don’t wait around for another tour cuz it might not happen. Get your tickets HERE!

    orange goblin

    Life is short folks. Don’t let it pass ya.

  • 12.10.18

    Muddy Roots 2019 First Bands Announced!

    Cock Sparrer, The DAMNED, MC50, John Garcia & The Band of Gold w/ Nick Oliveri (Both formerly of Kyuss,) OFF!, FEAR, The Adicts, The Soul Rebels w special guest GZA, Weedeater, Hank Von Hell, The Dwarves, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Fishbone, The Queers, Orange Goblin, Possessed By Paul James, The Goddamn Gallows, Koffin Kats, The Mudfits, The Calamity Cubes!, James Hunnicutt, Black Venus, The Urban Pioneers, Bridge City Sinners, The Hillbilly Casino, Nick Oliveri’s Death Acoustic, Sierra Ferrell, Black Eyed Vermillion, Gallows Bound, Heavy Temple, Viva Le Vox, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Black Irish Texas, Nancarrow, Black Tarpoon, Imperial Rooster, and The Rsging Nathans.




    The 10th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival is Aug 30- Sep 1, 2019 in Cookeville, TN. Camping is FREE. Showers are FREE. Tall can PBR is $3. You can BYOB. Tons of food vendors onsite but you can cookout at camp. Kids are ok ONLY with adult supervision at ALL times.

    Come out and have fun. Don’t be a dick to folks and you’ll have a good time

  • 12.08.18

    Ronnie Spector & The Ronettes and JD McPherson added to B-52s show!

    Ronnie Spector & The Ronettes, one of the most popular groups from the 1960s is joining us at the Boogie! Among the Ronettes’ most famous songs are “Be My Baby”, “Baby, I Love You”, “(The Best Part of) Breakin’ Up”, and “Walking in the Rain”, all of which charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Also performing is JD McPherson is known for a retro sound rooted in the rock and roll, rockabilly, and rhythm and blues music of the 1950s. McPherson’s band will be performing his early hits such as “Northside Gal” and “Firebug” as well new rockin’ songs.

    The headlining act of the evening will be new wave band, the B-52s!!

    They’ll all be closing out the festival in the Presidential Ballroom at the Opryland Resort at 9pm. Day passes are available for just this portion of the festival for just $50. Weekend passes get you 4 full days of bands, a car show, vintage vendors, a Mr. & Mrs. Nashville Boogie pageant, and a western fashion show for just $135. ANNDDDD, we got the resort to give us $269 dollar rooms for $159 a night. That’s rare in this “hot city.” Get all that HERE at NASHVILLEBOOGIE.COM
    b52s the ronettes jdmcpherson

  • 10.15.18

    The B-52s to Headline the Nashville Boogie!

    Y’all know the beehive sportin’ retro influenced band that rocked the world from lil ol’ Athens Georgia right? Well, they’re coming to party down with us at the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender May 26th, 2019. They’ll be closing out the festival in the Presidential Ballroom at the Opryland Resort at 9pm. We’ve got swell opening acts that are just as exciting yet to be announced. Day passes are available for just this portion of the festival for just $50. Weekend passes get you 4 full days of bands, a car show, vintage vendors, a Mr. & Mrs. Nashville Boogie pageant, burlesque, and a western fashion show for just $135. ANNDDDD, we got the resort to give us $269 dollar rooms for $159 a night. That’s rare in this “hot city.” Get all that HERE at NASHVILLEBOOGIE.COM

    You better know more than “Love Shack.”


    Check out this rad footage of them in 1978 in Atlanta.

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