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  • 10.10.19

    Southern Gothic: Family Emergency Almanac

    It seems as though death is nipping at our ankles, just waiting it’s turn to take us to be with the Lamb. And to tempt the Bell Witch during the Southern Gothic Campout just increases those odds. The Muddy Roots National Safety Council has assembled a simple guide to help you not die, well atleast lessen the chance of it. Death and taxes are about all we are promised in life. The FAMILY EMERGENCY ALMANAC is your go-to-guide for family safety. Save it for years to come and pass it down to those that will survive you in life.

    In it you will also find the schedule of events and performances.

    Hard copies available at the Southern Gothic Campout in Adams, Tenn. October 25-26, 2019.
    Weekend passes include free camping and access to indoor restrooms.

    Murder By Death, The Builders & The Butchers, O’Death, Viva Le Vox, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Blood On The Harp, Lance Whalen, Coffin Hunter, JT Oglesby, Soviet Shiksa, The Pentagram Stringband, SS Web, Fable Cry, Saddle of Southern Darkness, Reverend Red, Ghosts of Grandad’s Past.


  • 09.11.19

    Now Booking 20/20 Events

    We’ve completed 90% of our festivals and events for 2019. We’re now starting to look at our 20/20 dates. It’s our hindsight year so we are looking to our past with joy but moving forward. There are a lot of things changing For starters, we’re involving more of our friends. It took us 10 years of growth the truly find our voice. What we stand for is inclusion and evangelical level promotion of the “Muddy Roots Gospel.” So, we’ve asked our friends at Sweet Time Booking and Voodoo Rhythm Records to curate their own stage at the 11th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival. We also partnered up with Sweet Time on a new event called Stomp! Shout! Campout! We will be looking for new ways to include other independent entities in to our events. Strength in numbers, individual numbers. They’ll be booking on their own schedule and terms.

    Muddy Roots has also prided itself on DIY ethos. We’ve made it this way without massive corporate sponsorship or investors. We get a few bucks here and there but we refuse to oversell the field. This is more of a movement. We rely on word-of-mouth. Folks come to our events and they share that experience with people. You can feel the energy in someone’s voice when they’ve truly had a great damn time somewhere. That is the spark that gets the right people to the field. It ain’t no damn billboard that’s going to bring the magic.

    Speaking of DIY, we are restructuring much of our company for strength and personal reaction. We have more on that later but for today we can talk about our new ticketing system. We’re switching all 20/20 events to old school hardcopy tickets. If you bought through eventbrite it will still work but all new tickets are tangible. This keeps some revenue at home so we can put that towards folks that help us here at the office. We are rebuilding our shipping process for merch right now so it works hand in hand. Actual ticket stubs are way cooler anyway. You aren’t going to t save your print out PDF ticket in a drawer for memories. We’re losing our chance for nostalgia in this digital era. So, now you’ll get a ticket in the mail. Don’t lose it! Ya gotta be a responsible adult about this, just like when we were kids. ;)

    And, we’ve capped most our events to keep them comfy and manageable. That means you wait and you miss out.

    Back to booking. I will begin considering bands for 20/20 festivals and train rides. Some events already have a few announced bands.


    To be clear, 600-800 artists and a couple dozen agents will reach out. I am only one person. It is impossible to respond but I do save them in case I need to search you out and reply. If there is an obvious booking opportunity I will respond. I am being up front about this so as not to appear rude with silence. If I wait too long and you book other gigs, I will understand.

    It greatly helps me if you apply for the best fitting event, mention which date you are available, and let me know what your needs are. What will you charge me? Don’t ask me to make an offer. Send me quick and easy music links like youtube or your site. I won’t open attached files or anything that requires programs like itunes or spotify. Mention a few notable bands you’ve played with or events just to give me a ballpark idea.


    Here are all the available dates:

    Looking for 1930’s to 1950’s music in general. Country-Western, Ragtime. Country Blues, Jazz
    Feb 22, 2020 – Wine On The Rails to DelMonaco Vineyards
    March 28, 2020 – Wine On The Rails to DelMonaco Vineyards
    April 25, 2020 – Tennessee Whiskey & Wine Train
    May 9, 2020 – Tennessee Whiskey & Wine Train
    June 13, 2020 – Wine On The Rails to DelMonaco Vineyards

    More info at

    dirty blues and canoes
    Stomp! Shout! Campout!
    May 29-30, 2020
    Adams, TN.
    Dirty trash blues, fuzzy rock n roll, and canoes!

    I’m only booking half this pup. Sweet Time Booking has the other half.
    So far I’ve confirmed:
    The Ghost Wolves
    Molly Gene and the Gasoline (full band)

    The return of the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
    June 12-13, 2020
    Brown County, Indiana
    A small event focused on stringbands, folk, and country music.

    Current announced bands:
    Possessed By Paul James
    The Calamity Cubes!
    Rock Bottom Stringband
    Rachel Brooke

    muddy roots europe
    The 9th Muddy Roots Europe festival
    June 26-28, 2020
    Waardamme. Belgium

    This event is primarily booked by Nicky VanMoerbeke at Cowboy Up Saloon. You can reach him at

    country roots campout
    Straight up Country music in all it’s forms.
    July 24-25, 2020
    Adams, TN.

    MUDDY ROOTS 2020
    11th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival
    Sep 3-6, 2020
    Cookeville, TN.
    We’re always getting weird with this one. Everything form bluegrass to punk rock. Maybe some metal, country, blues, or whatever the hell we want.

    nashville boogie 2020
    Oct. 3-4, 2020
    Nashville, TN.
    A celebration of Mid-Century American Culture
    Early rock n roll, country-western, soul, r&b bands plus a western fashion show, a car show, and other fun attractions.

    Current announced bands include:

    The original Rockats (UK) Reunited for the 2nd time since 1979
    Tiger Army
    Wild Records showcase

    This event is already half soldout!

  • 08.23.19

    Dead Kennedys added to Muddy Roots lineup!

    The Dead Kennedys have confirmed to play Saturday August 31st at 9pm on the truck stage at the Muddy Roots Music Festival!
    Now get your tickets, stupid.
    Camping is free and so are showers.
    Cheap beer.


  • 08.13.19

    Muddy Roots Survival Guide

    This party ain’t for the weak. But we’ll fill you in on some tips to make it through the weekend like a Phoenix rising from the drunken ashes.

    We’ll add to this post over the next few days.

    Before we do anythang we want y’all to know about the new ticketing system for upcoming events. We’re moving all new tickets to commemorative hard copies that will be mailed to you. Each are numbered for authenticity. We have a tradition of beginning early bird sales for the next year at the current event. You’ll be able to grab discounted hard copy tickets for MRMF 2020 for $100, SOUTHERN GOTHIC 2019 for $50, MRSW 2019 for $50 in the merch booth. Cell service can be shotty so bring cash if you have it. You will have to order online once we are out of tickets in the field. These are all non-refundable and irreplaceable. Tickets to all the 21 events we have planned are being added to our new site now. There is a special special earliest bird discount for MRMF 2020 for only $80 plus shipping good to the first 300 people. Then they will go up to $125 after the festival.

    That website is

    2019 tickets can be purchased at above link or at the standard eventbrite page here. There are no hard copies available for MRMF 2019

    Tickets include free camping on 126 acres in the outskirts of Cookeville, Tennessee. That’s about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville and then cut North towards the Kentucky border. You can almost smell the mountain shine distilleries in the air. We rent a private property known as the Junebug Ranch. It’s basically a biker rally property any other day. They let us do what we want so long a we don’t break anything. That means you can do things like bring your own beer. Hell, you can bring a handle to the stage and rock the hell out. You have freedom to enjoy yourselves BUT you’ll regret the decision to abuse that freedom. We have a fast track to throw folks on the street that act like a dick. Any and every person caught sneaking in or doing anything wrong will be hand delivered to some good-ol’-boy sheriffs and the judge ain’t in til Tuesday. Why did we start this conversation with that tone? Because our field is unlike any other and we want to protect that. We don’t allow people to disrespect each other and we don’t want a sterile corporate, boring ass event. We want you to come, have fun, be cool, and make it home safe. Now we’ll talk about the good stuff.

    Before we do anything we need to talk about tickets. You should buy yours right now by CLICKING HERE! If you want to arrive Thursday for the pre-party with Face to Face you will need an earlybird ticket plus a weekend pass. You absolutely can not get one day pass for that day. We have weekend passes which include Friday-Saturday-and Sunday for $170. Saturday and Sunday together as a 2 day pass is $150. Sunday only is $75. All tickets include free camping and free hot showers.

    Let’s start with things to pack. It’s always wise to prepare for wet or dry weather. It can rain and it can also be hot. Bring plenty of clean socks, sunscreen, gold bond, wet wipes, rainboots, more than one pair of shoes, tons of drinking water, stuff like that. Don’t bring more than one shirt, we’ll be selling you a ton of them. Many of our designs are printed just once for this event.

    Here’s address of the venue. It’s known as the Junebug Ranch and is located at 115 Waterloo Rd. Cookeville, TN. 38506. It’s technically past Cookeville in Overton County once you cross the bridge. It’s a biker owned property that they host their own motorcycle rallies on. Those folks get wild! There’s not much we can do to surprise them. We’re a different kind of party so keep your clothes on. They have very few rules for us so we like to pay that forward to yall.

    We come from Nashville which means we exit in Cookeville and drive out about 20-25 minutes heading North towards the Kentucky border. You’ll feel lost, especially at night. Use your GPS until you get close and then look for FESTIVAL signs with PBR logos on them. We don’t put our name on them because worthless pricks steal them and then people get lost. If you’re coming from the North it will put you on the same road from the opposite direction. Either way you’ll come to the entrance where there is an old vw bug outside that is painted with the words “Junebug Boogie” on the side. Pull in there and come in to the valley. The video above is the wicked fork in the road coming from Cookeville to the Junebug Ranch. Go straight at it, do not follow the main road veering right or you’ll end up in another state.

    Most folks that are flying travel to BNA Airport in Nashville. It is about 87 miles from the venue. You can rent cars there. There are Muddy Roots carpool groups on fb, ubers, taxis, and even a greyhound that gets you to Cookeville, TN.

    There are plenty of local businesses to shop at on the way in. That includes restaurants, breweries, and most importantly, our sponsor Tennessee Legend Distillery. If you name drop the Muddy Roots Music Festival they will give you a discount on some jars of liquor. They’re right on the square in the middle of town!

    There are also plenty of hotels in town. It’s about a 20 minute drive. Under no circumstances should you leave the festival property after drinking. Get an uber, catch a lift, or figure something else out. Other than that, you may come and go as you please.

    You may show up anytime after 3pm on Thursday August 29th. That’s not really an official day for us. We’ll still be getting the field ready. But we know many of you are coming from other countries and far states so we set up this pre-party while we work. Come in and set up camp before the big crowds hit. We’ve got a sick party with Face to Face, Tim Barry, and a handful of punk or roots punk bands.

    To watch videos of most the bands click HERE and then go to lineup



    Here are a few pointers!

    One type of dog is legally protected and welcome at Muddy Roots. The other two will get your ticket revoked without a refund. Mostly because people fake it every year and the their dogs cause issue.

    Do not give me some low-res-internet-print-out-fake card from

    Service dogs in training only have legal access rights, in the state of Tennessee, when accompanied by a trainer from an accredited school and both dog and trainer are identified. Self trained Service Dogs in training do not have legal access rights.

    Service dogs are handler focused and attentive to their owners only. Any dog who causes a disturbance (outside of performing a direct task to mitigate a disability) can be (and should be) removed from the premises by management.

    p.s. I love dogs.

    People might be sleeping in the grass. DO NOT DRIVE IN GRASS AT NIGHT!

    Pace yourself, homie.

    Kids under 6 don’t need a ticket. 6-18 can get a child’s ticket. It’s cool to bring them but you they need to be accompanied by atleast 1 parent at all times.

    The Crying Wolf Bar in East Nashville is bringing their Splashville pool party to Muddy Roots. You will need to hose your stank ass off before jumping in. Stay safe.

    Duke’s bar in East Nashville is hosting a DJ tent all weekend! We’ve ordered an air conditioner for it. You’z can hang out in there. It’s also where metal yoga is Friday and Saturday as well as Church services on Sunday.

  • 07.29.19

    The Muddy Roots Movement

    Tribes, packs, flocks, clubs, bands, groups and hordes of individuals come together to make the Muddy Roots Music Festival happen. Corporate festivals couldn’t achieve this if they wanted because you can’t buy spirit. It’s our 10th anniversary of throwing ourselves in to the trenches for independent music. It’s because we love it. We live for it. And we deeply rely on it. This is not some investor backed, mega packed corporate event. This is all DIY. We all have day jobs and promote the concept of Proud Working Class.

    We aren’t trust fund babies. We aren’t business men trying to get rich off you. We are you. And all these folks recognize that. It creates a better, more authentic experience.

    Let me give you an example of why this is different than most festivals. It draws folks from around the world to support. I don’t mean we just sell tickets to people. I mean entire groups of people are making their way just to help. Especially other promoters and business owners. It’s about community and they know we want to help them grow too.

    8 of the Muddy Roots Europe crue are coming in from Belgium as reinforcements to help with the crowd swell in the field. These folks are of the most dedicated of the Muddy Roots family.

    Justin Boot, the promoter of the Trapper Creek Music Festival in Alaska is returning to provide and host the Open Mic stage. But this time he is bringing a truckload of friends to help us get our event greener. The Trapper Creek folks are going to set up recycling stations and will be sorting trash onsite. Please help us keep the field clean.

    Our pals at The Crying Wolf Bar in East Nashville are known for their big ass pool parties called “Splashville.” They’re hosting one the week prior to our festival and then are bringing the entire thing to our field! Big pools, lil pools, a 2 story slip n slide waterfall blowup thingy, a stage, and a photo wall. You bes’ believe you have to hose your ass down before you get in. We’re plopping it right down on vendor row.

    You ever been to Duke’s in East Nashville? Jason, your promoter DJs there every few months. He’s actually spinnin’ rekkidz at this bar Friday Aug 23rd. Stop by if you want your good time ruined. It’s a super diverse and not very fun dj set. Anywayyyyy, Duke’s is known for having a new person play records every night. Well, they’re packing up a couple van loads of DJs to come play records in the Duke’s Lounge Tent at Muddy. Think fans, nice and cool fans to sit in front of. Picnic benches and couches.

    Ryan Sweeney, the promoter of Sweet Time Fest has curated an entire stage for us. He wrangled 16 bands for us! And you’ll see a lot more of that next year. You should check out his festival the week prior to ours in Nashville. HERE.

    Oh these guys, yeah they’re Muddy Roots too. Not official staff but always on point when we need them. And they roll deep.

    There are so many more. It truly takes a community and we have that. Check back for more details.
    Here is the almost final lineup. Just going to add in the Duke’s DJs on the next one.
    Share it. Spread the Muddy Roots Gospel.
    Let the freaks, weirdos, uppers, downers, all-arounders know they are home in our field.

  • 06.19.19

    23 Festival & Event Announcements!

    We’re moving at lightning speeds and have too much info to send out to ya. We decided not to risk it to getting lost in algorithms on social media and are putting it all here. Plus, some of y’all like more than one of our events! Bands go on tour and announce their schedule. This is kind of a Jason Galaz tour of events across the U.S. and in Europe. More will be added down the line but this is your schedule for the next year.

    First, we should tell you that we added some new events. We’ve also lowered the cap on some others. The focus from this point forward is a better experience, not a bigger one. You’ll notice this most with the Nashville Boogie. We moved the date and capped it at 1000. This cuts off a couple thousand attendees. We’ll chat more about that below.

    There are a couple new events on our roster. Most of them cap at 500 tickets. Honestly, we want to have fun too! We’ve never started these events to get rich so we really don’t give a damn about getting y’uge.

    There are 22 music festivals and events to give you updates on. That includes lineup announcements, ticket info, and any changes.
    This will go in chronological order.

    Muddy Roots Europe Festival
    June 28-30, 2019
    8th Annual
    Waardamme, BE.

    A couple bands had to cancel. This is the most current lineup.
    Tickets include free camping and hot showers.
    You MUST have a ticket to enter the field. I say this because the music tent is fenced off but the event is the entire field.
    This place is the center of all things Muddy Roots on the European continent and is partnered with my good friend Nicky VanMoerbeke at the Cowboy Up Saloon.
    You can fly to Brussels, take a train to Brugges, and a bus to the property. It’s easy!

    Wine On The Rails
    Summer 2019
    July 27th
    10 hour round trip to a winery on a vintage train from the 1950’s.
    We enjoy wine tastings on the way to the DelMonaco Vineyards. A few bands go car to car on the way back to keep the party rolling!
    Must be 21 to even think about going.
    Wine On The Rails

    East Nashville Tomato Arts Fest
    Muddy Roots Stage
    August 10th, 2019
    11th & Russell near 5 Points
    We’ve had a booth or a stage at this event for 7 years now. OG EAST NASHVILLE, HOMIE.

    Mary Richards 10pm
    Ben Jarrell 12pm
    Todd Day Wait 2pm
    Open turntables 3pm


    Wine On The Rails
    5 hour roundtrip to the Lebanon Square and back
    Lunch at the Capitol Theatre
    Live music at the theater and aboard the train ride home.
    Tickets range from $55 to $135 and can be found HERE
    Capitol Theatre

    Muddy Roots Music Festival
    Aug 29-Sep 1, 2019
    10th Annual

    The schedule is being added to the website today. There are no conflicting time slots between stage 1 and 2. Stage 3 is on it’s own, yo.
    You can find that HERE.
    You can watch videos of each band playing HERE

    We’ve added some really cool stuff like a Reggae, Ska, Dancehall tent. A few soul DJs are being added to the roster as well.
    ska skinhead

    An indie film tent/ local craft beer tent, furnished with places to cool off with a cold beer will be playing films from our community.
    An updated roster will be posted. 2 immediate highlights will be on “When It Breaks” by Possessed By Paul James and Milk Products Media and “Negro Terror” by John Rash. You can find that one on Amazon Prime if you aren’t coming to the field.

    Pabst Blue Ribbon is planning a pop-up party during the weekend. I can’t tell you about that. You’ll know when you ee it or hear about it. They also sponsored Jason and Milton to paint a big ass wall in Nashville. You may recognize the gal from the series of posters we put on the interwebs illustrated by Adam “The Kid” from Kustom Thrills Tattoo. It was part of National Mural Day. We plan on painting in the field and presenting to yall when the gates open too!

    It’s important to know that your weekend passes are from Friday through Sunday. They do not include Thursday. We typically host a small pre-party while we finish wrapping up but this year it got cray cray. It’s an additional $15 online or $20 at the gate. THERE ARE NO DAY PASSES AVAILABLE EXCEPT SUNDAY.
    face to face

    Here’s the current lineup. You’ll see a few more people in the field though.
    Share it out! Designed by Olafh Ace from Muddy Roots Mexico

    Americana Roots, Whiskey & Wine Train
    A rolling music festival through the Tennessee countryside aboard a vintage passenger train from the 1950’s.
    We head up to the Carthage Junction in the Upper Cumberlands and back.
    Tennessee Whiskey, Wine, and Beer tastings will be distributed on the train.
    You must be 21 to even read this. No minors allowed on the train. We do have lunch boxes ready for ya though!
    Bands will be performing throughout the trip in different cars.

    First announced bands are Ben Jarrel, John R Miller, and Allen Thompson.

    About 240 tickets left for this wild ride.
    Tennessee Whiskey

    Live At Heart Newfoundland Conference
    Jason Galaz Keynote Speaker
    Fancy AF
    Sep 27-29, 2019
    live at heart conference
    Join me up at the edge of the world in Canada.
    No, seriously. They invite bands to apply. HERE IS THE LINK

    IBMA- World of Bluegrass
    Sep 24-29, 2019
    Power Merch/Merch Kitchen team for conference, amphitheater, and street festival. Total attendance 200,000+
    This time we get to work behind the scenes printing and selling merch for the events as well as the bands performing the Red Hat Amphitheater.

    Mudfolk Mexico 2019
    October 5th, 2019
    2nd annual event hosted by Olafh down in Mejico.
    Cash at door. Old school. Underground.

    Wine On The Rails
    Autumn Leaves 2019
    November 9th
    10 hour round trip to a winery on a vintage train from the 1950’s.
    We enjoy wine tastings on the way to the DelMonaco Vineyards. A few bands go car to car on the way back to keep the party rolling!
    Must be 21 to even think about going.
    Wine On The Rails

  • 05.16.19

    GZA Brings A Piece Of Wu-Tang To Muddy Roots

    GZA was originally booked for the 10th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival as a special guest to The Soul Rebels. They are no longer able to make it so GZA is now bringing his own band! This will be the very first full hip hop act booked in our field. I can’t think of anyone better than an original member of the Wu-Tang Clan! GZA a.k.a. The Genius is still set to perform Sunday evening. You can expect a set chock full of tracks from one of the most important records of East Coast Hip Hop, “LIQUID SWORDS!” Weekend and Sunday only passes are available at : Your text to link here…

    gza wutang
    You don’t understand what I’m saying, but you must choose.

  • 04.24.19

    AVAIL Reunion at Muddy Roots 2019

    You read that right. AVAIL is playing a reunion show at Muddy Roots!
    Many of you haven’t seen them in 2 decades. Well, you know how we get down in the field.
    Get your ass there!


    They headline one of the stages Friday Aug 30th, 2019. That means you need to purchase a full weekend ticket to see the show. No day passes are available.

    But wait, THERE’S MORE! Grab an add-on early arrival ticket and catch Tim Barry playing his solo set the night before. Face To Face, Dead Bronco, El Escapado, and Moonshine Wagon also play Thursday night.

    We’ve been announcing bands one at a time with an occasional full flyer posted. 2 current flyers have been posted. There is only one left to post. We have just a few bands left to announce.

    We will most definitely reach our max ticket count this year. Don’t be a foolio and be caught slippin’ with no ticket.

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