Muddy Roots
  • 06.20.20

    Nashville Boogie Hotels

    October will be here before you know it and folks are looking to book their rooms for the 6th annual Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender! Please note that the event

  • 04.19.20

    Muddy Roots Europe Postponed

    DAMNIT It breaks our hearts to announce the postponement of the 9th annual Muddy Roots Europe Festival, held in Waardamme Belgium. It’s the right thing to do. Safety

  • 04.05.20

    Slim Cessna on Easter Sunday

    O’ Come all ye Children of the Lord. Slim Cessna will be LIVE broadcasting on the Muddy Roots Music Festival facebook page this Easter Sunday, April 12th at 1pm

  • 03.26.20

    Covid-19 End Times Music

    The world is ending. You better get right with the Lord. All you dark souls left standing should meet us in the dreary hills of Adams, Tennessee for the Southern

  • 03.24.20

    Nashville Boogie Updates

    We never would’ve thought that moving the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender from May to October would be saving it from a worldwide pandemic. Luckily, the show will go on!