Muddy Roots Music Festival
  • 06.12.19

    Americana Roots, Whiskey & Wine Train

    How’s about a mid-day rolling music festival through the Tennessee countryside!
    Enjoy tastings of many local whiskey, wine, rum, and beer flavors while listening to some good ol tunes from our favorite artists in town for the weekend. Must be 21+ to ride.

    Artists will sit in each car but will also flow between cars and play at will.

    Depart: 11:00am sharp from the Tennessee Central Railway Museum and circle out to the Carthage junction and back.
    Return: 5:30pm to Nashville.

    Lunch is served aboard the train.

    Bands announced soon. Think 70’s roots, rock and country.

    First distilleries, wineries, and breweries announced:
    Tennessee Legend Distillery – Marathon Village
    Beachhaven Winery
    many more in the works!

    Tickets are on sale now. Limited to capacity of the train.
    Come take a load off, Annie.

    More info at and on FB

  • 06.06.19

    The Return of the Spring Weekender!

    We’re coming back home! What a beauty of a property it is too. There’s literally a thousand acres to camp, bike, hike, even ATV. We’ve got a lake all to ourselves to fish and canoe. Climb up the trees and zipline if ya want. The place is Heaven! We’ve hosted a few of our lil weekenders there over the years.
    calamity cubes muddy roots
    You’ll enjoy 2 full days of roots music in the hills of Brown County at the eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat. You can expect the best in underground bluegrass, folk, and stringbandicana. We made that word up because we’re fun like that. Like a super hip dad down with the fleek squad lingo.

    We’re planning a big dinner supplied by our friends at G’z barbecue and catering Friday & Saturday night inside the barn. They’ll be vending all week but this will be a special family meal style option each evening.
    g'z bbq east nashville muddy roots
    Tent camping is free.

    RV spots and cabins will available for rent but are almost sold out.
    muddy roots cabin indiana
    Tickets are on sale now but are limited to 500 people. That’s it. Not 501. And that’s even pushing it as we want a small crowd for this one. It’s our vacation too!

    You can grab yours at the link below or at Prices are $99 earlybird. $120 when those sellout. $150 at the gate, IF there are any left. Saturday only passes are $75. There are no Friday only passes. All tickets include free tent camping and free showers.

    Facebook link
    Facebook event

    We’re booking bands now and will announce as they confirm.

    We’ll sell this out as quick as we can and then focus on more events!

  • 05.30.19

    No Mo Pinup Show

    We’ve been hosting pinup pageants for 5 years at the Boogie and a few more at the Muddy Roots Music Festival. But this most recent contest will be our last one. Atleast, for now. To be honest, it started to lose the fun. We used to have it as a talent contest which was super cool and silly. We deeply believe in empowerment and expression for all adult ages, race, creeds, body shapes, you name-its. Hosting an event like this without that at the core would feel a bit weird in these current times. Pinup is very much part of the rockabilly scene and we respect that. But we are going to focus our energy on other aspects of the festival. Y’all still show up dolled up if ya like! We just won’t make it a contest.

    I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the Ms. Nashville Boogie 2019 winner, Miss Lulu Divine. She was an absolute joy to be around. You could feel her energy and enthusiasm leading up to the event. It was a close call as Nicole Nightingale was in 2nd and almost won the crown!

    There was some confusion about a tie-breaker that I’d like to clear up. We hand picked 5 judges so a tie was literally impossible. I purposely chose a diverse panel with a majority of women and different ethnicities to keep it fair. I think the panel got confused with the pressure of the time slot ending and the next band needing to get on. It ended up with a crowd cheer to decide the winner. I checked with the judges to see who they voted for. The crowd ended up picking the same person despite the confusion. But still, I apologize to Nicole Nightingale for the disorientation and error on the part of the event. It should never have gone to the crowd, that’s why we had 5 judges.

    We had 63 women participate in the contest online. We were honored that they were putting themselves out there and wanted to join us in Nashville. But the general feel of the event got a bit carried away. Some people started taking it too serious, some got shitty with other contestants, some got shitty with me, some got shitty with our host, there were vote fraud questions, some had people trying to bring up private issues in contestants pasts as if we would disqualify them for previous mistakes in life. It became a mess. That is not what our events are about. The few people that were doing that really started ruining it for me.

    And to be fair, I enjoyed the extra promotion from the facebook shares. It helped us get the word out on the event. But it was probably not the best way to go about it.

    But much love to all those that came, had fun, and made it fun!

    I want everyone to feel included at my events.

    I may lose money by having one less attraction at the festival but I don’t think we should continue with the way it is now. I’m not saying we won’t ever have a Ms. Nashville Boogie or Ms. Muddy Roots again. I’m saying it can only happen if it supports expression, community, and fun. It would need to be completely different. So for now, it’s gone.

    p.s. we moved the date and location. We shaved off a couple thosuand tickets. There are only 599 left for 2020.
    You can get yours here.

    We are also about to announce our Music Valley Jamboree which is an even smaller version of the Boogie in the Palace back room. Tickets on sale for that here

  • 05.22.19

    Nashville Boogie Survival Guide

    Welcome back to the 5th annual Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender! We sure hope you have a swell time this week and plan on returning in 2020. There are some pretty big announcements about that in the works. A very limited mount of discounted tickets for that will go on sale this weekend.

    We will keep this short and sweet with some bullet points and tips to get you through the weekend.

    If you’re in town today and looking for something to do, you can head out to the meet-ups at the Pearl Diver Bar and Duke’s. Both are in East Nashville just a few miles from the Boogie. Pearl is more exotic drink style and Duke’s will be a country-western dj night. No cover on either. 10pm to 2am.

    Thursday we will be setting up the vendor hall over at Opryland but y’all can’t some in yet. The party is over at the Nashville Palace. You can get your wristbands at the Nashville Palace starting Thursday. Wristbands are at the Palace all weekend. This is also where staff checks in with Delane. The front room has no cover charge and the back room is where the Boogie is. This is true all weekend.

    Friday the event explodes across 3 venues. The Hot Rod Boogie Car Show loads in at 8am and starts at 10am behind the Nashville Palace.That is a free event to the public. All car registrations go to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. There are bands inside the Scoreboard Grill during show hours. Butch Patrick a.k.a. Eddie Munster will have the 2 hot rods from the Munsters show on display as well. That ends at 4pm. Official bands play in the Nashville Palace backroom as well as the Presidential Lobby at the Opryland Resort. There is a pinup pageant, pool party, headlining acts, Luscious Ladies meet and greet, and a late night record hop at the Resort.

    Saturday is the exact same as Friday with the exception of adding a star studded Western Fashion Show to the Resort. Music will be going til the break of dawn!

    Sunday the record convention opens up at 10am in the backroom of the Palace and goes til 4pm. The backroom closes for 4 hours so we can set it back up for The Cowpokes and Nich Roulette’s Rockabilly Blowout. He has a huge list of special guests that are jumping up on stage

    SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY… We all head to the Opryland Resort for the grand finale show of the weekend. Doors open at 5:30 pm with
    5:30 PM DJ Col. Paco Chaos
    6:00 PM Lonesome Souls
    6:45 PM JD McPherson
    7:30 PM DJ Julea
    8:00 PM Ronnie Spector & The Ronettes
    9:30 PM DJ Bloodshot Bill
    10:00 PM The B52s

    You can buy day passes or weekend passes which include all events on the schedule. TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED HERE RIGHT NOW

    Tickets are cheaper online

    Next year’s tickets go on sale Sunday. There will be a very limited amount at the discount rate.


    Children are welcome at all events but are not allowed in the bars after 10pm. That would be the Nashville Palace and the Scoreboard Grill. Those are 21+ after 10pm

    There are 17 restaurants at the Opryland Resort but everything is super pricey.

    The resort JUST opened their waterpark. You have to be staying at the hotel PLUS pay an additional fee to go.

    The Presidential Ballroom is in the blue carpet portion of the resort

    The Magnolia Ballroom is in the yellow/brown portion of the resort.

    They are right next to each other.

    The shuttle runs Thursday through Sunday 11am to 3:30 am. It picks up in front of the Nashville Palace and takes you to the Presidential Portico entrance of the resort. It is free to ride. There will be 2 of them circling at times. They may stop for breaks but otherwise should be running non-stop.

    The Resort has very expensive parking daily rates. There is FREE parking at the Nashville Palace and at the Opry Mills Mall. There is a walkway connecting the mall area to the resort.

    Although there are package stores nearby, you are 100% NOT ALLOWED TO BRING IN ALCOHOL TO THE NASHVILLE PALACE. It is super illegal and will get you thrown out by bar staff. You will lose your wristband. Respect the Nashville Palace and Scoreboard Grill. What you do in your hotel room is your business though.

    Ladies, bring flats. The campus between both venues is HUGE. Your feet will wear out.

    We have pool parties and it is going to be hot as hell all weekend.

    We will add more tips tomorrow.

  • 05.16.19

    GZA Brings A Piece Of Wu-Tang To Muddy Roots

    GZA was originally booked for the 10th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival as a special guest to The Soul Rebels. They are no longer able to make it so GZA is now bringing his own band! This will be the very first full hip hop act booked in our field. I can’t think of anyone better than an original member of the Wu-Tang Clan! GZA a.k.a. The Genius is still set to perform Sunday evening. You can expect a set chock full of tracks from one of the most important records of East Coast Hip Hop, “LIQUID SWORDS!” Weekend and Sunday only passes are available at : Your text to link here…

    gza wutang
    You don’t understand what I’m saying, but you must choose.

  • 05.16.19

    Tennessee Whiskey & Wine Train 9/14

    Ride an original 1950’s steel streamliner train through the Upper Cumberland to Carthage Junction! We’ll be sampling local distilled whiskey and wine while aboard. Bands will be performing in each car on the way home. That’s when the party kicks in! Well get back to town around 5pm which will be just enough time to get to the AmericanaFest! We always love that event. Americana, Country, Blues, and Bluegrass pair well with Whiskey and Wine!

    We’ve been running vintage wine train excursions for 4 years now. It’s exciting to explore new options to our palette.
    Pics to those events can be found at or on facebook HERE

    Early bird tickets are on sale now at a discount HERE

    Initial brands to expect tastings of on the train are Tennessee Legend Distillery and Beachaven Winery. More whiskeys and bands announced soon!

    Tennessee Whiskey

  • 05.07.19

    Ms. Nashville Boogie 2019 Top Contestants

    Boy, oh boy, that was a wild ride! We laughed, we cried, we survived scandals and some of us earned digital scarlet letters.

    So, here’s the deal. 63 women joined in the online portion of the Ms. Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender contest. The goal was to share out the pics we uploaded to get as many likes on them which counted as votes. The top 20 earn free passes to the upcoming music festival. We originally planned for the top 10 to take the stage and compete. Well, we had a weird anomaly where a couple of the gals pics had some voting errors with fake profiles. Damn Russian bots!! The contestants contacted us immediately. Most the voted disappeared but a few stated on. We went through and removed these from the total counts but felt it still left room for error and didn’t want to create an unfair situation.

    In the interest of fairness and inclusion we have decided to make a Top 20 that get free passes and Top 15 that compete on stage. #16 – #20 should be ready to compete on stage in the event #1-#15 don’t show. There will be a photo opp with all the gals right before the event.
    roy varga sabina kelley
    Sabina Kelley and King Dado are the hosts. Roy Varga, Ava Couture, Tammi Savoy, Sabina Kelley, and Chris Saint Clark are the judges.

    This is supposed to be light hearted and fun. But the internets has proven to be a jerk so we will change the way votes are counted in 2020.
    We are also adding in a “Sportsman’s-Like-Conduct” rule to disqualify anyone being rude to other contestants.

    Reach out to Jason Galaz at for your tickets.
    Reserve your rooms now at for only $154 night!

    Bonnie Belair
    Nicole Nightingale
    Dandy D’Lish
    Kitty Von Braun
    Cindy S Fontaine
    Miss Lulu Devine
    Naty Karlof
    Stacks Cadillac
    Tallulah Lane
    Malace Mae
    Miss Mia
    Birdy Mercury
    Milly Michelle
    Toshia Cloud

    Spookie Susie
    AJ Diamonds
    Banjobones Mama
    Flora Foxwell
    Christini Martini

  • 04.24.19

    AVAIL Reunion at Muddy Roots 2019

    You read that right. AVAIL is playing a reunion show at Muddy Roots!
    Many of you haven’t seen them in 2 decades. Well, you know how we get down in the field.
    Get your ass there!


    They headline one of the stages Friday Aug 30th, 2019. That means you need to purchase a full weekend ticket to see the show. No day passes are available.

    But wait, THERE’S MORE! Grab an add-on early arrival ticket and catch Tim Barry playing his solo set the night before. Face To Face, Dead Bronco, El Escapado, and Moonshine Wagon also play Thursday night.

    We’ve been announcing bands one at a time with an occasional full flyer posted. 2 current flyers have been posted. There is only one left to post. We have just a few bands left to announce.

    We will most definitely reach our max ticket count this year. Don’t be a foolio and be caught slippin’ with no ticket.

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